No Nintendo ISN’T Leaving Consoles – Learn to Read | RGT 85

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With the success of the Nintendo Switch, you would think that Nintendo would be high on the console division. However a story has been making the rounds on YouTube and major websites saying Nintendo is possibly LEAVING consoles behind. Is this true though?

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32 Responses

  1. RGT 85 says:

    Panty Party coming to Switch is the real story here folks. Don't let the MASS MEDIA FOOL YOU! lol

  2. James Silva says:

    Problems is, people like to spread rumors and lies.

  3. cstephens333 says:

    Don’t give a damn about this vid… just here to say that RGT-85 is the most annoying idiot in all of gaming info channels on YouTube. Period.

  4. Tyrone Jennings says:

    I saw a type of hybrid gaming ten years ago cough gameboy advance player for the gamecube.

  5. Lee says:

    Not worried mobile sucks!

  6. Dhalin says:

    Eh, they left the console market when they decided to attach a pair of joysticks onto a tablet PC with a proprietary OS.

  7. SennaFan says:

    Dude what stuff? It seems like you read one article that offended you. Until they pull another WiiU theyll be okay.

  8. Nazim Zerrouki says:

    Integrating their key franchises into the mobile market and everyday life is not something new. Nintendo has constantly been expanding to help promote their games so their success on consoles can be even greater. What the president asserted is simply them trying to appeal to even greater audiences so they can have much better results on consoles which is a huge plus.

  9. HAROUN says:

    Nintendo you have done the right move by Switching OFF the Switch and consoles forever, Everybody was laughing at my prophecy, that Nintendo will follow SEGA footsteps, but sadly Nintendo fan boys attacking me verbally, anyways, Farewell Nintendo bye bye see you in IOS, ANDROID, PlayStation, Xbox systems.

  10. whotakesallmynames says:

    Oh man.. thank you so much for being you! I'm disappointed that some channels are putting that spin on what he said! If people keep sensationalizing his words, Mr Furukawa might not always be as open during interviews!

  11. Johno Daz says:

    Nice vid RGT 85. From what I can gather is maybe Nintendo doesn't wanna go back too a traditional Home Console and is happy sticking with the Hybrid system for the foreseeable future and that Nintendo is ready too adapt too whichever way the Gaming World is gonna go in the future.

  12. SoulForce81 says:

    I Skip bs intro each and every time now..

  13. PC Genjin says:

    I hate this guy’s thumbnails for videos. He’s so lame.

  14. Nodak81 says:

    They left consoles a long time ago. The GameCube was their last decent one.

  15. Cameron Hons says:

    Panty Party is a very smart thing to do

  16. jakehands says:

    RGT still lives in his mama’s basement

  17. bassett alexander says:

    I hate mobile games

  18. Jin Jin says:

    I am not worried at all but I will never really understand the appeal on mobile games, I always see mobile games as a downgrade.

  19. trollfa1 says:

    Learn yo write: No, Nintendo isn't leaving consoles*

  20. Oscar Ramirez says:

    I clicked on this video to give it a thumbs down because of “Two thousand AND Nineteen”

  21. Chuy Rodas says:

    Remember when the Wii sold 100 million units and the Wii U flopped. Right now the Switch is selling well but can they sustain it for the next console? It's no surprise that Nintendo hand helds are the money makers and their mobile games have been pretty decent. But always remember that it's the "casuals" that make most of the money for these companies not the hardcore fans. I interpreted like his words like consoles won't be are priority but we'll find new ways to keep this business alive.

  22. Big Cow Productions says:

    Title is enough to leave a like.

  23. Jeffrey Saunders says:

    Nintendo is going to keep innovating. Who knows what the industry will be like in 10 years, but Nintendo will always continue to rock the industry.

  24. Gentendo 360 says:

    Saying Nintendo's gonna stop making consoles is like saying the world's gonna stop turning.

  25. Isosori Harrison says:

    Nintendo is bracing change, this change is things that other companies aren’t doing. Blockbuster is a good example of a business that only did one thing and went out of business. Nintendo is just trying to make money so they can stay around like any business before them.

  26. joe b says:

    Yes, I was worried. It made me question the new president. I thought maybe he was a little loose in the tongue, he should have been more clear. I personally don't like mobile games…I guess they have their place but they are not for me. I mean my wife plays some word puzzle game…anyway. I think the new president should have made it really clear that their console market was really important to them, but he didn't and that spurred on the almost riots…I'll play Nintendo consoles until they stop making them. But I don't think that will be anytime soon. We'll see more consoles from them…

  27. chris bayer says:

    Console development is expensive, my smartphone has more graphics capability than a Nintendo switch and I have it with me all the time just like the rest of the planet

  28. chris bayer says:

    N64 mini by atgames coming soon…mark my words

  29. chris bayer says:

    Nintendo is into mobile already, and have made a ton of money off of it, and didnt have to develop the hardware and it's free, they make they're money of the back end ever heard of fortnite free….

  30. Tig 510 says:

    For anyone who thinks Nintendo will stop being Nintendo is an idiot. They made all of their money from video games so leaving the only thing they know best would be suicide.

  31. Andrew Ortiz says:

    I was 5 when I got my first Nintendo and I purchased 2 games for my Nintendo!! The games were: battle toads and robo cop

  32. the Name says:

    They are selling there games to Sony I know this why because I read it on the internet

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