MY Top 10 Classic Arcade Games

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my top 10 of the classic 90s arcade games

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20 Responses

  1. Marko Marinkovic says:

    What about TOKI?

  2. christian silvestri says:

    I like aliens as much as the next guy but come on, a little much…

  3. Adnan Shaikh says:

    Best classic game ever

  4. Mr Interesting says:

    I beat AVP in the arcade with 1 credit from the start to end.

  5. Oulaoups says:

    Needs more aliens.

  6. ingenierodevuelo says:

    No mames, juegos arcade y pones el killer instinct versión súper nintendo

  7. Galimah says:

    what a sorry ass top 10. only good game was AvsP

  8. AdamOS Retro says:

    Ninja Baseball Bat Man is the weird title on my list!

  9. Union Jack- says:

    137 Moronic call of duty fans disliked this

  10. Birdman Milionar says:

    very good

  11. Christopher Ferguson says:

    what about pac man

  12. 3Y34AN3Y3 says:

    Thumbs up just for having AvP the arcade game, best arcade game of all time.

  13. Mother Goose says:

    i'm so happy u picked the simpsons arcade game as number 1. thats one of my favorite games on my mame emulator. like most people, Bart is my Choice Character. but i have a whole arcade collection on mame. from most if not all the konami beat em' ups, aswell as fighting games like mortal kombat 1, 2 and ultimate mortal kombat 3, pit-fighter, street fighter alpha 3, marvel vs capcom, king of the fighters, world heros and other neo geo arcade games. but i also have some classics like asteroids, space invaders, pacman, ms pacman, jr pacman and super pacman, galaga. u name it i might have it. when i was little, i used 2 go 2 da arcades all da time. back when they had them at my local mall. as soons as i got my tablet, i was all set on collecting all the arcade games i played and seen when i went there. one of my favorites right now is primal rage 1. mostly because thats one of the games that are very hard 2 emulate on android mame. i am amazed they were able 2 get it working near perfect. we still dont have a good primal rage 2 rom working on mame for android yet. which kinda sucks. cause that game looks bad ass. but i am happy i have primal rage 1 working perfectly, despite alittle lag. the arcade graphics on primal rage 1 are intence. and when u compare them 2 the console ports, they can't compare 2 the arcade. although most games cant compare 2 arcade game graphics. i also play alot of ultimate mortal kombat 3. the games speed is abit slow, but its bearly noticable. and the moves come pretty fast despite the lag. if anything, it helps and in-proves the game abit, because it gives u more time 2 think ahead when playing. so u can avoid attacks easier. people dint like mk3 and umk3 very much because the game was so dam hard. and it was so hard because it was so fast and unless u played the game all the time and knew how 2 pull off moves and do them in good timing, u were sitting duck. so the lag helps the game abit i think. makes it more enjoyable 2 me atleast. umk3 was a popular game at the arcades only because it was fun 2 play against other people in it and try 2 pull off fatalities. it was a good tournament fighting game. but unless u were very good at it, it wasnt very fun 2 pop in a coin and lose 2 a pro player. when mk4 came out it wasn't popular at all. because it was more of a game for casual players. it wasnt as hard as umk3. mk4 was one of those games u can jus pick up and play real easy. but because it was now slowed down, it wasnt as fun 4 players that liked the challenge of umk3. after mk4 was a flop at the arcades, midway started making mk games 4 consoles only. they made up they're minds 2 only make games 4 special systems that were able 2 handle alot of graphics. so ports wouldn't be any better looking on other systems then on some, like how most of the mk games came out. example: mk1 for snes had better graphics, that looked closer 2 the arcades, but the snes port had no blood or gory fatalities. the genesis version had all the blood and gore, but lacked on graphics. but the genesis port also upgraded the music by changing it completely, making it sound more creepy. even creepier then the arcade versions music. so on sound, blood and gore, the genesis port wins hands down. and was the go-2 port back in the day if u wanted real mortal kombat action. latter when mk2 came out, the snes version had all the gore, blood and graphics. and the genesis version had secret codes and hidden fatalities. the genesis version of mk2 had the same music as they're port of mk1. which was abit disapointing. and the graphics still lacked tons. umk3 still stands as the best mortal kombat game ever made 4 arcades. not jus by me, but by tons of other people that played and respect arcade tournament fighters.

  14. koisumaz2000 says:

    Asterix is better than The Simsons

  15. danae peet says:

    Galaga, pac man, donkey kong ?

  16. Evan J says:

    One person's "classic" is another person's childhood but what the hell, sure. Your Kurt Cobain was my Jim Morrison — if that makes any sense.

  17. Eric Nulph says:

    my top 10
    1) Darius
    2) Killer Instinct
    3) Mortal Kombat 2
    4) Tekken 2
    5) Mortal Kombat
    6) Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition

    7) Forgotten Worlds
    8) Double Dragon
    9) Metal Slug
    10) Cyber Sled

  18. Ophiuchus123456789 says:

    Vendetaa aka Crimefighters 2. Four muscley men in colour co-ordinated skin tight tops based on Hulk Hogan, JCVan Damme, Mr T and Mike Tyson. The game has some awesome bad guys like a tall trenchcoat bloke who spouts molotovs from his coat; The Rude Brothers; Buzzsaw Bravado; The Missing Link; Kruel Kurt and other specatacles. I wasted so many coins playing this with friends (I was always Blood the boxer).

  19. skocan says:

    I played them all really:)

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