No, January Nintendo Direct is Not Cancelled…

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A few minor tidbits of Nintendo info dropped on social media & Youtube, leading some to believe there will be no Nintendo Direct this month. Here are my thoughts…
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44 Responses

  1. justamug says:

    tbh I want Mario Maker ported, looks like a lot of fun

  2. Paradox says:

    I think we’ll just not have a direct this month, then we’ll have one next month. Seems like something Nintendo would do.

  3. Person of This world says:

    Mayonayzetta 3? Don’t u mean bayonetta 3?

  4. TheJoshomega says:

    Just subbed to you. And dude you have my exact name what the hell lol

  5. Ke Hi says:

    0:43 Funny, as I post this its 3:23

  6. alphamarigi says:

    But a lot of directs have a bunch of shit nobody cares about. It adds up.

    My prediction is a Pokémon direct this month and then they will have what would be their January direct in February.

  7. NekoPie says:

    I really like your shirt, mate

  8. Vaughnster 247 says:

    I wonder when luigi's mansion 3 will come out because that could be a big deal

  9. Stakmaster says:

    Loved the "I'm Josh Thomas from the WiiFolder" lol, that brings me back. MammaMia19 forever!

  10. Drew Haynes says:

    "They are trying to suck it and keeps trying to suck it…."

    "And it just explodes everywhere."

    I thought i was on youtube not pornhub

  11. Miss Me With That Gay Shit says:

    A direct was never announced but I honestly think there will be a direct on the 19th. Mainly smash related. Only because the 19th this year will be smash's 20th anniversary. Just speculation though.

  12. skeletank mcgraw says:

    Funny how he points out there will be a Direct solely because the recent announcements are lackluster announcements rather than super huge ones when like 90% of a Direct are these exact types of announcements.

  13. J says:

    Ok so I take exception to the fact that green Yoshi is reaching for the green gem with his hand… HIS HAND! IF ONLY YOSHI HAD SOME OTHER MORE EFFECTIVE WAY OF REACHING AND GRASPING THINGS…
    Sorry for the yelling.

  14. The Austin says:

    And Kingdoms Hearts

  15. MattioliRavioli says:

    Dogma? Is that like Ligma?

  16. DarkEmissary617 says:

    Hey I like the way you think. I hope we get the direct soon and all I want is to hear maybe some more Rayman games or content of any kind.

  17. MattioliRavioli says:

    I’m over here waiting for Untitled Goose Game

  18. MattioliRavioli says:

    My guess is a direct in February or maybe March

  19. Winter Duhlphin says:

    I’ve never played Animal Crossing but… I really want to play it

  20. Alatorre05 says:

    lol Yoshi's Crafted World is basically Yoshi: The Avengers

  21. tiffany wills says:

    I'd like it, but it's at 665- and I don't wanna be that guy.

  22. Joseph Offord says:

    "That's not news! That's olds!"
    ~That guy up there

  23. Rom Pan says:

    I will literally donate my chair to you Joshy lmao

  24. The InnocentNerd says:

    The beginning of this video was a huge mood

  25. Deku Elk says:

    I nearly pissed myself about 3 times ur a legend josh (mainly at 7:00)

  26. :] says:

    welp… this video didn’t age well

  27. President Donald J. Trump says:

    Guess who bought and beat Tiptop's Trials.
    Thanks for showcasing it on your channel, Josh! 😀

  28. DIsabledgamer jh says:

    I'm 33 and use Facebook

  29. Pajama paws says:

    No animal crossing news dang

  30. TheDodoshwedo says:

    Mayonnaisetta 3!!!!

  31. Declan Hassell says:

    Lost interest in the first minute because i dont care about your life or your shoes.

  32. -lucky- says:


  33. Tangy Pringle says:

    You don’t have to flex at the beginning but k

  34. Jack Taylor says:

    Im not in the mood for this today….. 14 mins to explain there isnt a direct and why?

  35. Dyllin Ryman says:

    Actually saints row is coming out in may I read something so we will have saints row to play till next year

  36. Lime Bowl Tom Yates says:

    It's not faair that it's not today, but i agree with you that it's not cancelled

  37. Dyllin Ryman says:

    I just want to hear Pokemon and saints row be announced and to know there release dates and know when there going on for preorder

  38. Grubbin Pokegamer says:

    holy crap, you're Joshy? I found your mii qr code and I used it on tomodachi life XD

  39. Symbol ism says:

    11:06 This is exactly what I been saying, but I was expecting the damn direct to be today cause its usually week 2 of January, and it is week 2…. Its usually on Thursday too

  40. Jack F says:

    Dragon’s dogma is a dark souls like game it’s not as hard I’m pretty sure

    But like you said it isnt a big announcement

  41. Sɪʀ. Sᴀʟsᴀ says:

    orange yoshi

  42. Jack F says:

    Josh has stupid humor and I love it

  43. The Rollie Show says:

    The infinity stones

  44. Katrina Perdue says:

    You’re 32???? I’m shocked!! I would have put you around 22-25

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