Oblivion Arrow of Extrication Quest Walkthrough How to find hidden underwater passage

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Oblivion Arrow of Extrication Quest Walkthrough How to get past locked door and find hidden entrance video guide
How to Complete Arrow of Extrication Quest in Oblivion…Screw Keys!!!
underwater passage

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35 Responses

  1. Leashy_Yami_No_Tenshi says:

    This guys walkthrough is a walkthrough of my emotions rn

  2. Leashy_Yami_No_Tenshi says:

    That is exactly why I am here….. over half an hour of wondering wtf I do

  3. InuSakuraKage says:

    A serious fuck you to the development team for pulling that stunt…"We're gamers not Sherlock Holmes." Damn fucking straight

  4. Kingbobthegreat 85 says:


  5. Rick Schmenkman says:

    Thank you. You are awesome!

  6. Sam ? says:

    tysm brother

  7. Ray_The_ Person says:


  8. Joe * says:

    I’m still Playing this game in 2018 lol

  9. Laurencin says:

    Wow!! Thanks!!

  10. Landon West says:


  11. Rise Up says:

    Thank you so much, sincerely

  12. kaleb redenbaugh says:


  13. qinora says:

    oml thank you so much, i was so confused i thought my game bugged out and a key was supposed to be on one of the dead conjurers

  14. Satanic Chocobo says:

    The real mvp

  15. thicc asses save lives says:

    Your my new god!!!! I love you dude

  16. Braxton Jonson says:

    Thank you

  17. TopGun8993 says:

    holy shit man thank u

  18. Masked LLama says:

    Thank you!!!

  19. Pontus Rydström says:


  20. Toast284 says:

    Of all my time in oblivion I was trying to get through that fucken door but nope didn't find the way but thank sherlock

  21. Fletcher Horn says:


  22. Fletcher Horn says:

    I subscribed just because of this video

  23. madashell1200 says:

    I must have played this game half a dozen times and I couldn't remember that. Its been at least 10 years but still…thank you.

  24. amanda baker says:

    Omg! Thank you

  25. pvt giggles says:

    helped this did

  26. postal milk says:

    God damn did they really need to make it that difficult?

  27. Replayer101 says:

    Yea I went all the way down… thanks dude.

  28. Thomas says:

    I'm so pissed

  29. Alien says:

    Thank you so much

  30. Pete Perry says:

    Thanks man, saved my sanity.

  31. Darunic Games says:

    I love you man thank you,I was trying this shit for like 5 hours!

  32. Oussama Karra says:

    ty dude <3

  33. StudlyFudd13 says:

    Thank you so much O.O I drown so many times because I was determined that there was a chest with the key in it in that body of water.. It must be at the bottom! Nope :/ Bethesda was clearly trolling us….

  34. Metta says:

    even the nereverine would be proud

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