Old School Words Today’s Gamers Won’t Understand

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Video games have only been a major thing since the ’80s. Since then, the way we talk about them has changed drastically. Here are some old-school words and phrases that newer gamers will only hear about in whispered tales of the distant past…

Fog | 0:20
1-Up | 1:04
Cheat code | 1:42
Game Genie | 2:31
Blowing into the cartridge | 3:20
Rumble Pak | 4:03
Memory cards | 4:52
Continues | 5:37
Kill screen | 6:23

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20 Responses

  1. SVG says:

    What modern gaming terms do you think will be outdated in 20-30 years?

  2. lilbrothaizwatchingtoo says:

    What a 1up is? – a synonym for monotheism.

  3. Dusty Pan says:


  4. Catmandew 1 says:

    We still have cheat codes!!!

  5. bazzaro135 says:

    What game is that at 00:45 seconds?

  6. Noobish LOL says:

    I was born in 2007, aaaand I know all of these except memory cards.

  7. xxEzraBxxx says:

    5:01 no it couldnt dumbass, it just had a battery that lasted for 30 years that kept power running through it to keep it loaded in memory, even while the console powered off

  8. Skrixzy says:

    wtf literally everyone knows these things

  9. Jason Hatt says:

    3:05 A quote that came to mind here "I am the master of my own destiny now." ~Miraak.

  10. Jason Hatt says:

    Wait are you talking about games I still play as old?

  11. Jason Hatt says:

    0:16 Or from people of the time.

  12. Willthewednesdaydude says:

    Where is game shark

  13. Cat says:

    This video doesn't have enough dislikes.

  14. Yeezo Rises says:

    gamers really are the most oppressed minority:sunglasses:

  15. JakeTheLego25 says:

    I was horned into the Wii era, and I know all of these.

  16. Alan Mechling says:

    Who the fuck ever said "Nintend-blow"?! I've never said nor heard that word ever! And I grew up with a Super Nintendo, a regular Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, and a Sega Genesis.

    (I also had a Jaguar, but we don't talk about that.)

  17. Snack eater says:

    I'm only 21 and I remember all of these….. I'm not old sxhool… I wouldn't count something from 20 years ago old school… But hey, maybe it is.

  18. JM Weeds says:

    This video is bollocks

  19. Dubstep KAT says:

    Ok I know all of these

  20. Joshy GrAY says:

    R1 l2 l1 r2 up down left right up down left right lmao I use to love getting on my dial up getting cheat codes kids these days suck at games they will never know a challenge hardest thing they have done is prestige on cod witch a 2 year old could do lmao

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