Nerdrevolt Gamergate 27: Sad Puppies proven right, remain sad

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Join the badgers as we discuss… the Hugos and all of those lovely “No Awards!” Yes. The clique preferred to burn down the awards rather than submit to the opinions of wrongfans.



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Special Guests: Sad Puppies

Sarah A. Hoyt
Kate Paulk
Brad R. Torgersen
Mike Williamson

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27 Responses

  1. Camkitsune says:

    What's annoying is that, after nearly a month, I can't seem to find a single internet site that even pretends to provide an unbiased position on the topic.

    The people saying that 'Diversity won' somehow are the most annoying. If 'No Award' was given, then Diversity didn't win, nobody won.

    But even the articles that aren't wearing their slant in their title bar inevitably fall into the language that describes the Sad Puppies as a political stunt or some attempt to 'force the ballot'.

  2. Demi Frost says:

    The community that voted for the people to get Hugo awards should ask for their money back. They took time out of their day, and payed to vote for something they cared about. I doubt anyone there wanted to have their vote silenced, and have the nominees criticized by saying they weren't worthy of a Hugo award.

  3. MrMonkeyLint says:

    Makes me not want to bother continuing with my SciFi writing . . . as I have too
    many "Black Flags" against me . . .

    White, American, Male, Hetero, Libertarian, United States Army Combat Veteran

    I will not go where I am not wanted, save for target practice

    Badger on, Badgers!

  4. Dracoa1979 says:

    Hugo's kick Puppies.

  5. David Lillie says:

    I sometimes wish these videos were shorter, because uninitiated (low information) viewers likely won't consider watching a video longer than ten minutes- and you arrive at valuable conclusions.

    This one seems to boil down to:


    The authority to parcel out validity, recognition, worth, to dictate who the 'good' people are, and keep anyone who dares disagree in their proper place, buried beneath slander.

    These people will happily harm bystanders, betray their own stated principles, and burn their home turf cheering all the while if it means keeping their authority.

    Disturbingly, their twisted explanations gain vastly more traction with uninformed outsiders- probably because those who crave control will go to the greatest lengths to justify it.

    I hope that other people, people who value freedom and true diversity, diversity of thought and opinion, will begin stepping up their game to compete with the craven control freaks.

  6. Jaycephus says:

    Alright. I'm going to Patreon HB. This is really good stuff. Consistently. Sure, I hate the amateur production values, but, Damn it, I don't care. Sure, I'm conservative. And Christian. But I'm libertarian and non – evangelical, and I love these beautiful, magnificent people.

  7. wolfmanjim says:

    I would have loved to hear Sarah Hoyt screaming obscenities in Portuguese.

  8. Blix Krogg says:

    Virtue signaling, or using behavior or labels in order to demonstrate one's virtue and moral superiority over others who display a different behavior or are branded a different label, is essentially a form of moralistic peacocking no different than the good Christian or good Muslim expressing their superiority as a human being because they call themselves by that label.

    This seems to be a different food colored thing of the same we've always witnessed among the religious. It's a different food color because it's the same substance, but colored with rainbow-haired twink dye because these are atheists being moralists and demanding others adhere to their personal belief system – otherwise you're a heretic and your life must be destroyed.

    A heretic is labeled "cis-gendered," "white male," "gamer," etc. and, with those labels come inherited characteristics, that to a non-Social Justice Warrior are invisible, such as "racist," "sexist," "transphobic," etc. You cannot simply commit one sin; because of the concept of intersectionality (the study of intersections between forms or systems of oppression, domination or discrimination), if you commit one sin, you've committed all of the sins.

    In the religious sense, if you steal your neighbor's property, you have also raped their wives, blasphemed against the Lord, and probably practice sodomy or beastiality. A witch isn't simply burned for witchcraft, all the problems of the community is laid on the shoulders of that witch because, obviously, she must have been to blame for all of it. This is why all straight, white men, regardless of how they have lived their lives or how wealthy or poor and unprivileged they were born, will always be white devils worthy of burning in hell.

    These people are the new moral crusaders, no different than the last bunch of moral crusaders with the exception they don't have a god on their side. They have a Sarkeesian.

  9. drew gordon says:

    Curious edit-war going down on the Sad Puppies Wikipedia:talk page apparently.

  10. B̶a̶d̶a̶s̶s̶ ̶S̶a̶l̶m̶o̶n̶ ✘ says:

    Remember guys, "No Awards" isn't burning down anything. It's a victory against rightwing racist misogynist transphobic bigots.

  11. David Shanahan says:

    This reminded me a little of a day at my former university for celebrating women in French. It was all about female French authors, and a lot of time was spent talking about how women were oppressed and not allowed to write and make money. To show this and prove that women could have been good writers if only they had been given a chance, they talked about all of the great, famous, widely known female French writers throughout the centuries. I was waiting for someone to notice the contradiction. Some talked about this showing a need for more female studies in French, though they seem to ignore that all French literature classes include some famous female authors.

  12. Scott Bieser says:

    Perhaps it's time for sci-fi writers and fans outside the establishment clique to set up our own award and conventions.

  13. Hauptmann Spadio says:

    yeah, Madcat! Represent!

  14. Schadrach42 says:

    "Man is a selfish creature. Everything in life is a selfish act. Man is not concerned with helping others, yet he wants others to believe he is. Inasmuch as selfishness is akin to pride, and vanity considered the Devil's work, the first rule of the prideful is to make an exhibition of piety and charity, with a Goodguy Badge to pin to his lapel. … Intrinsically evil people are often hypocrites who make a show of their Goodguy Badge; without an enemy to plague them they could never in any believeable sense become Good. … But we must consider the motives behind the selection of an enemy. Perhaps nothing more is threatened beyond the threat of not having an enemy. … The Goodguy needs a bad guy to ease the pain of his own inadequacy. This is why his enemy will never perish, for if he did it would bring about great internal pain. Without a cause to take his mind off his own wretchedness he would be lost. … Their validity as human beings is measured not by what they can do or who they are, but by who they are against! Paradoxically, these are the hypocrites who shun any manifestations of "negative" propensities. Their vocabularies are turgid with terms like "true," "charitable," "integrity," "spiritual," "equality," "Humanity," "moral," "ethical," "rehabilitate," "understand," "empathy," etc. ad infinitum." — Anton Szandor LaVey, The Devil's Notebook

    Whenever I think about the SJW types, my mind immediately jumps to the essay quoted.

  15. StubbornProgrammer says:

    37:00 So around here someone said of virtue signaling – "It's easy, cheap and seductive." So… almost word for word, it's the dark side. This amuses me.

    Also: Looking over the some of the press on the Hugo awards, it's a bit disheartening to see the number of counterfactual assertions made. You guys are apparently a group of straight white male homophobic sexist racists, which would seem to imply you only nominated people that fit that description… both of which are demonstrably not the case.

    But hey, you nominated some people who are good writers that just happen to hold unpopular (and some I find downright repugnant) opinions, so guilt by association for everyone. Obviously those in charge of the Hugos don't want the award to be seen as somehow condoning authors they disagree with politically… but instead of being honest about they cook up this other nonsense. Frankly I'd have a much smaller problem with their actions if they were more forthright about it.

    Finally, the press I read pushed very hard that bloc voting is bad, unless your bloc won. That's the only take away I can get from saying "bloc voting is bad and high-jacks the process" alongside "membership voted en mass (ie. a bloc) for No Award".

  16. Michael Davidson says:

    "No Award" should be replaced with "Abstained."  From there, an asterisk could be used to denote that there were more votes that abstained then those who voted for that person.  How that is seen is in the eye of the beholder, but the award is still given.

    After this I say the Hugo is dead and I will no longer consider it a worthy accomplishment.  Its sad that the modern Hugo translates to "Politically correct garbage."

  17. theRealholopan says:

    why don't all you guys get together, sad puppies and pandas and GG game devs and set up your own award ceremonies for games web comics fiction etc. I'm sure you'll get a following even if you start small.

    make sure the rules mean that no political bias can be made, judges for nominees must be from a broad spectrum of political ideologies before the public can vote.

    might be a bit costly, but id love to see it happen

  18. Father William says:

    Disappointed with Hannah. Dwarfs can't be tall now? 'Dwarf' isn't a height range, it's a social construct.

  19. similitudinous says:

    "You, sir, are a dork." @ 2:01:07

  20. MrSaywutnow says:

    I found it depressing that egalitarian was prefaced with the word radical.

  21. Nacht Physik says:

    1:10:00 Yeah that's the point with these far-extremist left progressives and SJWs. They love groups but hate individual people. That's why they are all so unlikeable.

  22. derram says:

    Wait, do they not realize we dark skinned people can tan as well :I

  23. MrGad1 says:

    what this proves is that most of the people who vote for the Hugos don't even read or watch whats nominated. Next year will be much, much worse.

  24. 487shawn says:

    The hive mind and echo chambers of the snob elite who consider any opinion outside of there narrative is heresy!

  25. Sandmanuel says:

    Sounds a bit like people getting upset over a voter registration drive.

  26. Joe 魚 Sakana says:

    I'm surprised George R. R. Martin is oblivious to the ridiculous amount of corruption and political scheming that is going on. He obviously knows how that shit works, judging by his books.

    Remember when the SJWs boycotted the Game of Thrones show because of Sansa's rape scene, displaying a complete lack of understanding of how fiction works? Not to mention they can't even do moral outrage correctly, because they aren't even consistent about it.

    GamerGate and Sad Puppies are the ones fighting against these hypocritical, histrionic, authoritarian, censor-happy bigots. Is Martin really that clueless? What is going on here?

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