Oh Boy, Boyer! — Indie-Fensible (#GamerGate)

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It’s high time we took another look at the Independent Games Festival, don’t you agree? There’s a lot of people who have something to say about how Brandon Boyer and his bros run the bru-ha-ha. Also a word from Derek Smart on the IGDA, Meggan Scavio’s abuse of power in the GDC, and some choice idiocy from Maggie Brice and Jenn Frank. It’s all here!


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Bossfight – Pirate Manners
Bossfight – Leaving Leafwood Forest
Bossfight – Commando Steve
Pokemon RSE – Route 101
Sonic Adventure 2 – Security Hall
Super Mario Sunshine – Sky And Sea
Super Mario 3D World – Double Cherry Pass
Chrono Trigger – Robo’s Theme
Eir Aoi – Sirius (Kill La Kill Opening)
Pokemon HGSS – VS Lance
Chrono Cross – Time’s Scar
Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 – Soleanna New City
Wild ARMs – Critical Hit
Chrono Trigger – Main Theme
Donkey Kong 64 – Jungle Japes
Chrono Trigger – Ayla’s Theme
Attack On Titan – Great Escape






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38 Responses

  1. The Great Hadoken says:

    this video is pure fire. 2014 vintage.

  2. Bill Stone says:

    Anna Anthropy's five o'clock shadow though…

  3. HeyGuy4321 says:


  4. HeyGuy4321 says:

    "were not heartless munsters" cmon these people are scum I wouldn't doubt it

  5. HeyGuy4321 says:


  6. Dr Contra says:

    You disclose your sources
    I have no problems with people making money while contributing to #GG causes. Go right ahead. I'm doing it too.

  7. Jeffrey DeLucca says:

    Holy shit, I've only watched two minutes and my mind is blown. You can change your eye color when you MtF transition? Or is it just the lighting?

  8. Nonamearisto says:

    Derek Smart?! His name is a curse word on Freespace forums.

  9. genogamma13 says:

    "Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the indies. The gamers outside looked from indie to triple-A developer, and from triple-A to indie developer, and from indie to triple-A developer again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

    -(paraphrased from) Animal Farm by George Orwell

  10. MaverickhunterXZero says:

    Down with the gaming hipsters.

  11. Thomas White says:

    Excellent work, I would suggest looking into the main sponsors of the IGF and their links to Common Core if any.

  12. Knights_of_Eastern_Calculus says:

    I wasn't really interested in watching your stuff outside of gamergate related videos, until I saw you speak of bible black videos.
    Bible black was my first dive into the world of hentai and it fucked me up royally when I was 14

  13. Ninninjanail says:

    i get so mad when these indie devs claim to fight trip A corruption. BULLSHIT! they just whant there piece of the $$$$$ pie.

  14. Toxically Masculine says:

    love the super mario sunshine song dude

  15. elus89 says:

    I don't have any real problems with the video, some things are overblown and facts are crossed here and there (For example, you said that everyone 'switched roles' on the corruption issue when Brandon Boyer came to power, but that was 2010 and the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article was 2012 — along with the IGF 2012 awards which everyone had a problem with –, so tables didn't turn quite so drastically as all that). ¬†But, I do contend with your use of the same¬†fallacy that William Usher makes in that "without disclosure, there is conflict of interest", which adds unnecessary grey area to what is often relatively clear-cut. ¬†Disclosure doesn't resolve or diminish conflict of interest, it only acknowledges it. ¬†It allows the reader to decide if the bias makes the article an acceptable source or not, which is a good thing and can diminish the effects of COI on an audience, but it doesn't absolve a conflict of interest outright. ¬†So while disclosing a conflict of interest is more honest, it doesn't necessarily make it any less corrupt. ¬†See Phil¬†Fish's admission that you cite in this video for an example of disclosed, but not diminished conflict of interest.

  16. Calbeck says:

    Convictions in a court of law don't require "absolute proof" — they require "a preponderance of evidence".¬† If a strong pattern emerges of certain judges/jurors upvoting each others' works from year to year, then yes, that would be admissible in a court as part of an evidence packet.

    More would likely be required to convict, but things like Maddie Brice's tweets would tilt the court heavily in the direction of agreement with plaintiffs. Especially if it could be shown that she acted on those statements.

  17. getblunted4life says:

    This video wins for having Chrono Trigger music.

  18. getblunted4life says:

    This video wins for having Chrono Trigger music.

  19. Frost3yte says:

    Top points for Chrono cross opening theme at around 23:53

  20. Griffith Valentino says:

    this hole thing is getting way out out line, i know there corruption everywhere but this is just insane. Everything is starting to make sense now, those people are not SJW they are just like anita they are frauds who use racism and sexism to try to shut down any criticism

  21. Craig McPherson says:

    You're doing a good job with these videos.  There's one more thing you need to do:  Turn off the ads (demonetize) on your gamergate videos.  Internetaristocrat (now Mister Metokur) was on to something when he said everybody wants to make a quick buck in his farewell speech.  A few of the more vocal youtubers regarding gamergate became pretty defensive as they put up videos saying that "it's their job" or "they need to eat".  Having ads dilutes the message; it turns the message from something serious to just entertainment.

  22. Sean Farrell says:

    This is journalism. You should be very proud of yourself in a world where that is a very rare thing.

  23. Shlomo Shekelstein says:

    Forgot to white-list your channel on AB, fixed now, thanks for uploading.

  24. Shlomo Shekelstein says:

    No wonder Phil Fish ran away the second GG hit the fan. Lord knows how he would have covered this once people started looking for it.

  25. MrAnotherlonelyday says:

    Cameralady – proving that the average viewer can do better journalism than damn journalists.

    Very well done.

  26. kadiche says:

    is that kill la kill music in the background? nice.

  27. Wall says:

    Liberals are out of control

  28. Nameless Assyrian says:

    Great video, shared twice already I hope others see it.
    Are the links/citations backed up?

    Ahh and..that ending..it's kind of getting ridiculous like the consent thing with SJWs. Can I move arm? May I thrust once more?
    You: Today I ate a burger, here's the receipt. I cleaned my car, here's a video proving I didn't use your money to pay Pablo to clean it. It's way over the top and unnecessary. What happens if you make 5k over a month of videos? Are you going to buy 5k worth of shit, post the receipts and never get to utilizing everything you bought? Once money has exchanged hands, it is yours, not yours with an IOU, just yours.

  29. LostLocal7 says:

    Yo, there needs be a HUGE trigger warning on this video. When you guys just flashed that close-up picture of Mattie Brice, I damn near shit myself. It was like I was suddenly looking into the eyes on Satan. Not cool, guys. Other than that, you shitlords, great work.

  30. Nevermonkey says:

    Can I get a link to Ed McMillen and his wife's commentary? I'd like to hear the whole thing if that's not it.

  31. Jagos says:

    Jenn Frank, FUCK YOU!

  32. Douglas Rosa says:

    Well, I sure wasn't expecting that tweet form Oliver Campbell.

  33. DrSylvestreMatuschka says:

    I was better off not knowing what Anna Antropy looked like. Ick.

  34. V Whitaker says:

    Thank you for these videos.  Supporting gg can get dicey at times and it is great to have actual facts and intelligent speculation to back our claims of corruption.  So, when asked, yours is another channel I can point folks to that are looking for a fair assessment of the situation.

  35. fueledbyspite says:

    I currently don't watch many "Let's Plays" but, I always watch videos like these.

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