NO HANDS ALLOWED!!!! – The Treasure Hunt Bottle Puzzle by Eureka

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2:43 Solution

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33 Responses

  1. ryan olson says:

    Compared to your other puzzles, you sound depressed. I'm glad you made it thru the darkness!

  2. Blueberryymuffin says:

    I don’t think thats how you use chopsticks…

  3. Blueberryymuffin says:

    Now this is what I call a fidget spinner

  4. Adam Rodriguez says:

    I saw a Disabled homeless man with no hands doing this in front of panda Express today. He was using his chopsticks to pull out the change from his jar.

  5. TheTrueAAndy - Andy Long says:


  6. Anne Reilley says:

    Is re-assembling the puzzle part of the challenge, or does he just do this because he wants to?

  7. Simon Ci says:

    5y old should be able to do it. Its boring easy. This is as easy as level 1 NOT MAX level 4/4

  8. lindas1st says:


  9. ViralTaco says:

    No hands? Let me grab my hammer and chisel ._.

  10. Ariel Hunter Fan Page says:

    finally a puzzle you can't ruin

  11. i7fan says:

    Euro-ka? LOL!

  12. кот долбаюк 777 says:

    Зачем я это смотрю

  13. Nikioko says:

    I think the problem is not the mechanics of the puzzle itself, it is the dexterity you need to actually do the right steps.

  14. Travis says:

    Time for mr.puzzle to go and solve the pyramids of Egypt.

  15. lisa starves says:

    Good show.. mr puzzle.. lol

  16. Kevsepticaye OG says:

    This is when you started ending your videos with "keep on puzzling". Started watching chronologically, and noticed you didn't say it in E1. So was glad to hear the first use.

  17. Lau Bjerno says:

    It's 12-16 Euro now.

  18. MGR says:

    Can i just use the sticks to break the bottle?

  19. Adobe Guanzon says:

    You can use your foot

  20. Mateus Revers Mendes says:

    i just used the chopsticks to push the whole puzzle out of the window from the 10th floor its pretty dissasembled imo

  21. entermatrix says:


  22. Motayhuk says:

    Use the sticks like chipstick !! It would be easy to pick up

  23. Davide85 says:

    Would of been funny if he just used the sticks to drop the jar on the floor!!!

  24. TornadoHyenyaku says:

    Easiest way to solve this: Ask an Asian.

  25. Stupid Potato says:

    does ability to use chopsticks help?

  26. fishing crabbing yabbying says:

    this one was easy

  27. Icalasari says:

    No hands

    I still can't shake the idea of using my feet for it

  28. Abhishek Thakur says:

    I watched one of your videos. then I started watching other videos. now I can't stop and I've got to subscribe your channel.
    you're a genius man.

  29. Mugoletti says:

    Why didn't you just flip the bottle after you separeted the bars? 🙂

  30. Aaron Lowe says:

    This is the kind of puzzle a teacher puts on his desk to raise kid's curiosity to critical mass 😀

  31. THE GREAT WHITE says:

    Lol really clever,would've never got that,bottle would be broken for sure

  32. David Mays says:

    I swear the first thing I thought of was the Davinci helicopter puzzle when I saw this. lol

  33. Gloomy Man says:

    Ногти подстриги, неприятно смотреть

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