Monopoly Jackpot Station Slot HUGE WIN w/ 10X -WMS

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All aboard party train!!!!
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12 Responses

  1. jamal stevesn says:

    Nice! Where is this game located?

  2. Mindy Salsberg says:

    Outta sight. Enjoyed. I downloaded Party Train song by The Gap after playing that game. Way to go. Cheers

  3. flex2125 says:


  4. SPOOKY SLOTS says:

    Nice wins .. Enjoyed the video

  5. R G Slot Wins says:

    amazing win congratulations

  6. hockeycub19 says:

    Damn that was pretty epic bonus I was hoping to see a lot of wilds on that 10x

  7. Nomee Slot Videos says:

    Very nice win, congrats!

  8. Brent's Lucky Slot Channel says:

    Biggest GAY SCREAM EVER @ 6:01. 🙂 I love it!

  9. hialeahsprings says:

    That was sick!

  10. Cheryl Bartow says:

    Where did you find this. they are pulling them out of casinos all over the country. apparently WMS has pulled the plug. I got a hand pay in September and by new years my machine was gone…..grrrr. Great video!

  11. chibi168 says:

    wow! congrats! love watching your videos.

  12. JM Engelhard says:

    Oh another great video and big win! Congrats! 🙂

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