No, Akidearest, Anime Isn’t Sexist…

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No, anime isn’t sexist and individuals that do bad things should be held accountable for their actions. Anime has a lot of different forms, find what you like and support it and don’t support the things you don’t like.

Also there are a lot of links here…sorry about that..

Links in video:


Is Anime Sexist?:

Food Wars (MyAnimeList):

“Pretty Tax In Japan”:

Morinaga Takuro:

Moe, Misogyny and Masculinity:

Stop Making Excuses for Fanservice:


Anime avatars/Gamergate:


Lamuzgueule Links:

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31 Responses

  1. MF DOOM says:

    She looks like Donkey Kong. It's not a crime to tell the truth and be based.

  2. ᴊᴜsᴛ sᴀʏᴏʀɪ says:

    *Breathes Heavily*

  3. ellswantsabarricade says:

    The only place where feminism is needed is in third world countries, where little girls are being forced into marriages and pregnancies, girls who can't go to school because they're girls and where girls may still be subject to ideals from 50+ years ago. It's not needed in places like the UK or the US, where, arguably, women are more respected than men because of feminism but now are starting to look like a joke because of feminism. These feminists should focus their energy there, rather than trying to find issues where there aren't any.

  4. Neito Monoma says:

    That slut is calling something sexist? Kettle meet pot..

  5. Ani Rizer says:

    are u trap

  6. Horrorfreak106 says:

    I love how all of her orbiter fans think she's really hot and has a big rack, but hey, news flash! Being fat and having big boobs doesn't really count. And her face isn't even that pretty either. The fact that she sells 18+ stuff on her patreon is nauseating to say the least.

  7. Agamingly says:

    I hate when youtubers say "you probably wont agree to me because you're just a fan" (or along those lines) as the ultimate defense, other then that good video.

  8. Nymphonomicon says:

    You know what's really cancer? Bitching about "the fandom" in place of an argument against something you dislike. People are shit, but how is that the fault of 'thing you dislike'?

  9. Legisai says:

    Akidirest ist nothing more then a usless mindless Anime thot ! Fucking clickbaiting retarded drama bitch, fucking disgusting mindless whore -.-,

  10. me nosay says:

    Anyone who sources TMS is a clueless moron.

  11. siekensou77 says:

    Lol mary sue

  12. deadcraft gaming says:

    Welp Ali lost a sub because feminism

  13. deadcraft gaming says:

    Welp sao 3 is screwed as the main villain is female and a feminist dictator. Poor representation

  14. deadcraft gaming says:

    Sao 3 had no fanservice except for one rape scene

  15. Eidlones says:

    Anime isn't a genre.

  16. Kaiser DaShawn says:

    Zoe Quinn fucked five guys XD

  17. James Clarke says:

    Im only 14 mins in2 this vid n i can already c so many problems wth this. Aki isnt sayin that she 100% suports this article, she is just tryin 2 c their point of view in a civil maner. Also although i agree that 3rd wave feminism is bad, theres still a hand full of feminists that arent idiots, aki clerly showed that she realizes that there r gud n bad feminists out there she just didnt go 2 much in2 depth bout it cuz thats wat her chanel is bout. U clearly just wnted 2 talk bout the article but u decided 2 either click bate ppl by including a more popular youtuber, or u just wanted 2 give aki sum bad atention.

  18. Ryuko Chan! says:

    She's basically a thot pretending to like something for views, dime a dozen these days.

  19. Rosamund Adrion says:

    I don't get what's wrong with fan service. If you don't like a fan service/moe anime then drop it, it's your choice to pick what you watch ugh.

  20. BellowD Gaming says:

    All I can say is the Aki is from California

  21. Kalix LuvsLife says:

    Hates on aki for clickbait…

    … posts vid with hentai thumbnail. Seems Legit.

  22. suicidewooten says:

    take that back no game no life had a great story

  23. Mahtan Amandil says:

    On further analises you will see that it is, against males most of the time…

  24. Random Commentary says:

    You kinda remind me of kyon

  25. Sailor Scorpio says:

    …do you just not like Aki???

  26. That Temple Guy says:

    SEES SHOKUGEKI NO SOMA "Hmmmmmm I like where this is going"

  27. gorrilaboy22 says:

    Aki is thiccer irl than the drawn version

  28. Bob Nohart says:

    in the background in the mirror it looks like someone is jerking it

  29. Uros Bojovic says:

    Why are there so many souseges that protend to be buns

  30. Noah Snyder says:

    Is anime sexist? translation Should we hold anime to a different standard than literally any other form of media?

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