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Let’s be honest: there will be a Nintendo Direct for January 2019. The Nintendo Switch is hot, new Switch games are coming, Switch online needs updates, and it’s going to happen. But what is going to be showcased during this Nintendo Direct? I take out my crystal ball and give you MY predictions!

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27 Responses

  1. The Skullsmasher Gamer says:

    Really hoping for an English localization of the earlier FE games (Mystery of The Emblem-Binding Blade)

  2. Mark’s Buses,Aircraft videos says:

    I want GTA 5 on the Switch

  3. Gary Chandler says:

    Kingdom hearts 1,2 and 3 later please.

  4. Drenrab says:

    They haven’t made a new Donkey Kong in 5 years. They better announce one in this direct.

  5. Matei Iancu says:

    Do you think they will release a new switch console in 2019?

  6. Matheus Castello says:

    bit surprised u didnt even talk about pkmn 2019 tbh but o_k

  7. A a says:

    I doubt that bayonetta 3 or metroid prime 4 will be mentioned in the upcoming direct, I think they're 2020 or 2021 games.

  8. Thatguy Darrian says:

    Ultimate Alliance will be shown forsure. Hoping for Pokemon too

  9. Jump On Everything says:

    This guy makes me really hyped for 2019

  10. maria macinante says:

    mario odyssey dlc has definitely missed its window of opportunity to be released on switch – they're definitely saving up potential level ideas for SMO2 or some kind of sequel also luigi's mansion 3 is definitely an october release for halloween and animal crossing probably released for the summer not late summer

  11. Arn C says:

    The Witcher 3 on Switch? Lol. That would need to coincide with a Switch Pro announcement… On another note, I'd love to get the Hitman games on Switch. I also want a Professor Layton type of game announced for this year.

  12. Harvest Mortal says:

    Mother 3 Reggie plz

  13. Lickle Cryptic Memes says:

    I mean paladins is on Switch so maybe Overwatch??

  14. Xeno GearsX says:

    Direct hmm maybe an update on a new switch "pro" and games shown in video.

  15. Rhett Mitchell says:

    We need Pikmin 4, new Mario Strikers, and new Donkey Kong

  16. Rhett Mitchell says:

    who's Stevie Richards lol I don't get the intro


    Joker from persona is not getting gameplay yet. He's VERY early in development. And they've said they only announced it so early because of the game awards.

  18. kld Z says:

    I think the big games will be revealed on E3 like metroid prime 4 but nintendo may surprise us

  19. Giannis Pixel says:

    And i we get another 3d mario game
    I will die from exitment

  20. Giannis Pixel says:

    I just want pikmin 4 and a new f-zero

  21. Mark Riederer says:

    I'm just worried more games I buy the less storage space I have left..I got a SD card but what if that overloads it? Do I have to buy another one?

  22. Yassou says:

    i think were probably gonna have mario odyssey 2 in 2019/2020

  23. Harrison Taylor says:

    Mario Galaxy 3 'nough said

  24. Harrison Taylor says:

    I personally don't think Metroid Prime 4 will or should release in 2019, I think it will be a Breath of the Wild situation where they take more time with it. I do think they will release an HD trilogy in June-December

  25. james manculich says:

    Super mario odyase came and went thank god screw the switch!

  26. The O.C.I.D says:

    What happened with a possible metal gear series on the switch?

  27. Ryuujin1078 says:

    That’s way too much info for a direct to have, maybe half of what you’re expecting will be mentioned in this future Direct.

    Also your “calculator” analogy was pretty bad…

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