Nintendo in 2018: The Review

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Another year of Nintendo has come and gone! Did this year live up? What were its highs and lows? Let’s talk about EVERYTHING.

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“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

“Time Lapse” by TheFatRat

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25 Responses

  1. Arlo says:

    Thanks so much for sticking with me for another year! I had a TON of fun, and next year's going to be even better!

    A quick note, I hadn't gotten a chance to dig into Smash's online before this video was written, recorded, and mostly edited, so that's why I only say good things about Smash in the video. I do mention how Nintendo Switch Online has been disappointing overall though, and I'll definitely be bringing the subject up again soon.

  2. MrSuperHeatran says:

    Animal Crossing isn't a stranger to similar console release ports.
    N64, Gamecube and E+
    Wild World and City Folk
    It'd be a pattern breaker if Switch AC was entirely unique.

  3. toby lawrence says:

    hey i liked star allies

  4. sasutomato says:

    I'm not buying online until they fix it.

  5. Remy Kamermans says:

    Way to kind , as wii u owner its ok to criticize there releases for 2018.

    First half i didnt touched my switch outside a few indie games.

    Never had the illusion Nintendo changed to the point every release would be triple A effort.

    Give them some points on Labo but seemed they thought zelda and mario from last year wOuld be enough to hold over until mario party and smash

    Mario party and smash brought me back in to activily using my switch again.

  6. Super Fry says:

    Kirby Star Allies was so cookie cutter compared to the bursting originality of Robobot 🙁

  7. Lucas Cayol says:

    So this is what I personaly hate about the nintendo fandom. For every constructive critic said,they would still defend Nintendo as if it was perfect. This video was great, I still dont understand why people still praise games that could have been much better. Overall this year for nintendo wasnt the best. Smash was the game that kept things alive, with other ports and indies.

  8. BrayjsAnimation says:

    idk if Prime 4 will really release for a while ;T

  9. Lisa Troiani says:

    They actually ARE selling old games but not under the name virtual console, it’s under the name “Arcade Archives”.

  10. Cole O'Neil says:

    Stop complaining

  11. Cole O'Neil says:

    These were your expectations not everyone’s

  12. Cole O'Neil says:

    Some of these critiques can be applied to 2017 and I feel like your over complaining a little. You don’t need to go completely in depth on some of this stuff since you did it previously

  13. Video Games Fan says:

    I agree that 2018 was a dead year for Nintendo, but smash made the year from boring to good.

  14. BUIZEL45 says:

    arlo i know how u feel but the virtual console on the wii u was because it had to bulster the library some way plus the amount of time it takes to make these game is a tremendous triple a titles are supposed to be unique yes they could use the same engine but it'll take the magic away from it nintendo switch online was trash but its cheap i know its not an excuse its grimy and dumbput we cant do anything about it

  15. Roger Dudra says:

    I ate the tacos on Christmas day.

  16. Okapi540 says:

    Great video Arlo! I agree almost completely! We just disagree about Super Mario Party. 😛

  17. SkitBit Production says:

    Internet killing e3 Sony not even going. dont expect e3 to be what it was.

  18. Shorty Bliff says:

    23:31 Woa, Arlo. What did you just say?

  19. Darren Lipman says:

    I totally agree with almost everything you said, but I think the large number of amazing indie games the Switch got this year definitely made it a good year. Do indies sell systems? No. But do they make gamers (or at least this gamer) happy? Yes. Some of the best games I’ve played on the Switch are indie titles, and there’s right now more indie games I’m waiting to play than traditional games, so that’s gotta say something about the console’s library.

  20. DevinAK49 says:

    I'm ok with the shit year. I spent a lot of time at the gym…. lost 65 pounds. Thanks Nintendo!

  21. Kyle Wilson says:

    That nintendo switch online bit with reggie was gold!

  22. SpiderProductionz says:

    Why does nintendo get too much hate?
    But sony and microsoft doesnt? I think that nintendo switch games are better than other consoles

  23. Jerek Bilbar says:

    I think Luigi’s Mansion 2 is worlds better than the first. The first had so much back tracking and slow walking around. I loved the level format in the sequel. Sick of people saying it ruined the game. Made it wayyyy more fun.

  24. Sora Ware says:

    Are you… the guy from the “best ever food review show”…? Because you sound EXACTLY like him…

  25. Slush G says:

    About Sports games, as you said Mario Tennis has stellar gameplay and I feel that is the most important thing for a sports title. They are not meant to be played in a rushed way you’re meant to play a couple of matches and then walk away or play online or with friends. This is my opinion about sports games in general though, playing a couple of matches from time is amazing. Aces did the bare minimum how? Gameplay is and was great the number of courts were definitely ok in my opinion because again in my opinion how many hours you can play through an adventure mode is not the point. and the different character types are all fun to play with

    The new characters are meant as rewards for tournament play so I have no issue with them being added since it gives me a reward for actually playing.

    Despite the “lack of major titles” you speak off you should remember that the Switch sold like crazy if the library is stellar heavy hitters are not needed every year atleast in my opinion it makes no sense to have many “heavy hitters” every year Arlo especially not when the Switch had a stellar library from 2017 they just built upon it for 2018. Now having a heavy hitter year every other year seems smarter in my opinion. It makes sure that the momentum is still big.

    The two most disappointing thing about 2018 was the overall fan base hype for 2018 that led to 2018 being a bad year (most of not all of the first party titles got great reviews and quite impressive sales numbers) 2018 was in my opinion successful apart from these two remaining things.

    1. NTO and lack of VC.
    2. Kirby

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