Nintendo Switch Paid Online a Horrible Mess?

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Nintendo Switch Paid Online has become a PR disaster. From a horrible Switch Voice Chat app, the death of Virtual Console and now missing Cloud Saves in Games like Splatoon 2 and Pokemon Let’s Go.

It seems that things are not as they should be prior to the Nintendo Direct and Second half of September launch. But can dedicated servers and the low price save the service? Let’s Find Out!

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26 Responses

  1. Commonwealth Realm says:

    What do you think? Can Nintendo convince us about Paid Nintendo Switch Online in the delayed Nintendo Direct?

  2. Kevin Mick says:

    "Nintendo Switch Paid Online a Horrible Mess?"

  3. X Progo says:

    The special offer is bullshit

  4. Chris Berg says:

    In my opinion i dont know who is the idiot who think about it but if i was sony or microsoft i will make a disasterously price on ps or xbox live just for troll…

  5. chris Almanza says:

    Nintendo are not gonna make that much money because people don’t like it

  6. Valosar Aria says:

    I bought it literally the second it went live. There is really no option in my mind and the bonus nes games are nice but not needed. I think people are being overly critical for views.

  7. Mint Ruto says:

    Nintendo switch online sucks! Who's with me? I want to have free online back!

  8. The Unicorn Squad says:


  9. Chocoyeku초코예쿠 says:

    Seriously??? I wanted to play Splatoon 2 again because the Splatfest is near but now I can't play it for free anymore which should be free?!?!? Did I pay all that money for Splatoon 2 for this?!?!?

  10. Larry the Cat says:

    I already have Xbox live to pay for so I disagree with this decision

  11. MegaGamePro says:

    No I will not buy it cuz my wifi is HORRIBLE so when I pay $30 (and yes for me it’s $30) and go onto splatoon 2 and join a match 10 secs in the game it says u were kicked cuz of bad wifi and I’m like fine I’ll just join a new match AND THHEEEEENNNN it says u have to wait 5 mins SO I RAGE

    I would buy it if they make 5 free games a month

  12. chris Almanza says:

    We pay 400$ for the Nintendo switch now wants us to pay more heck’s nah

  13. CherryLoves Watermelon says:

    I’m honestly disappointed… I’ve been a Nintendo Fan. I got so hyped up over the switch. My parents went through so much just to get it for me..For me to $20 just to play a 3 minute battle on splatoon is a shame..

  14. chris Almanza says:

    This is dumb why do you need to pay to play online now I just stop playing on the switch

  15. Ash bringer says:

    20 dollars to play online? Wtf even Nintendo is becoming corrupted like apple and Sony shame on you. You were my hero of consoles because I thought you care for the fans but like square enix history repeats itself corruption.

  16. Kat S says:

    I really like that you gave suggestions instead of just complaining about it

  17. Arcueid Brunestud says:

    Getting those games for free as long as you pay for the service means it's not free.

  18. alex archer says:

    If Nintendo wants me to get
    Nintendo switch and a switch
    The don’t pay for it every day
    But nope I’m sticking with my wiiu

  19. jracer876 says:

    God bless Discord

  20. Cameron Holmes says:

    All would be forgiven if they gave us the game cube support for this online.

  21. Cameron Holmes says:

    I know this isn't the time for fun facts but, the Sinnoh of pokemon platinum region is based on Hokkaido.

  22. Disoriented Furry says:

    Gray hat hacker:
    This hacker hacks video games, specifically Nintendo, to foil their plans for memes and free online content.

    I wish..

  23. jmbrady1 says:

    I won't be buying Nintendo Online at all, not worth it for how little I spend time online.

  24. Scansy says:

    Boy I literally about to give Splatoon 2 a go after not playing it for awhile and I realised tomorrow everyone need to pay for the online service. Am I the only one that won't buy the subscription even though you can't play Splatoon?

  25. Luigi gaming says:

    I hope they will cancel it because i dont want to pay online i will play online for free

  26. PikaZ Games says:

    I'm not gonna fucking pay if I'm paying for internet already

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