Nintendo Ain’t Ditching Consoles, Calm Your Tush

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Nintendo’s president said some stuff about potentially moving away from home consoles, and it’s all been blown out of proportion.

Here’s that Arlocast for your listening pleasure:

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“Reloaded Installer #11” by LHS.

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25 Responses

  1. AblazeEclipse says:

    I just thought of something……. Nintendo PC… connects to giant joys-cons!

  2. Caps_Unlocked says:

    Going third party would destroy everything that makes nintendo games good

  3. kennylives04 says:

    good choice of prime music

  4. drakke125Channel says:

    Because of how the Switch can hook to the TV, I honestly thought it was very close to a new home console despite being a huge screen handheld, which feels new and weird….
    I highly doubt Nintendo will quit home console, the switch is quite something else and they're always innovating so I am happy to see them changing and experimenting AND letting consumers have SO MUCH FUN at the same time.

  5. Star chef says:

    Arlo exists I now

  6. Piranha Sprout says:

    Did Arlo just say "Tush"? He would never say something like that!

  7. That one guy Who does stuff says:


  8. SilverToaster says:

    HOME consoles. The switch is a technically a handheld.

  9. JUST CALL ME WEBB says:

    You broke it down logically though, thanks.

  10. JUST CALL ME WEBB says:

    Dude, I tried a Mario mobile game. It SUCKED, bad! I tried it after hearing these stupid rumors. It doesn't stand up. People would forget about Nintendo and Mario if they did that…

  11. Dan Scannell says:

    Yup. Everyone's tush needs a good calming.

  12. 33LB says:

    all of the articles about this are just clickbait. the president just said if circumstances changed, nintendo could shift away from consoles… well no fucking shit. if circumstances changed, sony and microsoft would move away from consoles too. there's no news here.

  13. Brandon Johnson says:

    The joycons are really something maybe Nintendo can focus on software and accessories like unique controllers and a software to show it off. While continuing to make handheld consoles and innovating ways to play software on a handheld? It’s not really logical to buy a whole other home console for casual gameplay if other consoles can technically handle the software. (Just an idea I had from reading the title before the video started)

  14. Victor Olavarria says:

    I thought Nintendo was the king of left fields :/

  15. cyniford says:

    If Nintendo do stop making consoles, I see them becoming a second-party playstation developer. Xbox is very unpopular in Japan so that would be pretty silly for Nintendo, and Nintendo are probably disgusted by the idea of having their games on pc (modding, piracy etc.)

  16. Xemnas the Nobody says:

    Nintendo doesnt need to make new consoles. Honestly, the switch is a near-perfect console that I hope only gets improved with a slightly more convenient port layout and better hardware inside with years passing by.

  17. He Wi says:

    I've got good news and bad news
    Good news Waluigi is coming to smash
    Bad news he is going to die

  18. braden arcader says:

    Arlo, when are you going to react to Derp sandwich?

  19. Jking26 The Nintendo fanboy says:

    It shocks me on how many people think Nintendo will stop making consoles

  20. TheControllerProgram says:

    Some people just rush reading things, make an article or video about it and then they display the wrong message. I say to them, take your time and give us the right message.

  21. Meridian says:

    Nintendo going 3rd party is an interesting idea, but that might affect their game quality poorly. think about it. What drives nintendo most to create top shelf games? Selling more hardware units. Game quality isn't necessary when you no longer need to convince the general public to spend $300 on a tablet. Like, would Zelda go from Sonic Adventure to Sonic 06' ? Would Mario?

  22. Paige Wilson says:

    Gaming tip #81 "not naming names" = "kotaku did it"

  23. The Castle Productions says:

    The day Nintendo goes third party is the day the world ends.

  24. greathorn says:

    To be honest I didn't even see this story until you made this video, and by reading the full transcript on its own, it's pretty clear that he's just saying "if it makes more sense to deliver a good experience in other ways besides consoles, then we're open to reassess our formula" and not "We love making smartphone games exclusively and our only games will be endless runners and clickers"

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