‘Mutant’ | A Darksynth Mix

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0:00 – 5:39 Oneirogeist – From Oblivion To Inception
5:40 – 11:07 Mega Drive – Exoskeleton
11:08 – 15:45 26Hate – Madness
15:46 – 20:10 Edictum – Entering The Crypt
20:11 – 23:48 Dav Dralleon – A L T E R E D E A T H
23:49 – 28:55 ATOM FORCE – CREEPS
28:56 – 33:42 Nameless COMPUTER – Painkiller (Judas Priest Tribute)
33:43 – 36:30 Leonidass – Nowhere To Run
36:31 – 40:29 Beasuce – Power Fantasy of The Dark Gods
40:30 – 44:47 Mega Drive – The Reducer
44:58 – 52:11 Elevn – Gates of Hell
52:12 – 59:18 Oneirogeist – The Propagation Has Begun
59:19 – 1:03:43 Ferus Melek – The Dream Master

Thanks to Nano for creating timestamps.

▼ Artwork:
Vincent Turcot

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43 Responses

  1. Nano says:

    Here you fine folks go.
    Oneirogeist – From Oblivion To Inception 0:005:39
    Mega Drive – Exoskeleton 5:4011:07
    26Hate – Madness 11:0815:45
    Edictum – Entering The Crypt 15:4620:10
    Dav Dralleon – A L T E R E D E A T H 20:1123:48
    ATOM FORCE – CREEPS 23:4928:55
    Nameless COMPUTER – Painkiller (Judas Priest Tribute) 28:5633:42
    Leonidass – Nowhere To Run 33:4336:30
    Beasuce – Power Fantasy of The Dark Gods 36:3140:29
    Mega Drive – The Reducer 40:3044:47
    Elevn – Gates of Hell 44:5852:11
    Oneirogeist – The Propagation Has Begun 52:1259:18
    Ferus Melek – The Dream Master 59:191:03:43

  2. Josh Lyons says:

    Killer pic

  3. Misha's Fun Channel says:


  4. RPGBros says:

    Oh Drek! Just another day in the shadows…

    Awesome mix!!

  5. Hubba404 says:

    These mutants are the reason why y'all need the Emperor in your lives!

  6. Slava Karavaev says:


  7. Humza says:

    This is pure badass

  8. dank marvin says:


  9. AragornDerGaertner says:

    Great mix, thank you.

  10. Proctor Silex says:

    Well, girls, the good news is your dates are here.

  11. Zoophilia Consultant says:

    lol look up the guy that fed that girl to his dog from the night club. he had that shit!

  12. wolfmap says:

    Thank you for this incredible mix!

  13. Mark Murex says:

    My kind of demon musix.

  14. Alexander Pavlovsky says:

    I'm a simple man. I get to work, hack into the matrix, see
    ThePrimeThanatos notification…smash the LIKE directive. Chill and go home.

  15. Thierry Bellevue says:

    Wow!!! I think I'm a fan of Dark Synth! GOOD MIX!!

  16. 26Hate says:

    Thanks a lot for including me!!!
    You guys can check my new album on my Bandcamp
    Use "26love" for 30% off.

  17. Vulnavia Lionheart says:

    This music is making me want to feel dirty…Keep up the good work TPT 😉

  18. Pan Puszek says:

    Mega Drive! At last! Thank you!

  19. Zoophilia Consultant says:

    synthwave is severely overlooked! Its cool and psychedelic

  20. Nefarias Bredd says:

    Thanks for the upload!

  21. Egor Totmenin says:

    hello from Russia )) nice!

  22. Nameless COMPUTER says:

    Just realised I'm on this badass mix! Thanks for adding my song!

  23. kevin limbo says:

    nice tracks

  24. the Shadow says:

    very noice

  25. EGH181 says:

    26Hate Madness. Damn. Eargasm.

  26. EGH181 says:

    Love this so much

  27. RavenC1357 says:

    Love the dark stuff. Keep it coming!

  28. Patriot for God says:

    hapa feels

  29. Solo Lee says:

    From Ending to Beginning…

  30. MirinStatus says:


  31. Dennis Ooms says:

    dickbutt? Really?

  32. Norman Aguilar says:

    Esta musica me pone de buenas epico!

  33. Daniel Claudecir says:

    Darksynth, you say? hmmmmm Dav Dralleon, Mega Drive… seems good to me.

  34. Jamesin120FPS says:

    Very good…a dark synth playlist that isn't merely a Perturbator mirror

  35. Σταυρος Ελλας says:

    DON"T put reversed crosses man…!!!

  36. Александр А says:

    Смачный мрачный, то что надо! Excellent!

  37. Damian Starks says:

    Awesome dark synth tracks.

  38. drawnswords says:

    /loading_comment#144  portal.open.downloading_dopamine=[message]: 
    sick mix, per usual #subbedasf

  39. Charly Ryan says:

    mmmmm fresh

  40. Pyrelogic says:

    Aww yeet

  41. abelale abelale says:




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