Monopoly Windows Worm

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The Monopoly VBS worm displays a rather humorous picture and then massmails itself, once to your contacts to spread the worm and again to a separate contact, telling the author your computer information. Kindly ignore the loud Windows 7 ding in the middle of the video.

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30 Responses

  1. Annousa batal says:

    Bill gates with monopoly?!

  2. Crazy Person says:

    Anita Bath & Mike Rotch. XDDDDD

  3. Alby says:

    LOL years later I re-watch this and realize that the "GO collect $200 as you pass" square was replaced by the start button!

  4. infatuation choerry movement says:


  5. Kiweh says:

    Anita Bath…..

  6. Squidinator says:

    Mike Rotch…

  7. racingstripes103 says:

    U know what yesterday i saw a target computer with a BSOD

  8. Alex Adams says:

    1 person got this virus

  9. haws1290 says:

    Next time dont get a virus hahahaha.

  10. gv3u says:

    what's the code?

  11. SuperTed19021 says:

    Maybe this is an earlier test or example of what is now spyware.

  12. Courage says:

    say this aload – Mike Rotch

  13. nathanlaro says:

    I just tested this out and I changed my background to that bill gates picture

  14. sIyceth says:

    You should check out my channel video about .vbs virusses. They can also do Blue screen

  15. A Musical Travesty says:

    Anita Bath,
    Mike Rotch,

  16. MrCarl807 says:

    wow bill gates guilty at monopoly

  17. ishmaboy says:

    Too bad nobody uses outlook anymore. I remember back in the day when worms through email was super common. It still happens today, but it's pretty difficult to pull off.

    Especially now that almost every email service has built in virus scanning before download.

  18. GopulAnand886 says:

    WOW!! It's looks like Monopoly virus edition game

  19. StrictlyAwesome says:

    the show was called "Ben Dover featuring mike hawk"

  20. xan1242 says:

    @aevin111 HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!

  21. aevin111 says:

    You post this on my birthday,thanks(i rate this 50000000000000000000000000000/5 stars)

  22. Therealguymins says:

    There is a real guy named "Myke Hawke".
    He was on some food show on the discovery channel.

  23. BotchSpecialist says:

    The fact you're running Vista at all makes me feel like you still got ripped off lol 😉

  24. Melanitta nigra says:

    Wow, that is an interesting one, I would not mind that being on my comp. I wonder if it would work on Xp, Vista, or Se7en

  25. FlightCPUboy says:

    Oh LOL! I forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  26. FlightCPUboy says:

    ROFL at the contact names!

    Thank goodness Mike Rotch is not Mike Crotch!
    Also Anita Bath sounds like "I need a bath."

  27. danooct1 says:

    @CPUMaster500 Well if you know how to fix a machine that won't output to the screen at all unless you power it off/on ten times in succession. It's not a RAM error, I know that for a fact. And then after it actually boots properly the damn character set corrupts itself and doesn't display properly about five minutes after booting up.

  28. LN.S Team says:

    where can I get that?

  29. Mister Argenr says:

    When i saw th"Guilty of monopoly" thing i raged a little, but then the picture came up and i laughed.


    cool vid as always Dan! Keep up the good work! 😀

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