MundaneMatt – Dishonest and Weak-Willed

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to put out my first video on an individual is absolutely -love-.

It’s not super thorough and I’ll most likely do a well detailed video in the future going over each and every claim or point at which he has been honest (within reason), but that can wait for another day.

Entire Mundane Matt Exposed Video:

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31 Responses

  1. Mattias Rosberg says:

    When relative channels to your channel is The Young Turks, then you have a fucked up channel

  2. Cereal Killer says:

    Dude, I know exactly how you feel. I have been chomping at the bit to do a video on this ass munch, but I have thus far restrained myself, because I keep telling myself that he isn't worth it. But god damn it, he's making it hard for me! Every time I think his saga is over, he pops up again to start some shit! He's fucking ASKING for a video beat down!

  3. Dragon Energy says:

    If Mudane Matt is the Zoey Quinn of progressive democrats you guys are the feminazis. Screamaing and REEEing on stream like a bunch of old ladies or the day you guys found out one of your friend is mental retarded. Just accept the fact he's gay and move on with it.

  4. Asshat Jonez says:

    Mundane U B E R E A T S D R I V E R

  5. Johnny Bensonitis says:

    Wow, this video has done quite well! Congrats!

  6. Akios Eres says:

    You are totally justified to bring this back up. This is what Matt gets for going back on his word AGAIN. The funniest part is that Matt was almost out of the woods. The hard part was over and he more or less survived right? That wasn't enough for him tho. He had to deny it again even after being caught months ago. He somehow got his second chance; which he probably didn't even deserve in the first place and he WASTED IT. All that time waiting for it to blow over now amounts to nothing. Life does not give third chances Matt. You idiotic and treacherous fuck.

    +1 Sub

  7. nintendoluigi says:

    Matt the Flaggot has the NERVE to say "fake news"… kill this manatee.

  8. big papi says:


  9. Heat Seeker says:

    I get it, but… Why are we talking about this in 2019?

  10. Ugly Troll says:

    You sound like AlphaOmegaSin lol

  11. SomethingRedundant says:

    He lied to a bunch of cunts who were making a fortune belittling and humiliating him non stop. Bullying is not allowed on this platform and playing his crying video again and again and again in order to mock and humiliate clearly falls under that category. As does "the soyless matt show"
    . He owes those assholes nothing but straight up contempt. He should have proudly admitted that he flagged them, and then told them to suck his dick and fuckoff if they have a problem with it.

    Oh and this talking point of "oh but they make a living from it" is stupid. Matt makes a living from his content too, and having it mocked relentlessly in front of thousands of people actively damages Matt's bottom line.. so seeing as how they have no regard for his income, why should he have regard for them?

    These assholes bullied him, and then made him apologize for trying to defend himself (flagging)

  12. SomethingRedundant says:

    Is mundanematt the ticket to popularity for these small channels or something? Seems like every edgeyboi tuber under 10k subs all hang off of Matt's dick

  13. N-word Surfer says:

    Activate adblock so youtubers can get real jobs!

  14. Blanco Boy Jones says:

    Has anyone seen Jarbo the Hutt video's? It's pretty refreshing to hear an honest Matt, instead of a lying Matt.

  15. Real.Piece.Of.Work says:

    There is a case to be made that Matt was taking the channels down to help them. Because as you say he got his major bump in subs when he got took down. 😉

  16. Jenna Taylia says:

    I remember being subscribed to mundanematt after finding him through the internet aristocrat… then he started putting his face in his videos and they somehow got worse than just being mundane.

  17. Travis Grimes says:

    Trigger the Libs. Own the Libs

  18. ClaimClam says:

    soe tru

  19. McDougle says:

    Matt, like Jeb, is a big, fat mistake.

  20. The Hunky Chunky Funky Monkey says:

    He's a snake. He appeared with The High Council to explain why he'd been talking shit about them and used the exact words I heard from someone who tried to hurt me in secret (I did it for your own good). Then after the Killstream reveal, he "reported" about a guy who hijacked a plane and crashed it, trying to equate that situation with what he did because he was feeling down.

    I too have been suicidal. I suffer every damn day. I do not go after other people.

  21. root says:

    You guys sure milk the fuck out of this white cuck.

  22. Wade Dewell says:

    Ive done videos about matt jarbo the false flagging sjw before. I totally agree with you. Excellent informative video

  23. Fist Finger says:

    Pseudo alpha-males going after the weakest of prey thinking they're the shit.

    Matt's a bum, but seems to be a bum that many people care quite a lot about, apprently. Y'all make more videos about Matt than you do about Fallout '76.

    Go after someone with some clout and be a fucking MAN, stop picking on the weak.Jarbo is fucking weak and easy pickings, and at this point anyone still focusing on him is telling us all how weak they are.

    Riding Merokur's dick trying to be part of that crowd, oh maybe if I make videos about Matt Jarbo I'll be initiated into the too cool for school gang.

    Fucking moron, you're no less of a loser than him. Actually, you're worse, I reckon if you insisted enoug Matt would eventually admit he's a loser….will you?

  24. Derek K says:

    I still dont understand how ever gained any following. Hes the dullest person online

  25. Kent Francis says:

    Matt has definitely done something for the world. Someone to aspire not to be.

  26. DrTheKay says:

    so hes basically totalbiscuit?

  27. Zeke ZekeKan says:

    Both your videos are great man. I just subscribed to can't wait to see what's next. I bet this channel grows pretty quick.

  28. casey muzzana says:

    Matts innocent he was collecting boulders.

  29. guy incognito says:

    32 dislikes, hmmm.

  30. ReviewPirateUSARGH! says:

    Argh! And people where mad that me group, the big cheese crusaders, doxed him.
    He had it coming a long time ago, and his bs has finally caught on.

  31. Darren from wales says:

    I wonder if he removed the flags after he was found out. Matt is a cry baby tmblr loving mundane human being

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