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New Unturned Map Leaked! We can confirm that there is going to be German involvement in the next unturned map!

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16 Responses

  1. ADankPancake says:

    new weapons gave it away for me

  2. Kivi Kallo says:

    ye you were right the map came today.

  3. Joshua Ebony Pangihutan Sitinjak says:

    lol noob lier its hawai

  4. Levih3 .-. says:


  5. Maxim Kostenko says:

    why did Nelson did not add the G-36

  6. NenaBro says:

    Omg 7/7 is my birthday yayy !!

  7. MakeshiftGamer says:

    i didnt watched your video but i can say that the creaters was suposed to make a german map but ended up with something else what i will not tell u. sry

  8. PatheticBadger says:

    it would be nice if the new german army clothes would have a wehrmacht design for ww2

  9. raptor says:

    Hmmmmmmm I think these going to be Russians KGB spies as a Easter egg

  10. James Wojtowicz says:

    once they finished this map i hope they do Poland next

  11. louis barrau says:

    maybe with the ww2 weapons and the rocket launchpad they will create an easter egg abour peenemünde the ww2 german rocket facility

  12. dragonfire 35535 says:

    I have never seen your vids my clothes from the work shop are the same as you were Waring

  13. Felldawn says:

    It's obvious the new map is German.

    The falcon 9 moon base, abandoned cities, the quarry (Germany is big in the mining industry) and the mountainous environmental make up for it. Plus, considering half of the fandom is crazy about WW2 related stuff I could see why Nelson would add such thing.

  14. NPC 07091822 says:


  15. SICARI says:

    First Comment!

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