Nissan Heisman House | Board Games

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Bo dominates in any game he plays. Even at the Heisman House.

Get to know the Heismans:

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9 Responses

  1. Nelson M says:

    Maj Jong

  2. m sheppard says:

    Checkmate dang LOL

  3. JasonMcE says:

    It has been 7 DAYS since I first reached out to Nissan & I am NOT getting the customer assistance from a company that stands behind it's product. My Case # is #32521699 & after having a brand new transmission put into my Rogue 18 months ago, I am now being told by my local dealership that it needs ANOTHER new transmission. They have no idea why the transmission they put in is now broken & are vocal that this is not normal given the short amount of time & miles driven. They recommend I call you & open a case. I did and am now being told a technician from Nissan can not see my car for a MONTH! I can't go without a car for a month! This past week as been HARD. I have kids in school! A job! Family that needs me to drive them to doctors appointments and Alzheimer Support Group! Do you & your dealerships stand behind your product or not? Waiting a month is unacceptable!

  4. TarsalTV says:

    Bo knows board games.

  5. razorbackfan says:

    What is last game bo plays?

  6. mustang1853 says:

    These's videos are the only reason i'm subbed to this channel.

  7. StevieDcomics says:

    i love these videos so much

  8. Arxzl says:

    Good Video

  9. Spartyon75 says:

    Brain Lewerke the next Heismen and the first MSU player to be a Heismen

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