New “Xbox One S” – Announced by Microsoft

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Microsoft has announced a new version of the Xbox One, called the “Xbox One S”. It has additional features such as 4K video, High Dynamic Range (HDR), is smaller, and has a 2TB hard drive. I think this is a great update for the Xbox One, and is long overdue. However, it’s important to know that the 4K video is not actually for games, but rather video playback only.
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48 Responses

  1. Paintball Official says:

    But can you actually get aXbox for free

  2. SurvivIO FunnyMoments says:

    can I have any damage Xbox one because it really is great but I don't want a Xbox one S because it doesn't have any games on it yet but I want the normal Xbox one so do you have any Xbox one thats damage

  3. NoHaxJustJared J says:

    "The white design" don't be so racist!!

  4. Landon Le says:


  5. Elias Vlogs says:

    hey but would i still be able to play games on it if i didnt use a 4k

  6. RasenShuriken反重力 says:

    2 : 1 3 M Y P H O N E H A S G O T 8 G I G A B Y T E . . .

  7. member? infernape says:

    i just got a xbox1

  8. Eric Willis says:

    Please explain more about what you mean by "3D was a gimmick". Do tell as I am not in the loop…

  9. Leoo Sj says:

    jajaja troll

  10. Jan Smolinski says:

    I have an Xbox 360 Slim and I think its getting time to upgrade. If they will sell it in black I will buy it.

  11. THE 1 says:

    I'm talking about the Xbox one we got now the one it looks like a VCR your games will play on the Xbox S

  12. THE 1 says:

    original Xbox One game will play on the Xbox One S

  13. JamesEarl Mackey says:

    Thank you Joe Have fun.. When will you do a new post on your heat mail. The best to you from Earl

  14. mixindave1 says:

    but how do you upgrade a game gear in to a ps vita?

  15. Robert Hencher says:

    its to late for the microsoft Xbox One S there's way more playstation 4 out there and i can't see it swaying back to xbox

  16. Lucas Beast says:

    Apparently the next Xbox one will support 4K and it might just be a revamp again

  17. Jrymer02 says:

    What about the Xbox scorpio

  18. Nova Pancak says:

    The Xbox One isn't 7 years old yet. Why release a new console??

  19. Sumo Sam says:

    is this the channel where he isn't bullshitting?

  20. 5ceonware says:

    My android with 16GB run out of storage instantly.

  21. jj 1 says:

    how do I install an operating system

  22. Sinoops says:

    Why talk about then making a 4k Xbox as the next one when they don't even have a 1080p one

  23. Nathaniel John Mendoza says:

    I Wan't A White Kinect Because I Think It's Ugly With A White Xbox And A Black Kinect 🙂

  24. I am a Muslim. Ask me about my religion. says:

    Next ThioJoe video: How to upgrade your old Xbox 360 to the new Xbox One S FOR FREE!!

  25. NoHaxsJustBlack says:

    the 500gb and 1tb dont come out till december the 2tb comes out on aug 31

  26. ok says:

    when i showed my mom the new xbox she thought it was a NES lol

  27. Evan O'Donovan says:

    fog rolling in

  28. Doggy says:

    I already have a xbox one so there is no point upgrading

  29. Bill says:

    So now that it's white, does that mean that my Xbox will also be able to get free KFC?

  30. TERRY. W says:

    It looks like a big slab of ice cream..

  31. leipero says:

    Now, we will have not problem calling it XBONES :).

  32. DavePlayz hd says:

    When is it out

  33. XGAMER says:

    This vid was post 12 Hours and my comment was post 12 hours to sorry about your luck girl

  34. John Smith says:

    so will I be able to play xboxone games on the xboxone S?

  35. Alan Hernandez says:

    What are your thoughts on a new Kinect for this particular model?

  36. NullPxl says:

    What's your camera?

  37. Nate Jentges says:

    it looks like apple made the xbox one s

  38. Jubach says:

    Colored lights = huge improvement.

  39. joebob2311 says:

    I like the new lighting.

  40. joebob2311 says:

    As far as your poll goes, I would get it if I didnt have the original XBOX one but if I did have it I would not upgrade.

  41. Nissan U. says:

    Are Xbox one games comparable with the one s?

  42. ______ says:

    Project Scorpio will support 4k Gaming. And it's coming out on 2017. So lets just wait for that.

  43. GAMIR_SFM says:

    That XBOX looks sexy!

  44. 10Hrm10 says:

    Project Scorpio is a thing Thio…

  45. AwesomeAustin226 says:

    I really liked the background, but fix the grainyness in the lower right corner.

  46. Muhammad Numan says:

    xbox one scorpio will do 4k gaming

  47. The REAL mike thegamerguy24 says:

    the new design of the xbox one makes it look more like the size of a 360

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