Nintendo Switch Pro + New Switch SKU Replacing the 3DS?

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The Nintendo Switch Pro seems to be coming in 2019 but also with the addition of another possible Switch SKU being discussed by a certain Industry analyst who has been right on all previous predictions in the past. Could this finally be the end of the 3DS line?

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40 Responses

  1. SuperMetalDave64 says:

    Hey guys happy 2019 now that it's finally here. As you can imagine the Switch Pro talk is going to be ongoing and just getting more and more as we go forward with it's likely release this year. This was interesting though that the Analyst Serkan Toto, which has been right on almost everything he predicted in the past, had some very specific predictions for the Switch in 2019 and it sounds likely to me. Putting the current Switch in the place of the 3DS line, while adding the Upgraded Switch Pro to the more Premium console category makes a lot of sense for Nintendo in terms of how they want to position themselves for Next Gen and to maximize how much money they can bring in for hardware sales for this potential Switch family of consoles.

  2. NekoTix says:

    If a new Switch is announced for 2019, it'll not be a more powerful one. Just saying.

  3. Jean-Pierre Radu O'Callaghan says:

    The Switch is a great replacement for the 3DS in some ways and in some ways not. Ways that it is worse : 1) The battery life of the Switch is only about a quarter or less than the 3DS !! That's huge ! 2) The library is much less 3) It has no 3D 4) It is less compact than the 3DS

  4. Stephen O'Brien says:

    When have they not done a revision for their more successful hardware? Of course it's coming. That's why I waited, I wasn't buying a rushed prototype.

  5. Christopher Alexander says:

    I think the ports of 3rd party games has been pretty successful so having an updated spec may help better align next gen ports. Not been any leaks of Nvidia working with Ninty on new Tegra chips though. I think 720p is still ok on the go but they have to at least hit 1080p on docked mode.

  6. Nuyki says:

    more guessing and wishing stupid vid
    noo facts

  7. gfcgamer Orgone says:

    I would love to have a switch the same size of 2ds or 3ds. Switch is a bit bulky and heavy to play lay down on my back.

  8. Brett Cummings says:

    how about a tv only switch. a micro console like the vita tv. they turned the 3ds into a 2ds so its possible.

  9. Jim May says:

    Common knowledge based on what we have seen. Nintendo is going to release several models over the next several years. The biggest question i have is are they going to port some of those beautiful games from 3ds to switch? I would love it if it happens.

  10. A Gamer says:

    why don't we just wait and find out!

  11. Danny M says:

    I only see them making a new Switch when Switch sales decline dramatically.

  12. red crimson102 says:

    I love doom

  13. Humaid Ahmed says:

    Am fun of ds and 3ds but they should ended because we went from Nintendo to focus on switch getting more games ( sorry for my English )

  14. Bakelit Suisse says:

    Happy New Year! Very good vide, as always! The Big N. should add a 3DS cartridge port on the Pro and the light revisions from Switch… What do you think?

  15. themblan says:

    Woot. Serkan Toto's on board, so that's great news.

  16. Squidwood says:

    If they make anything new it will be a home console that is compatible with the switch.

  17. Sambain says:

    Who is this f*g? You are wrong on everything you say and you still make vids? Show your face f****t.

  18. yeah, and thats like your opinion or something says:

    Switch pro? But… I just bought one.. Imma return it if thats the case wth

  19. Natsu4Fairytail Flame says:

    Oh my dream to finally play fortnite or any upcoming multiplayer FPS on a handheld device on 60fps

  20. Erik Skedelius says:

    do you want it to be a 4k system or a 1080 system?

  21. Kenneth Herrick says:

    Cant back up saves. No switch for me till that happens.

  22. KID DYNAMITE says:

    The new Switch better allow me to plug my headset with 3.5 jack into the controller… Better online too.

  23. Ecktor says:

    The problem is backwards compatibility.

  24. Bryan Brammer says:

    I hope this actually happens however, this video could have been 4 minutes long. Very repetitive.

  25. 1085243 says:

    New blopitidy boop that I don't know, but morbidly obese loud guy says so. METAL

  26. Carolann Curry says:

    Idk if it will be a pro type console where its 4k switch but a revised better overall version. I could see an extra gb of ram to help with UI and better online functionality. It could have an upgraded screen and i dont mean bigger in size. It would have small fixes like better kickstand, longer battery life, and better form factor or grip. Id love to see them add support for Bluetooth, plug and play headsets straight in the console getting rid of the stupid weird phone set up. Just making it easy for online play. Extra bonus things would include adding an ethernet port on the base of dock, adding a true directional pad to left joycon and or make a left joycon with the thumb stick at the bottom. That would open up the joycons to different contoller configurations for a wider audience. Like people who like there thumb sticks both on the bottom or at top or split like it is currently. And lastly lower the price of the dock. Theres really not much inside it and it needs to be price cut in half. mabey add cosmetic changes to the dock or more functionality if thier going to leave the price alone. An of course fixing that screen scratching issue.

  27. Testando12 says:

    Mark my words the Nintendo Switch Pro is not going to be portable.

  28. Brian Thomas says:

    I really hope they do the switch mini; I love handhelds. It'll go great with my Vita 2. You loving yours too Dave???

  29. NYCJoeBlack says:

    At the 8:15 mark, you stated that the NEW Nintendo 3DS has over 50 games that are exclusive to that particular model. Unless you are including Super Nintendo games, then what you stated is severely inaccurate. The NEW Nintendo 3DS has all but about four or five games exclusive to that model and several Super Nintendo eShop titles that can only be downloaded onto the NEW Nintendo 3DS model. Even considering Super Nintendo games, that number wouldn’t be anywhere near 50.

    PLEASE fact check the information you are releasing to the public. Your information is wrong.

    I love watching and reading about fans theories about what’s to come and what they would like to see, however it becomes frustrating when the information and theories are so far off the mark and incorrect.

  30. Evan axm says:

    Jetson TRx2 is the dev board for that switch.

  31. Microwave says:

    I don't think they will replace the 3ds with a lower price current design switch. Instead what I think will happen is nintendo will make a smaller switch, maybe a clamshell design version of it very reminiscent to the 3ds where the controls are on the bottom and the screen is on top with no removable joycons. This would effectively replace the point the 3ds while also homogenizing the platforms, everyone gets the same games, no more ports. This to me seems the most certain thing to happen, the 3ds is getting very long in the tooth and you don't want it to last as long as the game boy even if it somehow still runs some games surprisingly well.

    I think a switch pro will be designed for home play first instead of mobile play, maybe the machine will be larger with more power behind it but still portable, not really intended for mobile on the bus playing games but portable incase you are plane ride and you can plug a charger into the wall. Honestly I don't think this will come out this year but maybe a year later. To release more powerful hardware this early in the console life might make some people jaded but that is for nintendo to decide if they are even doing this. Lastly… HEY REGGIE IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THIS SYSTEM I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS SO YOU CAN RELAY THIS TO THE PEOPLE IN JAPAN. MAKE IT SO I CAN TALK INGAME WITHOUT NEEDING MY DAMN PHONE! THIS WAS THE BIGGEST FLAW OF YOUR SYSTEM AND IT STILL KEEPS ME FROM OWNING IT TO THIS DAY AS MUCH AS I REALLY WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY. YOU DIDN'T NEED YOUR PHONE ON THE 3DS OR THE WII U OR EVEN THE WII. FIX IT! MY BODY IS READY FOR BUILT-IN VOICE CHAT.

    Lastly I would not be surprised if the already available switch is revised to run more cool and be less prone to breakage and cost less to produce but keeps the same body shape and kept around as a jack-of-all-trades machine. Portable and somewhat mobile, looks fine on a TV screen and you can break out the joycons to play with a friend. Let's be honest the design at this point is more iconic then the wii and only 2nd to something like the Gamecube, SNES or NES so I just don't see nintendo changing the design, let alone discontinue it.

    The only thing I could be wrong with is the original switch and the switch pro. For all I know they could replace the original switch with this pro system but I doubt that, people would flip their shit if they discontinued the new system 2 years later and told everyone to buy a new console and the current version of the switch is not mobile enough to really replace the 3ds, that is for certain.

  32. Jack Smith says:

    Switch Pro switch Pro switch XL something big

  33. Mario Sanon says:

    I wish Nintendo would implement some sort of achievement system that is identical to both ps trophies and xbox achievements ine the near future to give our Nintendo accounts a little bit more meaning and give the current hits like Zelda Breath of the Wild and Mario O more replay value.

  34. Mario Sanon says:

    A switch pro reveal and a possible permanent switch discount this January would be the perfect time to reveal them since 2019 is it's 2nd anniversary. The switch pro should be a price at between $350 to $400 while sweet vanilla switch at $250.

  35. Retro Wolf says:

    Nintendo is a money milking cash grabbing bitch that's my opinion

  36. FynnFTW says:

    tbh, Switch Games doesnt look bad on a 4K TV. They do look much better on it actually. I hope they make a Switch Pro and put 8GB of Ram in it and crank all clocks up.
    Pretty sure they will stay at the Tegra X1 tho.
    BUUUUT … If there are no games who are modded specificly for a Pro Version there is litterly no reason to buy it.
    They need 3rd Partys redoing there Games for it – they need to alter all there Games to it to make it appeal.
    I dont see that happening. But maybe they do. Just crank the resolution from ever game which allready runs on 60fps up to 1440p. And if a Game drops FPS – they allready fixed it with fast hardware …

    Man idk… i just bought a new set of Joycons :S … dont wanna spend the extra money again on a brand new System.

  37. Canthia Rose says:

    Do you even play on the switch many games have down scale and up scale in resolution to try to maintain frame rate. Games will automatically run at its full potential with the switch pro since the hardware has that extra horse power. Xenoblade chronicles 2 example one, example 2 wolfenstein 2.

  38. MaxGaming LV says:

    I dont think so, considering the 3DS has something unique. 2 screens and 3d. You can do alot with those 2 features. the future might turn into New 3DS Only games tho cause the new 3DS is 2 times more powerful than original

  39. SquidBag says:

    No wonder your sub growth is nil lol

  40. Kelly Louise Brown says:

    I do love my animal crossing new ds xl. I would like a switch. Don't know how Nintendo can write off the ds, when they release he newer consoles, and so many devices and games are in every household.

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