Nintendo Switch – My BBC 5 Live Analysis

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Nintendo today unveiled its next console, the Nintendo Switch. It combines a home console experience on a TV with a dock-able tablet and clip on controllers to take on the road.

In the living room the Nintendo Switch sits in the dock to be played on a TV. Removing it from the dock transitions to handheld mode to continue playing.

In the reveal trailer we could see the official hardware for the first time, that had been rumoured to combine the portable and console markets. Certainly, this is a savvy move from Nintendo as children flock from big screen entertainment to tablets and smartphones. It also chimes with their move into smartphone gaming with Super Mario Rush coming to iOS soon.

Along with the dock technology, the detachable Joy-Con controllers are another innovation. These function as a standard controller when joined together, or clip to the side of the table in slightly unwieldy fashion. More interesting is the ability to offer families two players gaming on the go.

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9 Responses

  1. Bill Beis says:

    the most profitable franchise that nintendo has is pokemon , the end

  2. Raizing Media says:

    its looks like a psvita.

  3. Gio 0397 says:

    a game console that can be turned into a handheld console! well then 6 words


  4. jeepney joyride says:

    here comes youtube gaming channels…

  5. YenRug says:

    "Autumn 2017"? Pretty damn sure it says March 2017 at the end of the trailer!

  6. Jib The Communist Boi says:


  7. residentgood says:

    Same as Wii u except more compact 3ds portable which might sell more than ps4,xbone

  8. Mortar Combat says:

    "It's all about Zelda"
    The cringe

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