Monopoly zAAPed

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Hasbro Links with French Company Volumique to Create Highly Innovative New Experience, Hasbro Zapped Gaming, Based on Proprietary Technology and Patents

PAWTUCKET, RI & PARIS, Feb 11, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Hasbro, Inc. HAS -0.03% and Volumique, a French-based innovator and provider of technologies that enable object-based play on Interactive Screens found in tablets, smart phones and computers, announced today a global intellectual property license agreement that will give Hasbro the rights to employ Volumique’s proprietary technology in its new line of Hasbro zAPPed Games based on iconic brands such as BATTLESHIP and MONOPOLY.

“We are very excited about Hasbro zAPPed Gaming and how these games will be uniquely brought to life by Volumique’s proprietary technology and intellectual property,” said Duncan Billing, Hasbro’s Global Chief Development Officer. “This is an important agreement for both companies, since Hasbro brings to market the best gaming brands and category expertise, and Volumique can provide Hasbro with the right tools to launch an entirely new brand and gaming experience. Only Volumique possesses the synergistic abilities, proprietary technologies and intellectual property that makes this all possible.”

New Hasbro zAPPed games combine traditional analog, face-to-face gaming with the increased functionality of today’s consumer technology with the addition of iOS devices. This propriety technology will truly stand out in the upcoming release of BATTLESHIP zAPPed, which is due in September 2012. The game, inspired by the “BATTLESHIP” feature film from Universal Pictures, turns an iPad screen into an interactive game board when combined with specially designed ship styled playing pieces. Once the ship playing pieces are placed on the screen, the iPad will automatically recognize which ships are in play and when and where they are moved. The unique, proprietary interactive game play allows players to wage epic battles on their iPad by executing strategic maneuvers, launching devastating missile attacks and initiating lethal airstrikes.

With MONOPOLY zAPPed, which launches in June 2012, an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch will be turned into a banking unit and will add and subtract money from virtual accounts with a simple tap of a special bank card on the iOS device.

Hasbro and Volumique are very excited about the breadth of opportunity these proprietary technologies provide in one of the fastest growing segments of the gaming market and fully intend to actively protect and defend the game play made possible by such proprietary technologies.

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