Noctua Prototype Fans and Coolers | Computex 2018

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Noctua’s Computex 2018 booth was dotted with new products, including prototypes for upcoming fans, black-out D15 coolers, and a next-gen U12S.
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Noctua showcased new Chromax all-black NH-D15 coolers, U12s, new 140mm NF-A14 fan prototypes (based on NF-A12), new C14/D15 coolers, and more at Computex 2018.

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Host: Steve Burke
Video: Andrew Coleman & Keegan Gallick

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26 Responses

  1. Warren Brown says:

    How about a review/benchmark comparing the NH-D15 with some of the newer released towers, like the DeepCool Assassin 3? Love to see them side by side compared. Seeing some indication that the NH-D15 may no longer be the king of the hill based on basic demo from CES 2019.

  2. Snafu2346 says:

    I want a all white fan.

    I see Brown fans, I see Black fans. But no white. hmmmm. I want a white fan for my white power build.

    Wait that sounds wrong, I mean my master race build…. NO WAIT that sounds worse
    What I meant to say is … nevermind.

  3. Daniel M. O. says:

    I just purchased a top of the line PC and wanted to include something like the noctua dh 15, but their horrible colour scheme made me go for the be quiet dark rock pro 4. Much "cooler" look. We are building modern PCs not fucking vintage houses on the mountain.

  4. Psycrow says:

    Do anyone know if the new NH-U12 5 th gen is released yet ? the one with the 7 pipes !

  5. Damien says:

    man sign me up for the new u12 if a 120mm single tower cooler can compete with a d15 under a 250 watt load and be margin or error between the two thats just nutts

  6. Jonathan Arthur says:

    Anyone have any more news on these new Noctua coolers? 5th gen? Haven't seen any news for a while. I'm really excited about them, and want to see how the new NH-U14 turns out. Should be a beast!

  7. Psycrow says:

    Will that NH-U12 come in black and with these brackets ? And will it be better then the NH15D-s

  8. kjellman96 says:

    I want an air cooler with bendable heat pipes so that you can mount it like a water cooler.

  9. Genesi5 ­ says:

    Bought NH-D15. Have no regret. Chill and silent

  10. Chris 509JF says:

    The blacked out version looks awesome

  11. Marlez says:

    Hi,i have a Noctua CPU aircooler with two fans and they are always at 100% around 1750RPM. What is the there a way to fix it. Thanks for anser

  12. Matthew Bay says:

    if only noctua makes white colored or clear color fans…

  13. enemy boat says:

    lel still gonna buy the brown colour ! i love that noctua doesn t give a shit and still make those hated colours . but they are genious , everyone knows immediatly that a fan is a noctua if they see that colour scheme

  14. Matthew Bay says:

    140mm crystal clear next gen fan +Phanteks Digital RGB halo addon = Performance + Bling BLing RGB!

  15. praetorxyn says:

    My favorite thing for the chromax line is the 1cm pigtail cables. That way I can just make extension cables to the length I need with MDPC X sleeving.

  16. Oferk99 says:

    Noctua NF-A12x25 are going to have black version in Q1 2019.
    Can't wait…

  17. Tomas Q says:

    Noctua coolers finally going black? If so, I can finally get one.

  18. Brendon I says:

    Any updates on the new 140mm fans and how do they compare to the corsair ML 140mm fans found on the h115i?

  19. cray nelson says:

    i love heat sinks man they are so fascinating.

  20. Sergey Zalogin says:

    2 buy a Noctua fan = 2 be a Noctua fan.
    I think I'll write all my 15 Noctua fans and 3 coolers in my will.
    Because they going to be working long after me.

  21. Dino says:

    When the black one could go to market?

  22. Jason Gooden says:

    Lol I just bought a nh d15 less than a week ago now the have black fans.

  23. FknRa says:

    Black Fan, bare metal cooler plz

  24. gamer taboo says:

    Awesome as always! I bet Jedi is all over this video haha.

  25. Dom Montague says:

    Any idea when the all black noctua will be released?

  26. Pasi Törni says:

    Would've been nice to know the fan speeds compared with each other on nh-d15 and next gen u12.

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