Nintendo Mini Consoles Wish List – Scott The Woz

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Let’s talk about what games future potential Nintendo Mini Consoles could have!

All consoles boxes and menu interfaces were created by yours truly.

Consoles/Topics Discussed:
NES Classic Edition / Nintendo Classic Mini
SNES Classic Edition
Nintendo 64 Classic Edition
GameCube Classic Edition
Wii Classic Edition
“Best of Nintendo” Compilation

Music Used:
NES Classic Edition Menu Theme
BS-X Satellaview Town Music
“Menu Selection” from Mario Artist: Paint Studio
“Grand Finale” from Nintendo Puzzle Collection
“Online Lobby” from ARMS
“Title Theme” from NES Remix 2

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40 Responses

  1. Ninjakid3000 says:

    We need a Gamecube mini but sadly I don't think it's going to happen because the original GameCube didn't sell well when it came out. But hey that's just a theory a console theory!

  2. ParadoxMoone says:

    I love that the snes classic happened and the n64 might happen

  3. Light Blue Yoshi 99 says:

    My dude!!!! What happened on the ds (I know it’s not entirely serious) but what the hecc mk ds was probably the best in the series and also the best of the Pokémon games were there too!

  4. Zupa says:

    2:12 get ready for some SUPERS

  5. Julien Legault says:

    Disappointed that Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life wasn't included in the gamecube classic.

  6. Waddle Zee says:

    Did you actually put the games in alphabetical order. Why?

  7. Phantom Squid says:

    So glad you included 1080 Avalanche. It’s extremely under appreciated and was my childhood

  8. hypsonic 064 says:

    best 30 Nintendo games should of had melee

  9. Yo Yoji King says:

    I have a N64

  10. leno ribahi says:

    It’s really annoying how all wii footage looks like crap

  11. TempCuberr says:

    there is no way in hell that Nintendo would put 30 killer games on any of their later gen consoles, like the 64 lineup, they could try selling those on virtual console for $15 a piece (and same for the gamecube and wii titles… which they could sell for even more)

  12. StovetopFrog 658 says:

    What about super paper Mario?

  13. Mark Arnold says:

    I think you could have done better with the DS lineup, you could of added Mario Kart DS, a great game that includes mission mode. Mario + Luigi Game ( Partner in time or bowsers inside story), a great rpg made by Nintendo and many people love it. And third choice I would agree with rhythm Heaven or any other game of choice, can’t think of any.

  14. Boris Boriskov says:

    SNES classic was about 90% correct

  15. strawberry pancake says:

    13 right for SNES not bad.

  16. Matthew Schultz says:

    Fuck OOT 64. OOT 3D is way better.

  17. Caleb Soliman says:

    As far as the Wii lineup, I'm surprised Super Paper Mario and Xenoblade Chronicles didn't make it. I love Paper Mario, and Xenoblade is one of the best RPG's on the system.

  18. Carter The Human says:

    He got the snes lineup almost spot on

  19. Spiller Spill Og Prater Piss says:

    Loved the vid but i think u should add a pokemon game to the 3ds part

    I promise IT had a lot of good pokemon games

  20. Brontar says:

    Ok I have a thought

    If They had rare games, would they be considered third party games because rare is now owned by microsoft

  21. Oofboi 27 says:

    Gameboy Classic

  22. Gameboy says:

    Wii mini

  23. yoshimaniac says:

    something in the 2000s just has to be classic

  24. theorynaut 5 says:

    Wii classic in 4k

  25. RJ Doroshewitz says:

    Why no golden eye on n64

  26. Two Two Twane says:

    I’m not judging that you put Mario Kart 8 in your list of all games but since we already have that on the switch you could have put Mario 3D world

  27. Shermanator7 says:

    Honestly I think the n64 classic should include superman 64 just because of its legacy as one of the worst games of all time

  28. george nunez says:

    Wii classic comming in 2026

  29. CW_Drty says:

    For the n64, even though it’s rated M, perfect dark could have been good because it really doesn’t deserve to be rated M now, it would be T at most.

  30. AlphaNoir says:

    I got a weird Idea: What if they made like the "Smash Fighters Collection" with the best game of every fighters series?

  31. //RandomGamesAndStuff // says:

    7:32 we want Wii music

  32. Alex Sheno says:

    Um for the Wii U there are better versions of splatoon Mario cart 8 and smash bros

  33. Trainer Matt says:

    I wish that the GameCube could be buyable which is the Wii can't play the GameCube it sucks

  34. longgone says:

    Gameboy Classic when

  35. theBlueHero42410 says:

    how can u not put kirby's return to dream land on the wii classic

  36. GamingUmbreon !!! says:

    Boi Mario kart wii was the fricking best game ever

  37. The Dark Bark Ninja says:

    Snes mini is out right now

  38. Tightmedusa4 Xbox Live says:

    Looks like the snes classic was made so good job

  39. Universe Donut says:

    I come from the future!!!! No more classic consoles :'v

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