OS Xbox Pro Video Worklog

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This video documents the build of my newest computer that I call the OS Xbox Pro. Thanks to my sponsors Newegg.com and ExpressHD.com. For more information about this build visit www.willudesign.com.

Music Credits:

“Smash That,” “Lights Out,” “You Can Get”
E-603 (not Nelly)

“No Pause”
Girl Talk (also not Nelly)

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39 Responses

  1. slipAngle says:

    Why would you do this with a dev kit and not a regular xbox? What the fuck is wrong with you?

  2. ItsKapow says:

    The editing in this!

  3. weegaz22 says:

    all the haters/microsoft fanboys on this thread need to get a life, he took a unused unloved outdated console and turned it into something way more usable

  4. Shashao Calmerin says:

    nice music bro..

  5. Alesson Rezes says:

    Mobile version please man.

  6. IamCombustible says:

    Die in a fire, mate.

  7. Lazy Tech Nerd says:

    To those looking for the tracks online, I've found them on SoundCloud:

  8. Lazy Tech Nerd says:

    Guys, he chose the development kit because of the extra height inside the case, and it's also very possible that the Xbox DVT-4 that he picked up was dead anyway.

  9. 17659817265781465781 says:

    with this video I discovered music mashups

  10. Captain Patchwork says:

    So just to be clear, you bought a crystal Xbox which are extremely rare and painted it the color of a regular Xbox?

    Are you fucking retarded?

  11. Nicholas Lovan says:

    why the fuck

  12. William Afton says:

    I'm confuse now

    so how he gonna put a DVD in it

    or game disk

  13. Deivson Silva says:

    O forte aí não é ventilação…

  14. TheToonamiRevolution says:

    This is seriously one of the most detailed and well done mods I've ever seen. THIS is how you do a mod. Hard work and do it right. I'm completely inspired.

  15. Brett R says:

    This is really cool! I want one now 😀

  16. EmoryM says:

    You turned a piece of history into a piece of garbage.

    The pyramids used to be covered in gold.

  17. arjay paul magcaling says:

    still watching this 🙂

  18. blackops84321 says:

    you are very talented. such a great job and detailed work. i know this was done back in 09 but i just now found it. i think enough people have said enough about it being a dev kit and it is to bad that it was destroyed but if it was broken or fried i understand. still worth good money broken. nonetheless great job. it good to see work like this. my hats off to you my friend.

  19. Jenese Pados says:

    10:05 what an easy way to fuck all your job…

  20. AMP Tech says:

    do you have the soundtrack for this video by any chance? I wanna show my friend how the music syncs up perfectly to the content in the video lol

  21. Victor Cano says:

    u could back up the video in another page?

  22. Marvin says:

    Thanks Google for killing an amazing mix track. Also, amazing work on that custom PC!

  23. Ross Norman says:

    Anybody know where I can find this music, it's brilliant

  24. gamemaniac85 says:

    Why not a micro its with a m2 sdd…would thay make it more form factor

  25. Noah B says:

    destroyed a xbox dev kit to make a computer so sad 🙁

  26. fintan bourke says:

    Can it make Toast…….:^|…….what a serious build…..

  27. Jean Carlos says:

    You destroyed a Dev Kit to mount a hackintosh… So sad!!!

  28. New Chan| OG Kazukis says:

    Very clever name with the OSXbox Pro and btw do you still have this machine and have you upgraded it? If you do can you take some pictures of the final product the video didn't really showcase it to well

  29. Cyril John Adap says:

    watched this video back in 09 when you (or someone) posted it on overclock.net. Recently stumbled upon it again and I have to say, 6 years later, props to you.

  30. WunHunDread says:

    Saw this vid when you first posted it back in '09, I work with metal & wood & still to this day use some of the techniques I learned from this vid. I Never had a decent mentor, so was nice to see someone so meticulous.

  31. Cracked Gaming says:

    Hi  +Will Urbana what thickness of aluminium and steel did you use cheers also for some reason the photos on your sit don't load 🙂

  32. ZephyrDavid says:

    I watched this video so many times. I very like this worklog mod video. 
    Do you think about upgrade? gtx 960 itx ? or i5 4 core processor upgrade?

  33. TooManyHobbies says:

    Why is this video not available?

  34. Mubarak Alrashidi says:

    Man you are one of the bests

    Good luck bro

  35. Tragon says:

    How… does this not overheat?

  36. Paul Bialozor says:

    Dude, that APPLE LOGO at the END made this entire video, that was too funny… I really like how you modded the power for your HD's too, that was cleaver…  Well done…

  37. Knight of Zero says:

    Make another one with updated hardware, Gigabyte offers an ITX GTX 970!
    And ITX motherboards these days are pretty good!
    You can find an old Xbox on amazon for like $50!

  38. ThaChillz says:

    I love you

  39. Noels TechChannel says:

    this a real piece of work looks entirely professional

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