My Camp Makes Ammo & Adhesive! – Fallout 76 C.A.M.P Building

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Hey there everyone here is my 3rd Camp building video on the channel in fallout 76. In this video we are making a camp that can make Ammunition and Adhesive! We built This camp just behind Fort Defiance which is the Brotherhood of steels home base. The reason we have built here is because There is a Lead Mine Deposit here which is very hard to find not attached to a settlement, so its ours forever!

We also have a wide array of building plans that have helped us out such a fusion power generator plan, Power armor station plan, terminal plan and missile launcher plan that really help against the never ending attacking scorchbeasts!

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32 Responses

  1. Final Render says:

    Hows it going gang. Here we have an awesome little spot for a camp that gives us the lead we need to make bullets! there arent many spots to find lead deposits that aren't tied to settlements so they are fantastic spots for camps so you can get your own ammunition factories going. Not only that but if you have a farm which has tato, mutfruit, corn and purified water you can make vegetable starch then scrap it to make 2 adhesive! Perfect for weapon mods!

    Also this spot just behind Fort Defiance is beautiful and you can regularly see groups of scorchbeasts and even families of wendigo occasionally. 🙂


    I think all extractors got nerfed so it's not much worth it.

  3. Tim Vandrock says:

    The power gen plan you got from the event "powering up ( one of the 3 nuke reactors)".

  4. GenevaSevenfold says:

    Let me move in, I’m paying caps!!

  5. wazza B says:

    if only you would not use the weight glitch.
    than your golden.

  6. Little Mac says:

    I got my fusion generator plans from the the event where you turn the power plant back on. FYI.

  7. RENEHIKO says:

    there really are people playing this game. amazing.

  8. Twizz Rocket says:

    Does fusion generators need fusion cores

  9. Mike says:

    Where can you get the plans for the US Flag wall decor?? I want it so bad (

  10. Russ Sorvi says:

    firestation workout room has dumbbells that scrap into lead

  11. M Ouija says:

    Great looking place! I like the brick walls a lot. Did you find the plans for those anywhere specific? I stumbled across warehouse walls so far, but that's it. The first time I saw a camp made of brick, I thought it was an unmarked building until I saw a shotgun turret guarding a water purifier.

    I don't know what sort of weapons you use, but I really have no problem with ammo on a stealth/rifleman build. I use .45 for my lever action and 5.56mm for my assault rifle. I went semi-auto with maxed out base rifle damage. The additional combo of covert operative, mister sandman, glow sight, tank killer, bloody mess and adrenaline makes for a pretty lethal concoction. I just hit level 60. With a Dragon rifle (bought it at the news-stand in Whitesprings Hotel), I can kill a level 50 scorchbeast in 4 hits without any chem damage boosts. Well, I usually take a Rad-X just in case I get hit by the cropduster effect, but I carry a stealth-boy for emergencies. I also swap out Adrenaline for maxed White Knight and rank 2 Evasive (I don't really like power armor) for scorchbeast encounters, because they're really good at breaking your armor.

  12. Liver Bubu says:

    A few tricks on issues you mentioned:
    Lead: Look into the fire station and scrap the weights in the training room using the onsite workstations. You can get around 75 in one quick run.
    Fence: Rotate 180 degree to disable the snapping and be able to control the height placement.

    Love the ideas in this video, very nice little home.

  13. Eli Dixon says:

    I got a camp where you can get lead and junk at the same time and its great

  14. Chilledsock says:

    oh for the fences if you rotate it 360 it wont snap and alow you to make kind of a slope

  15. Brenden P says:

    your not making ammo though you need steel and lead. thats just lead….

  16. Patchwork says:

    but there's a settlement that makes free bullets and has a lead deposit. I took it walked away for a few hours went back and picked up over 1000 5.56 rounds

  17. Josh Morris says:

    looks cramped

  18. LADA 2020 says:

    But where it at

  19. Wickd Gamr says:

    Holy hell! I've been officially motivated to unlock more plans to step my camp game up! Your camp looks amazing.

  20. Darth Joosboxx says:

    Great design!
    I am confused from the title of the video. You still need additional resources to make ammo. Or did I miss something which makes this a self-contained ammo factory?

  21. Fynn-Patrick Bellmann says:

    Why you don't show it on the map

  22. Michal Mierzwa says:

    That's now been nerfed 🙁

  23. A A Ron _ says:

    Simple 4×2 one level structure that is extremely limited where it can be set down. Meh.

  24. Chris p says:

    Ever since I found a lead deposit I run out of steel constantly

  25. AJ Hunter says:

    Just in case nobody has commented this yet, the fusion generator and large generator can be unlocked from any of the "Powering Up" events at the power stations.

  26. Jimiyy Jim says:

    Cheers, nice, beauty and small sweet home. Simply and nice !!! Love it

  27. Nicholas Folkening says:

    Power Generator is from one of the "Powering up X" events for the power stations. I got mine from the power plant close to the mire.

  28. Swordy says:

    *how to not have your house in any server because everyone else has it in that location now

  29. Guy With Bread says:

    Lead deposit helps but crafting shotgun shells and producing massive amounts is a problem because of the 10 plastic requirement

  30. MsckMatt says:

    Dude this is honestly the sweetest little base ive seen yet

  31. Payne Martinson says:

    U got it from posidon power plant event

  32. Joseph Yates says:

    I have too much ammo. What should I do with it? I can't sell or scrap or bulk it 🙁

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