Monopoly – THE REMATCH: We Suck at Monopoly – PART 2 – Game Grumps VS

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47 Responses

  1. wilhelmmc2 says:

    You guys need to learn to auction whenever the other player has less money than the property is worth.

  2. Jazzymon says:

    Which episode is "fuck you its my day!"???? I'm dying to know and I can't find it anywhere!

  3. YaBoiSadBoi says:

    He, he , he could have just got EVERTHING for three bucks


  4. Aidan Davis says:


  5. Brian Fugler says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! There is no "noise" in Illinois (don't pronounce the "s") Im just having fun 🙂 I think he did it on purpose.



  7. Noah Scott says:

    At 2:40 aron could have auctioned and got it for 10 bucks again. He could have really screwed Dan with only 2 bucks

  8. FirestoneX says:

    At 1:15 why did he buy it when it could have gone to auction?

  9. RetroMochi says:

    Why the fuck is arin playing both players? Let dan actually play.

  10. Stoodmuffin Personal says:

    I was waiting for "aba dee aba die"

  11. ThingsThatGoBomb says:

    theres no part 1

  12. Jaida Michelle says:

    The fact that they don't exploit the Auction option HURTS ME

  13. Retro Lad says:

    2:33 why tf didn't you just auction it Arin. Dan can't afford anything!

  14. A Sad Potato Noah says:

    For all the people commenting about how Arin should’ve auctioned instead of buying it at full price, I’d just like to point out that the title of this episode is literally “we suck at monopoly”.

  15. OwGash says:

    That double tax was 2 gud

  16. Zachary Laughlin says:

    Why do they keep forgetting to auction when the other person has less money, arin could literally buy a property last episode for 30 bucks instead of like the 220 that he did

  17. salty hedgie says:

    I heard schnitzel

    Rada rada

  18. Keddiels says:

    You ate my fucking schnitzel

  19. JRHumonoidz98 says:

    So where is “Just…Don’t. Okaaay?” from? Is it an inside joke between Arin and Dan, or is a direct reference to something in particular?

  20. Kranitoko says:

    I don't understand…. why do they buy the properties outright when they could just auction and get it for 90% off?!!?!

  21. InsaneTacoz says:

    Arin: forgets he can shake the dice
    Also Arin: never shakes the dice

  22. KolMan 2000 says:

    2:25 You still could have auctioned… you can still win properties you put up for auction

  23. _austinClaytoncowan says:

    I got all my friends into saying “what kinda guy are you are”

  24. Jasper Page says:

    What kinda guy are you are

  25. Twolittleorphans says:

    Arin's Current Total –
    Community Chests: 0
    Community Chest Gain/Loss: $0/$0
    Taxes: $600
    Times in Jail: 0
    To Dan: $58

    Dan's Current Total –
    Fours Rolled: 6
    Community Chests: 1
    Community Chest Gain/Loss: $25/$0
    Taxes: $300
    Times in Jail: 0
    To Arin: $112

  26. Shades of Blue says:

    Anyone else eating a bowl of spaghetti on their couch late at night and bingeing all these monopoly episodes? Just me..

  27. Ducky says:

    The back side of the crates that go over the properties when they're constructed isn't rendered. You can see it sometimes when they start the next turn before the animation is done.

  28. Victor Huff says:

    The Reference Episode

  29. Jacob Anderson says:

    ITT: Everyone berates Dan and Arin for not being terrible people.

  30. Hero of Dispare* says:

    I got a livestream as an add

  31. White Recluse says:

    Rabbits are like the minions

  32. MudkipDoesStuf says:


  33. jupreindeer says:

    I'm losing it when these guys are spending full price when going to Auction could work for a bargain.

  34. Gill says:

    3:01 I got really scared as I thought one of the police men fell of the building and died

  35. G says:

    “End your turn, you stanky bitch.” Danny is killing it with the funny lines this gameplay.

  36. Savannah Madeira says:

    Dan correcting Arin on his pronunciation of Reading is what I needed today

  37. Curran Dillis says:

    6:24 when Arin doesn’t bother to remind dan that auctioning exists

  38. Kryptix says:

    "I'm gonna clench you between my buttocks and break your spine" – Daniel Avidan 2018

  39. HousePartyMassacre says:

    When Arin said Jimmy Johns I was eating Jimmy Johns

  40. Casey Thomas says:

    What. The. Fuck?

    Why was the option to mortgage properties to buy new ones you land on not an option? You cant even bid when you don't have cash but have a bazillion unmortgaged properties??

  41. 41dhos says:

    I'm so glad you guys are playing this one again. I actually went and got this game because of your playthrough.

  42. Capitão_ Main69 says:

    Can't they auction and get the property for cheap?

  43. John Snow says:

    Game Grumps always manage to play a game so wrong that it gives me anxiety.

  44. Tj Turner says:

    lol am i the only one who enjoys it with out being "triggered"?

  45. Crystal Moonlight says:

    6:00 Dan please auction please please… Oh… Yep $100 down the drain…

  46. Daiyor Dragmire says:

    is it me or does the announcer for this game sound like the guy who used to do Sonic's voice, Ryan Drummond i believe?

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