Nintendo Has Something BIG Planned for The Game Awards 2018

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38 Responses

  1. Dib Siverak says:

    Yeah…So BIG. TWSS

  2. Gamehound says:

    I guess you were wrong.

  3. TheblueStormtrooper lol says:

    Hell yeah they did JOKER

  4. slagar the cruel 85 says:

    Ea doesn’t deserve to win any awards. But they probably will regardless of making one of the worst video games since collininal marines.

  5. ExpGamer X says:

    I'm calling it. Banjo Kazooie for Smash.

  6. ProwlingTiger 22 says:

    Skyward Sword HD..

  7. Broseph says:


  8. Doctor Nintendo says:

    I put the Game Awards on the same level as E3 but with wayyy more mystery.

  9. Orange Powarangur says:

    It’s gonna be Metroid Prime 4 gameplay trailer that reveals to have the Metroid Fusion story mixed in with it, and just when you thought that was all. They bring out the first of five DLC reveals with Sylux. I feel like Metroid is gonna get a lot of love

  10. Jordan Towills says:

    Virtual console and game chat lol I joke I kid I kid .

  11. Eduardo Ramirez says:

    Metroid Prime Trilogy remake and Metroid Prime 4…The port is happening since people will not jump on a sequel without playing the first three yet.

  12. Dig Duke says:

    Mario Kart VR Nintendo switch.

    Nintendo Switch VR Labo Kit.(code for potential VR games found in the IPS of the switch, look it up)

  13. anthony savage says:

    Three Hopes: 1.) They announce Sora, Sephiroth or Chrono for Smash DLC. 2.) Metroid Prime 4 with release date. 3.) Star Fox Grand Prix with Captain Falcon crossover.

  14. Crutch & Wheels Gaming says:

    Hope they show Animal Crossing actually

  15. Rens says:

    All I need is Bayonetta 3

  16. Benjamin Petersen says:

    Love your thoughts—getting hyped for the VGAs!

  17. Cookie Cook Games says:

    Personally I feel they may talk about the dlc characters for smash, they might announce A Wii u port maybe wonderful 101 with a teaser for a sequel, if this happens remember where you heard it first lol

  18. Jared Krinsky says:

    I think we will see a Metroid Prime 4 trailer, maybe the prime trilogy, but what I really feel is that we will see the first DLC character for SSBU

  19. Midna78 says:

    Can't wait for Cranky Kong Country.

  20. TechnoEstate says:

    LOL There absolutely is such a thing as 'Who won the Game Awards?' — you're just afraid it may not be Nintendo, after all.

  21. Gizensha Fox says:

    If I'm up when the game awards are happening, I'll be playing Smash since that launches 90 minutes before the game awards start here.

  22. Kieren Buckley says:

    sad Nintendo doesn't have much of a presence in this year's game awards also I don't care for Metroid

  23. NANGSTAGRAM TV says:

    Fire Emblem please bro!

  24. Alpha Tenko says:

    Metroid Dread my friends. METROID DREAD!

  25. marksapollo says:

    Last time I made Metroid predictions and claimed YOU were wrong, YOU were actually right in that they didn’t announce it at all, so I’m not making any predictions this time lol!!! Who knows, a lot of big AAA games are apparently in development for the Switch.

  26. Sonicforces20 17 says:

    I’ll only get Metroid prime 4 if I can have 1-3

  27. the8thark says:

    I don't care abaout the awards here as it's not the full year and the awards are not chosen in the best way.
    The game announcements are the only reason to watch these awards. Most of the announcements from the different developers are usually very good.

  28. Nathan Jones says:

    Metroid Prime 4 is coming to The Game Awards tonight

  29. Taylor Bowne says:

    I'm glad to see you being so realistic, Nate. Other YouTubers I love like SM Dave and SC are really leaning into the Metroid stuff. I hope their right but considering how the awards are a day away, I think someone would have come to the table with an affirmation that the trilogy exists. The fact that Reggie wore a Metroid shirt doesn't mean anything. I mean I love Nintendo but I don't give then the credit to think that far ahead as to have Reggie wear a specific shirt.

  30. ARandomToasters Sister says:

    I hope and think that they will reveal one of smash ultimate DLC characters.

  31. unchartedguy212 says:

    As I've commented on just about every video pertaining to Nintendo, my dream would be for Nintendo to bring back the Virtual Console (or something extremely similar) for the Switch. I very much dislike the idea of paying to subscribe to a service (that I most likely won't use) in order to gain access to retro games purely because I don't feel like I own the game. I don't want to play my favorite game and accidentally forget to renew my subscription and not have access to it until I renew. I just prefer to pay a one-time cost and own it forever.

    More specifically though, I would like Nintendo to port over GameCube games, and possibly Wii games, to the Switch. I never grew up with NES games and barely grew up with SNES games, so I don't prefer to play them that much. Also I feel that N64 games have had their chance and I think it's time to introduce GameCube and Wii games as well.

    That's just my pipe dream of a Nintendo announcement, though. I doubt it will ever happen.

  32. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha says:

    Kid Icarus is done maybe they will tease it.

  33. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha says:

    Ha ha another luigi 3 trailer? Lol

  34. Waluigi Wah Ha Ha says:

    How many are thinking prime trilogy and a prime 4 clip?

  35. Professor Smoove says:

    I personally think there won't be any announcements

  36. smoothie gamer says:

    Watch the game awards or go to sleep early so I can wake up early and play smash? These are some life biggest questions

  37. jose garcia says:

    I think they are gonna do the same thing they did with bayonetta and do a trilogy release then 2020 is for metroid and 2019 is for bayonetta.

  38. PICT[/.]CHAT says:

    Please, let there be Mario Kart Tour info… BlessRNG

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