Nintendo Just Did Something MASSIVE

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With a swift move, Nintendo has finally put an end to their controversial and toxic Creators Program, which should have a significant effect on how much Nintendo-related content you start seeing on the platform.

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Outro Song: “Lower Brinstar” by Adepto the Wonder (that’s me!)

Outro artwork: GTA San Andreas
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29 Responses

  1. The Austin says:

    Now if Only Sora make it in Smash.

  2. The Austin says:

    I going to Sign up for Money Making!

  3. Grumpy Kitten says:

    He just deleted mexico

  4. lewisb_124 says:

    its not a "program"

  5. Cooper Smith says:


  6. leo joyce says:

    all my ads were the same

  7. Shadow Of Light says:

    This is just good. There’s nothing else to say.

  8. 1000 subs, No video. says:

    My brothers birthday was one December One, so, whoop whoop

  9. Matthew F says:

    2018, the year when everything else is going wrong, is officially the year of Nintendo

  10. BlakeTheDub says:

    U need pussy.

  11. Mr. Drobot says:

    Nintendo is trash now compared to their golden days.

  12. The man, the myth, and the monster says:

    yeah they sure did, they made your video way too close to 10 mins for comfort. proceed

  13. NTRG says:


  14. Andre Lopes says:

    And you could do Metroid prime 4 gameplay as well when that comes out, you know, since that’s where your outro song is from ;). (Outro is from prime 2 I’m pretty sure)

  15. Real Craig says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that

    They did surgery on a grape

  16. Real Craig says:

    Next video, Nintendo Made a big mistake.

  17. Forgotten Syrup says:

    You're late as shit to this, reviewtech made a video on this like last week dude.

  18. Kai Rey says:

    Nintendo is still a shit company, no matter how you put it.

  19. youtubesucks says:

    Nintendo sucks. Buncha idiots. Even bigger idiot os anyone agreeing to Nintendo's dumb ass demands.

    Even if they remove it..nintendo does NOT deserve free advertising. Make nintendo pay YOU to upload their stuff.

    Only dipshit nintendo would block millions upon millions of free ad views lol fucking stupid fuckers.

    Fuck nintendo

  20. Dank Memes says:

    Thought my controller waa dying

  21. Jason Fry says:

    Wayyyyyy too much time talking about Nintendo in this video

  22. Jason Fry says:

    Wayyyyyy too much time talking about Nintendo in this video

  23. captain boo boo says:

    These titles tho

  24. Angery Boi says:

    This is only huge for content creators and doesn't affect the majority.

    Something huge would be Virtual Console for NSwitch, or a better online service with 8th gen features…

    Dafuq is this gonna do?
    Its not like Nintendo NEEDS content creators to advertise their 1st party games.

  25. Noosey says:

    Should someone tell me should I get Splatoon 2 for Christmas or not

  26. Genji says:

    Always wondered why there was so little Nintendo content on YouTube and Twitch

  27. Genji says:

    Calm down with the ads bro

  28. TheLuckyFateReviewer says:

    Ok that's 1 thing. Nintendo is still far from getting my forgiveness. They still have to answer for roms.

  29. Jhonny Melon says:

    You know what else is massive?

    My nigga cock

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