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🎬 NEW update Fortnite Season 7 news! This is the FUL FORTNITE SEASON 7 STORYLINE SO FAR. Including The Dragon Eggs, The Flood and THE CUBE! Watch *NEW* *NEW* FULL SEASON 7 *STORYLINE* IN FORTNITE SO FAR! DRAGON EGGS, FLOODS AND THE CUBE!: BR.

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43 Responses

  1. Fili Tuitufu says:

    I think season 4 ,season 5 ,and season 6 staff is coming back like the rocket and the cube and more.

  2. Dark Gamer101 says:

    Is the comment actually the rocket from season 4!?!?!?!?! Is the Visitor back as well!?!?!?

  3. Daria Wisniewska says:

    When are you going to give me V Bucks

  4. seth pokemon10pikachu says:

    What about the equalizer nuke

  5. Kaygo - says:

    Come on guys it’s donkeys sons from shrek

  6. Pizzaboi says:

    you missed the elements of the dragon (my therie) dark matter, fire,water,air and death

  7. Shadow Pro says:

    Kevin is waking up

  8. potato squid playz says:

    The purple meteor could be the rocket from season 4 that the.
    Visitor sent off I mean the rocket just went into a rift and never came back

  9. Nelson demelo says:

    The nuke

  10. potato squid playz says:

    Omg gresy grove would become gresy grotto

  11. Nelson demelo says:

    Those cracks on that pice of ice are dragon scratches

  12. DiamondRubyStone says:

    what about that ice dragon glider? Maybe that was a leak to the eggs? Idk

  13. Delfina Machado says:


  14. robert valdes says:

    Go to creative And put down the castle

  15. Que Zilla says:

    What yo people think of this: dragon(s) vs cube!

  16. SLENDERxNOVA _ says:

    There a leaked pick axe called the vision it's part of the OUROBORUS set. OUROBORUS comes from norse mythology and is a symbol of a dragon eating it's own tail. Looked up leaked stuff then look up OUROBORUS

  17. Round 1 says:

    If the comit was the cube. Remember when Kevin raised loot lake house, what if he raises the whole map into four factions

  18. Hunter AMIRREZA says:

    I think water fills dusty

  19. timomymoYT tim says:

    That is not the cube that is a nuke I found out a few days ago

  20. Sloth Heads says:

    Ugh can we just let go the fact that we think tilted is gonna get destroyed like We’ve been thinking that since season 3 so just stop

  21. Cody The Toy Kid says:

    I think when the dragons are hatched the cube will turn them evil

  22. Kirsten Duran says:


  23. Dae Da says:

    EVERYONE I THINK I CRACKED THIS STORY okay everyone go to my instagram my insta is lackingdae look at my last post i cracked it

  24. Dead Memes says:

    I think greasy grove is going to be covered in water and those dragons are water dragons

  25. Abraham Rodriguez says:


  26. jhesa meer says:


  27. Kenneth Desantiago says:

    In the loading screen in the back it does not look like a cube if it was then why does it have a triangular top it looks more like a giant house and in the season seven cartoon one of the presents is the cube.

  28. Killer Camo0108 says:

    New theory the island is all electronic because the bunkers could be the control room causing the storm the ice burg the cube the rifts the comet and everything else who’s ever down there is doing something big

  29. Mads Bundgaard says:

    The newcler bomb is launched to kill the dragon

  30. RJohn Reymund Deocampo Factor says:

    The dragon is the ice king's enemy.the ice king defeat the dragon because of the infinity sword and the dragon turn into a dragon egg again and the infinity sword flew in the fortnite map.

  31. Rhinocharge And BacconPikle says:

    On the equalizer glider it says warning nuke launched

  32. Johnny Icee says:

    Guys I found flush in fortnite

  33. IIDragonCanyon says:

    What if the kraken is in the iceberg???

  34. Angel Ovalle says:

    Umm did anyone see that it looked like the picture of the cube had a eye ball look closely

  35. ice bearplayz says:


  36. Trisha Adams says:

    He waking up I know it

  37. Shinyliventis Squad says:

    I saw a huge horn when the new year ball happened wondering if that will help

  38. Pikamaster 27 says:

    Plot twist, the ice king somehow sent the meteor is season 3, causing the villains to come, causing them trying to get the meteor, causing the rocket launch, causing the rifts in the sky, causing the cube to be formed, causing the runes, causing the cube to go to loot lake, causing the cube to rise up, causing the cube to explode, causing the islands to fall, then, the ice kind could have sent the iceberg towards the Fn island, causing a third of the island to become snow

  39. Lazar Gingy says:

    In the New years glider is a clue and it says WARNING NUKE LAUNCHED

  40. Steven Mox says:

    You fucking suck

  41. Steven Mox says:

    Fuck you

  42. Anthony Castro says:

    13:07 it a nuclear missile

  43. PrestonFan Minecraft says:

    dud you guys see the cloud shaped like a dragon on 2:01 like if you saw it

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