Nintendo World Championships – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 104

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Angry Video Game Nerd (Episode 104)
Nintendo World Championships

The Holy Grail? Who needs that when you have an NWC Cart?
In 1990 Nintendo sponsored a video game tournament called The Nintendo World Championships the tournament was based on the movie The Wizard and was part of a huge festival called Powerfest which toured twenty-nine cities across the US.
The Nintendo World Championship Cartridge was made up of three NES Games these games were Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris and used a point scoring system to determine the winner.
The tournament finalists each got to keep their own copy of the game which was a Gray cart with a white label however there exists a Gold version which were given away as prizes in The Nintendo Power Magazine only 26 of these games were ever made.
Now the Nerd must tackle what has come to be known as the Holy Grail of NES collecting has he found a real NWC Cart or will it remain forever out of his reach.

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25 Responses

  1. Edward Lyne says:

    Have only just noticed that the box says Fucksville on it! haha

  2. Jon Knapp says:

    I actually screamed NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO when he smashed those games

  3. kittastica says:

    this video deserves an oscar

  4. Lotsofblox says:

    This is the best avgn video ever

  5. walco DE BRUYN says:

    Wow Avgn got so damn lucky!!!

  6. Tristan Wasson says:


  7. Blue KingFire says:

    No “Nintendo nerds” were harmed

  8. Jark Spore says:

    Great. He’s dead again.

  9. Gregory Galyean says:

    Nice! I did not see that twist coming!!

  10. Just A Drawing says:

    Atleast the reproduction cart survived

  11. 쪼쪼tv says:

    저 팩이 아까울정도네요..

  12. Jorge Altamirano says:

    If the nerd didn't want the game why did he not give them to the punk

  13. Eric Plourde says:

    one of my top 5 episode

  14. sansgamerboss says:

    I think i may have one of these carts… Imma look

  15. Carter Simmons says:

    Anybody know the name of the song that plays at 8:21?

  16. qq says:

    pat kinda looks like Vasquez from tales from the borderlands

  17. WHALEDOGS9111 says:

    Something tells me Pat don't get any pussy

  18. Gravitation3Beatles3 says:

    Oh shit they were real

  19. ELAWSON3 says:

    Hey nerd if I had a copy of the gold one I would sent it to you straight away

  20. ELAWSON3 says:

    26 yeah right more like 25

  21. hendrik vanvelk says:

    But how did you really get it though

  22. Jason Smith says:

    I wonder is Pat rich or something? He doesn't look too old either. How did he ever afford all of those games? He seems to own way more than pretty much every game collector

  23. Xander LaClair says:

    Wasn't pat on 1000 ways to die

  24. DAS SUPER LAMA says:


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