New Sniper Gameplay!! *Pro Fortnite Player* (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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New sniper gameplay live stream in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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38 Responses

  1. Daniel Ebanks says:


  2. Cohen Philips says:

    Why do you have to pay to join

  3. Zachary Smith says:

    ive been wating since 3 mil BIG FAN

  4. Sphynx says:

    1:57:20 that is my friend at school

  5. Greyden87 says:

    hi TG,, I miss al the new stream video for almost 3 days..awesome stream as usual..

  6. Kah hex says:

    Plz dont play with samara anymore she is so baad i dont wanna see this anymore bye

  7. Dahlia Abg Abd Rahman says:

    Fortnite bodo

  8. Vincent DeVita says:

    25 mid video ads… WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL

  9. DebParker says:

    Does Samara live with Andre?

  10. Evelynn Navarro says:

    Hi tg

  11. Michael W. Spoon says:

    Slope game at slopeX is a nice game

  12. Mr Beast says:


  13. Kudward Quayeh says:


  14. 6 Thousand says:

    play pubg plz

  15. Dave Ridlespriger says:

    We ain't never getting back together

  16. tristan08 says:

    what’s good tg

  17. Caleb Newman says:

    typical I've been watching your vids for a long time now can you please slow down on fornite streams I love all your streams but fornite is getting old

  18. dlt409 says:

    Do a Friday the 13 stream

  19. David Clement says:

    did u and samara break up

  20. The_ No name says:

    Don’t read

  21. rashid elmi says:

    You see waking up to a notification on my phone *typical gamer Livestream* is like waking up to christams and to the present is a stream

  22. Tracie S says:

    go tg go tg go tg im 11

  23. Fire Mage says:

    That was me I rang the doorbell only to find my face blown off

  24. Tramaine Terrance says:

    Hello, Humans "The knife is in your aorta. You pull it out, you will bleed and you will die. Consider this a professional courtesy.
    [John walks away]
    ~John Wick(John Wick: Chapter 2)


  25. Dylan Z says:

    Don’t even play with samara. At least not as much; she’s so bad

  26. ItsVivid Lee says:


  27. Young Clout says:

    2:32:19 Thank me later

  28. Nija Nash says:

    Samara can be very annoying at times geez… shh…. lol

  29. Kirim Star says:

    Гавноооо гавно це неив треедвіі!

  30. Michael Hampton says:

    When are you doing gta 5 again or red dead redemption 2

  31. Brandon Vlogs33 says:

    Hi I love your video your the best YouTuber in the world love you tg your the better than me at Fortnite I cannot get a kill on sole I did I am not good do you play wwe2k18 I play on intedo do you if you do I can play with you on Fortnite and add me on Fortnite

  32. Max Brown says:

    Bro what the hell

  33. Adam Gibson says:


  34. Zain Akhtar says:

    more last year the night mare

  35. Bbforce says:


  36. Henrrysaenz the gg Alvarez the cool!106 says:

    please more ark

  37. Shaurya Sorake says:

    Change the glider

  38. TheZ says:

    dad is it you

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