Monopoly Deluxe (Virgin Games) (MS-DOS) [1992]

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26 Responses

  1. CR Producciones says:

    Sonido de Curly

  2. Benedict Cedric says:

    That was a long intro. Was there a way to skip it

  3. Remember Remember The Fifth of November says:

    Name of the intro song plz

  4. ButtercupFan 01 says:

    A N N O Y E D G R U N T

  5. CommodoreCrusher9000TM Pictures says:

    29:00 Heh heh heh heh

  6. CommodoreCrusher9000TM Pictures says:

    I guess MS-DOS or Windows 3.1 didn’t let us down. 🙂

  7. 藤原亮 says:


  8. 藤原亮 says:


  9. Phenom says:

    The little difficulty icons though. 386/33 was the best.

  10. Hello Hellooo says:

    keep guardian in jall

  11. Princess Daisy Fanatic Backup says:

    5:43 EEEE!

  12. Sam Feldstein says:

    Does anyone know what they're saying when you do an auction? It sounds something like Sacajeweenie and Louise somewhere in there as well

  13. Amanda Douglass says:


  14. Luke Watson says:

    How did Dog go bankrupt twice?

  15. tin pin says:

    EASILY my favorite version of Monopoly! (The NES version takes a very close 2nd place however) I still have the 3 floppy disks from when it was accidentally purchased in 1992 for a PC that was waaay too slow to run it… in fact, that XT class Tandy 1000RL didn't even have a FDD that could read the super fancy pants 3 1/2 inch "high density" 1.44MB floppies – only a 3 1/2 inch "double density" 720KB drive. I had to wait until fall 1993 when we got a blazing fast 486 DX/2 66Mhz powered juggernaut to try it out. ^_^ I still fire this version up in DOSBox every couple months and wipe the floor with the hilariously inept "hard" AI players! XD

  16. Chi Duc Tran says:

    But I don't have it

  17. Sammy Knight says:

    The end of the game doesn't really seem like the end because there's only two people left at the end. Why didn't it wait until there's only one remaining after everyone else is bankrupt?

  18. Kristian Hietanen says:

    52:47 Uh oh…

  19. Fur Fag says:

    This looks amazing! And it's for DOS? Hooray! DOSbox here I come! I want to try this. 🙂

  20. CyborgSelZero says:


  21. Michael Wu says:

    maybe if you press hold control  press  D  on key board  have  message?  I don't know what happened? start new game.

  22. Fidahamut says:

    ¡La leche! Cuando he visto la miniatura me esperaba a un juego del tipo de Mus 2000 y, una vez que veo el juego, veo que no está tan mal del todo, al fin y al cabo. Será que no me he echado partidas al Monopoly Streets de la Wii (lento y tedioso como él solo) a la espera de encontrar otro del estilo pero con una jugabilidad más directa.

    ¡Gracias por el aporte, Guardián!

  23. la cortina says:

    Me encantan este tipo de juegos y el Monopoly más aún. ¿Por qué no te echas un Hero Quest y lo subes? Yo tengo el juego de mesa. Un saludete.

  24. pomez z. says:

    que bueno¡¡ este juego siempre me ha encantado,precisamente he adquirido esta misma versión gracias a gabri XD,aunque  no la he llegado a jugar de momento, un poco tedioso el tener que construir las casas de una en una, si me permites un consejillo de jugador de monopoly aficionado XD, cuando vayas a dejar la cantidad de casas construidas desigual deberías dejar mayor cantidad en la mas cara, las probabilidades son las mismas y el coste igual pero cobras más si alguien cae en ella.

  25. Amigamers T.V. says:

    Este lo jugué en su día, en un 286 creo.

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