Nintendo Switch Online Not A MESS in 2019?

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Paid Nintendo Switch Online is far from perfect but will Nintendo repair the current mess in 2019, and if so what should they fix first?

Together with Rogersbase we conclude our Nintendo Switch 2019 Mini-series by going over the most controversial Nintendo Service.

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22 Responses

  1. RogersBase says:

    Nothing's gonna change, lol

  2. Steve Stuart says:

    All I see on the NES is games I would have never bought myself I mean come on…I had better games than the crap that they are giving us.

  3. MintChipMMD says:

    I got Splatoon 2 today, and I am terribly disappointed. I got the game so I could play Turf Wars. I can't even play because of Nintendo Switch Online.

  4. Jesse Games says:

    People already pay for routers for internet access so why do people need to pay for internet access on a console

  5. Harman Smith says:

    There is nothing wrong with Nintendo Switch Online.

  6. Gilmore Boko says:

    if there are no virtual console or something similar this year, I'll be disappointed. I should of asked for xbox one instead of a switch

  7. Leonardo Bernal says:

    Here's what Nintendo should do to improve this:
    About voice chat: Nintendo could make wireless headphones to connect to the console whether it's docked or not. So that way, we don't have to use our phones for voice chat. Plus, since that we can JUST voice chat, why won't Nintendo add a feature where we can message and post pictures and all that. Kind of like Miiverse but instead of going in the app, you can instantly just view messages, post your screenshots and video captures, be apart of game communities, and everything else that Miiverse had. Also anothee feature to send invitations to your friends for games. For example, if you wanted to play Smash Bros with your friend, you can send them an invite to play Smash Bros with you.

    Classic Games: I mean I like classic games but just NES GAMES?! WHY?! Nintendo should just bring back Virtual Console. Along with bringing Virtual Console back, Nintendo should make an app on the eShop called, "Virtual Console". It can be an app where when you buy Virtual games, those Virtual Console games can go to into the app and when you go in the app, it'll show a library of all the Virtual Console games you bought. Obviously NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube games. Idk, even though Wii games were on Virtual Console on the Wii U, I feel like it's still too soon to put Wii games on Virtual Console.

    Cloud Save Data: So I've been looking at other peoples comments saying that it doesn't work on Splatoon. So Nintendo can just make the Cloud Save Data where it works on all games.


  8. cutterminecraft3 says:

    Everyone: Hates the service
    Everyone: (buys it anyways)

  9. Pikachu-kun says:

    As long as Mother/EarthBound Beginnings makes it's way on the NES library, I don't care XD

  10. BioVenom says:

    Nintendo switch online is ruining the reputation of the nes. they have good games on the nes. Nintendo just aren't releasing them. it's basically like if they made a new smash bros but the only characters were the fire emblem clones, mii fighters and dark pit…

  11. Basty Sengco says:

    Sigh Saws Old Cracked Wii U Picks Up Hello Old Friend

  12. Quinn Farris says:

    I'm too tired to care tbh. The only games I play that require any amount of online is that my pokedex will forever be incomplete in GO…. Hopefully they don't make Animal Crossing have too much internet crap. I will be upset

  13. Day May says:

    I don’t think they’ll do anything.
    the only thing I want is just splatoon 2 cloud save, I know people can abuse the system but can’t they just like- make servers to analiza items data so you can’t abuse it? It’s not that hard even freaking team fortress 2 does it through steam

  14. The Gaming Bread says:

    1:14 a mystery box terns into a mystery box. pretty sure that summarizes the entirety of Nintendo switch online right there.

  15. Johnny Mill says:


  16. Jason Kim says:

    All we want is cloud saves for every game and native voice chat. Why is this so hard for anyone to understand? I would pay $60 a month for just those two things. Nintendo is retarded when it comes to online, such wasted opportunity to build a strong community.

  17. Darklink 6135 says:

    4:53 Minecraft villager

  18. juan magalhaes says:

    That's really disappointing. I paid the best internet available here, bought the USB/network adapter signed up for the full year subscription to Nintendo online feature mainly to play smash and I still feel a bad experience there, even on 1 x 1 battles. That's a shame Nintendo….

  19. PieFieri says:

    I don't mind paying for an online service, but holy shit their service is hot garbage.

  20. ninja blue says:

    I wounder what is the prize for the people who get the online because I got it and I don't know…..

  21. Crazyman109 says:

    Yay we get to pay for free stuff now! ( Online Play )

  22. Scout Silentoboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    Watch them scrap switch online

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