NFL 2018-19 NFC Wild Card Seattle Seahawks — Dallas Cowboys

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23 Responses

  1. Jesse Ornelas says:

    That flip at 2:04:17

  2. Perry L. Fanning says:

    Cowboys will beat the Rams 26-16 tomorrow…

  3. Jonas Dauerbrenner says:

    if i said it once i said it a thousand times: Big shoutout to nfl games for uploading this!

  4. Joel Anthony says:

    Name ONE Qb, only one you would rather see throw the football than any other ? Stick to the question, not the score, not the record. Who would you among all Qb's, not your bias, but who throws the best pass and has the best motion.

  5. james mullins says:

    hopefully bird season is over

  6. Ricardo and Itzel Castellanos says:


  7. DougE Apachito says:

    2:09:14 boom!!!! You ready Todd to get your ass knockout?

  8. Christian Newlove says:

    Anybody know the song at 2:07:30?

  9. Mike Macias says:

    Dem boys

  10. Yannick DaSilva says:

    Good job cowboys

  11. Verlenwolf says:


  12. MrAirblown2009 says:

    How Bout dem Cowboy's !!!! LMAO !! I know nobody wants to hear that, which is why I said it. LMAO !!!!

  13. SuperPackers says:

    To bad YouTube ruined the game for me by there suggestions videos saying the result of the game

  14. Junior D says:

    Bring on the Rams….#CowboysNation

  15. Brucev7 says:

    1Q Cowboys 3rd & 11 on their 28, looked like 11 was the most open receiver. Bad decision by 4.

    2Q Cowboys 4th & 10 on the Seahawks 40. I'd run a play. Not try a 58 yd FG.

    Dak, very nice pass, dropping the ball to 13's outside shoulder for the Touchdown. Important score before the Half, getting the lead.

  16. DJB SR. says:

    A lot of people said the refs cheated for Dallas, however, there were some non calls that didn’t favor us. They missed the holding call on the 4th and 6 play that eventually lead to Seattle taking the lead and what about the blown pass interference on KJ Wright?

  17. Cowboy Ninja says:

    Srry seahawks janikowski couldnt stay healthy

  18. Suyash Bhagwat says:

    Questionable calls by the Seahawks offense.

  19. Fluen gaming says:

    YES! you are a lifesaver! I dont know how much longer i could have avoided the results! legendary

  20. TerryB01 says:

    Awesome game. I had to work till 7 but man that last hour and a half was incredible. Thanks for uploading this so I can see the whole thing.

  21. Deadpool says:


  22. JQ says:

    I live in France. Can't thank you enough for these.

  23. Jackson Brown says:

    @14:20 may God give him a speedy recovery.

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