Monopoly: Advance to Boardwalk (Prize Pick and Free Spins)

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“Monopoly: Advance to Boardwalk” is just about the coolest game I have seen. It’s not at my local, so I can only play it in Vegas. 5 The graphics are incredible. Random bonuses come out QUITE frequently, and they can be quite profitable. In any given one, you can get the “Prize Pick” which lets you “pick” for (up to) the Grand Prize. So if you get the prize pick, which happens quite a bit, you always have a REAL shot at the Grand Prize. The Free Spins are always fun too – this set wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible. I have done REALLY well in the past. Roller coasters are wild during the Free Spins. I made 50x on the Prize Pick, and 43x on the Free Spins. I highly recommend this game.

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6 Responses

  1. Michael Quinn says:

    why do u always go to the left!!! be wild go middle sometimes mix it up!!! lmao

  2. Ditkazbearz2 says:

    Bro it's never on the left lol

  3. David60s says:

    Brent – I'm going to Vegas in January.  Where can I find his slot machne?

  4. AngelaTwinSlots says:

    Nice video, thanks!

  5. slotsnchips says:

    LOL. I play these all the time locally and your intro is the first time I found out those were roller coasters. It looked like wall paper, which is really silly since it's an amusement park theme. You learn something every d

  6. SDGuy 1234 says:

    I disagree with you on Quite often….

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