NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB Review: Overclocking, Ray-Tracing, Thermals

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This review looks at the new NVIDIA RTX 2060 Founders Edition card vs. RTX 2070, GTX 1070, 960, Vega 56, and more.
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Article: https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3427-nvidia-rtx-2060-founders-edition-review-benchmark-vs-vega-56

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Reviewing the RTX 2060 Founders Edition card takes aim primarily at gaming benchmarks, with particular effort dedicated to thermals, overclocking, power, and noise. The overclocking results are the most interesting, considering how they interact with RTX 2070 positioning, and are worth a close look when considering buying the RTX 2060 vs. RTX 2070. Vega 56 also gets testing, of course, and represents the more enthusiast OC style.

As for thermals, power, and noise, the RTX 2060 undergoes this testing with the Founders Edition cooler and reference PCB, which is the same as a reference RTX 2070 PCB except with fewer memory modules.

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Testing, Editorial: Steve Burke
Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman, Keegan Gallick

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24 Responses

  1. Game Fishing A to Z says:

    AMD fans were delivered by the Radeon VII's coming and they should totally flock up to buy that card in numbers. What they achieve by doing so: support their beloved mother company and further finance it for the second coming later this year – the NAVI and RYZEN 3rd gen, you know; get a mind blowing piece of hardware with the ability of tracing every single green fanboy in all the games they play online and provide them with unseen speed and compute power to completely obliterate those green goblins off the edges of any map; a super card without raytracing and DLSS, because only one or two games will support these lousy technologies, if any (because the game companies that support them will all go bankrupt – it's a powerful curse, level 100+++), AND because 16 gigs of VRAM will always beat useless features like tracing and deep learning super sampling; no really, did I mention 16 GB of vram? Only the brainwashed would buy a rtx 2060 and call it best value at the moment because, wadda you know, it's $100 more than the gtx 1070! So the Radeons are the salvation. Mind trick: this is not sarcasm.

  2. Heecks says:

    I have a GTX 1070. Its 529,00 CaD $ for a RTX2060 with nearly same specs. No thx, no upgrade here. For someone buying a new comp its interesting.

  3. HD Shovelhead says:

    Gads the FE screw n glue edition.Ugh!The bummer is the glue could have easily been avoided.

  4. Crazy Serb says:

    I do not believe that you would recommend midrange card for "350" if you were not high from the glue they used in their card. I am honestly disappointed how press got played (or maybe even paid) by nvidia for 2060.

  5. dmens3 says:

    So this or 2070 for competitive 144hz 1080p? Going with a ryzen 2600 overclocked and ddr4 3200

  6. Erin Meadows says:

    Wheres goblin slayer when you need him?

    FU nvidia

  7. na nu says:

    Ray tracing looks so good… I can’t wait until there is an immersive VR 1440p Quality RPG with Ray tracing enabled… I’m sure it will take a couple more years

  8. MR A says:

    Replacing a GTX 9xx series with this might be a good buy, and if they can bump the DXR performance with updates. Gaining the ability to “raytrace”.w FPS gains over the gtx cards. But remember it’s not full ray tracing it’s shadows and reflections only.

  9. vh9network says:

    How does a RTX 2060 6GB stack up against the previous gen GTX 980 Ti 6GB ?

  10. KL Tah says:

    @gamersnexus has sold out. So sad to see. Only coreteks remains standing strong in the age of advertising everyone got bought out

  11. Mr Frucka says:

    Soon after the RTX 2080/2080 TI launch, I picked up a one owner like new/not abused GTX 1080 FE for $340. Still happy with the purchase.

  12. André Luiz says:

    RTX 2060 oc = RTX 2070 stock?

  13. Pedro Beramar says:

    Damn partner GPU prices at 500 euros in germany already. This is insane !!!

  14. Ernest Pierce says:

    how does the lack of rgb affect gameplay performance?

  15. The5GIO5 says:

    Use olive oil for you hair

  16. Wandering Android says:

    I can get a 1070 ti cheaper where i am from. Should I buy a 2060 instead?

  17. Henrik Larsen says:

    Does the RTX 2060 support the new "SLI"? Ask since this can be relevant in terms of deciding to by a RTX 2080…. or if two RTX 2060 have can provide the same perfomance as on RTX 2080

  18. Jay Weaver says:

    This is too confusing. Too much information. My head is spinning.

  19. Bogdan Ilie says:

    Will the games be playable in a normal configuration? i5 or ryzen 5 with 8gb or a sata ssd? Will the new tech be usable with a medium configuration system?

  20. Eglu Megad says:

    Damn just get a 1080 at that price.

  21. Pieter Rossouw says:

    80-100$ more expensive than the MSI 1080 Gaming X in my country… No thanks.

  22. yusuf rahat says:

    so 500w psu should be enough ?

  23. Aefrost says:

    I have a GTX 970 for now, I have some difficults to run some games like Atlas (poor optimisation). Do you think the Rtx 2060 is a good upgrade for me? Do you think the price is reasonable or it's better to wait for amd to bring competition on the market.

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