Ninja Welcomes Back Tfue After Getting Unbanned – Fortnite

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Ninja Welcomes Back Tfue After Getting Unbanned – Fortnite


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18 Responses

  1. laura shumaker says:


  2. Ntense says:

    damn imagine running into these two in a duo game

  3. Kivany Cheng says:

    The last Guy was a crazy pro or Try hard

  4. Tareka Harlan says:

    Will someone please tell me when did they put blue suppressed pistols in the game or is fortnite just glitched

  5. Piggy O says:

    Wait did they make the silenced pistol rare now?

  6. Bilal Azaaj says:


  7. Lunatic Gaming says:

    Watch my video please

  8. HeadBanger Music says:

    ok then my friend

  9. eqwqweqwe qweqweqwe says:

    lol who knew

  10. Gaming with AJJU says:


  11. TheMrJoBenPr says:

    first comment

  12. GAMER CRAZY says:

    very funny

  13. Çınar Aslan says:

    nice video man

  14. Gamer Fish07 says:

    glad he is back

  15. nicohayate says:

    good video

  16. Lucas Gonçalves says:

    very funny

  17. LispyLeaf says:

    the best youtuber ever

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