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Video editing by Jordan Ryan
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Tonic And Energy by Elexive
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Wind (Original Mix) by Thunderbolt…
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Published on Mar 28, 2015
Extinction Level Event by Jingle Punks (YouTube Audio Library) Cinematic | Dramatic · Free music for YouTube creators

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23 Responses

  1. David Barr says:

    Brandon Flowers at his day job

  2. R TV says: ( CityFood )need investor , it’s multiple food delivery system, If you do invest I offer 50% profit to you, Have all apps set to go so if you or anybody who’s see this comment wht app me +34 631 165 905.
    T Kumar

  3. Konrad Kozyrski says:

    He was playing scared money vs argentinian boy 🙁

  4. rtc7788 says:

    Didn't notice the editing. I thought you were hitting good hands every single time, I was mind blown.

  5. Acke says:

    Easy, now you can buy a Yacht

  6. George Christou says:

    this is illegal in australia without changing my ip address to an overseas one. they did this to protect ppl from overseas websites, real reason they will missing out on tax. id be doing the same thing too if it was legal on youtube too but alas our government sucks

  7. AnimalStomper says:

    That's: Twenty two thousand American Dollars"

  8. Ancientsoul 333 says:

    Great video

  9. Kyle Haun says:

    Grats kmart

  10. Average Bro says:

    is this a real money?

  11. Mike Günther says:

    kevin ? did anyone asks … or asked how many big tournaments you´ve played to get it one time happen ? having run is one thing … use it like this is … n1 play … gg man

  12. six nine says:

    @kevin martin how do you withdraw from pokerstars…. wat app or pay method do you select im kinda lost

  13. 加拿大大温专业地产Leon says:

    how can you see the player's cards even they mucked. did you use some cheating software?

  14. Jon Hanson says:

    lol wow the biggest bushsit ever 9 player 52 cards and get the same flops over and over again

  15. Jon Hanson says:

    This is the biggest crock of shit ever posted 438 mark did you see his k/6 become k/Q his fucking hole cards change and then he gets that flop . Poker star is the biggest rip off ever .omg i am adding this to my file i cant believe no one saw that after 2 years

  16. GamingWithYoshi says:

    is this USD

  17. Nodrodsky says:


  18. Adam Tilbrook says:

    Such a sick run of hands. I NEVER run that well!

  19. Gary Smith says:

    What software do you use for your poker stats heads up display

  20. Repstrom says:

    Good content!

  21. Way2fast4u82 says:

    Miss you Kev. Where you at bro

  22. thom s says:

    7 hands , u only got KA AJ 10A ect , shame on u , when ii had 10 A its one hand in all tournement …

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