Original 1982 Williams Joust Video Arcade Game Machine

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This is an original 1982 Williams Joust of mine that I have been fixing up/restoring. The buzzing sound is mainly coming from the freezer, not so much the game. You don’t see too many in this great of unrestored condition. Replaced t-molding, Upgraded to a Lithium battery, replaced leg levelers, and recapped the 19 inch monitor. I don’t believe it has the original monitor since it is a Hantarex. Thy Game Is Not Over!

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24 Responses

  1. monkeyCheezzz Jones says:

    the machine looks BADASS EPIC i love the artwork the game is awesome, if i put the money to get a machine itd be joust top 10 the artworks on the machine look soo epic the awesome bird riders

  2. Josh T says:

    I'm just trying to get the copper key..

  3. ArcadeGames says:

    Oh man! Your friend had the special raccoon edition Joust, they only made one of them, it's worth 2 billion dollars now! Too bad he threw it away:(

  4. AskEpic says:

    My friend had one in his garage and we used to play all the time. i asked him what happened to his and he said they found a dead raccoon in it so they threw it away lol…

  5. ArcadeGames says:

    Pretty much the wiring diagrams of the machine, schematics, etc.

  6. kmbfanofpacman says:

    what is the drawing set for?

  7. ArcadeGames says:

    @1emailer I know it was painful to watch, if you notice I'm only using one hand to control the game and the other to hold my POS camera.

  8. 1emailer says:

    I don't know what to say. I guess you are not familiar with how the game is played. If this is painful for me to watch I will say good job next time and everyone will be happy.

  9. minutes ago says:

    @1emailer, every video of every video game has someone like you saying the person sucks, but no video has someone that's good where someone like you doesn't show up. So you said nothing.

  10. Darwinion says:

    That cabinet looks REALLY nice! I wouldn't mess about trying to restore the sideart. I would only consider that if it was in bad shape, which this clearly is not. You will have a lot of trouble trying to match the original colours and then you will have the problem of seeing where you touched it up. I would leave it as it is… it looks original and in really good condition for its age even if not totally perfect.

  11. PearlJammer07 says:

    @ArcadeGames That's awesome.No wonder the machine is in good shape.Keep up the good work. I am new to ur channel so will explore it some time.

  12. ArcadeGames says:

    @PearlJammer07 Thanks, the guy I bought it from bought it from a pizza joint that was going out of business back in 1989. He had it stored all the way up until he sold it to me.

  13. PearlJammer07 says:

    Very nice machine. I think I have only seen one of these at a Dairy Queen restaurant back in the mid 90's.

  14. DJCandyManMike says:

    I didn't know that. Thanks for the info! And the extra button was the flap button, added on since Robotron only has start buttons. Basically with its configuration, it could have been used to play either Robotron or Joust, but one like yours ended up being the second one I saw. It blew me away how different it was from the one I had seen first.

  15. ArcadeGames says:

    @DJCandyManMike Yeah, I think they also used the Robotron cabinet design for some of them. As far as the extra button, I have no idea why they would have one. You can program the game to display custom text on the attract screen, using the internal settings.

  16. DJCandyManMike says:

    A cabinet like this was the second Joust machine I ever saw. It had a control panel more like Robotron, even with the fire joysticks, just with that extra button added. It was at a small grocery store called the Village Store, and this game was even custom made so that it said "Village Store" on the title screen, right under the Joust name and over the line telling you about bonus lives! When I saw a real Joust later, it looked so different I was like, "Wtf?!"

  17. ArcadeGames says:

    @1emailer Thanks!

  18. 1emailer says:

    you absolutely SUCK at jousting.

  19. therhubarb says:

    I loved joust so much I wrote a couple of versions- one for the C64, one for the BBC and one for early PC. Good training- now I run a small software company. Thank you Joust! I'd love to own a machine like this. How much would a similar one cost?

  20. sinistermoon says:

    I haven't played old Bird Ass in a while. Very nice looking cab!

  21. ohweloveeverton says:

    dude tell ya what i'll come down there with $2000US and we'll play. you win you get the money i win i get the game.
    love that game i'd like to collect and flip them. a friend of mine has made a bit of money doing it.

  22. ArcadeGames says:

    Yeah, sometimes you gotta make due…

  23. ArcadeGames says:

    Thanks for the comment, this game is sold, but it was the best looking game I've worked on in awhile.

  24. lindalucys2004 says:

    That's a beautiful arcade machine!
    Wow, this brings back great memories in the 80's and all those quarters my boyfriend and I spent at a diner with this and PacMan. I'd bring a roll of quarters and we were set. Definitely a fun place to go on many of our dates… playing JOUST!

    I bought Namco museum for my teen son to play on his Playstation 2. We loved playing Joust. (glad he enjoys these old retro games too).

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