Mission Impossible: Fallout – Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex want you to go see Mission Impossible: Fallout! Here is why!
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49 Responses

  1. MARC GAMING says:


  2. Mike Hawk says:

    Yup, this was a solid action Movie.

  3. vkt tm says:

    Movie sucked, may be its just a one time watch movie. Whats with the helicopter sequence i didnt like it, ending was weak. Not great story, movie was shallow.

  4. The Original Carr says:

    it was that end when u think he didnt make it to the detonator and it fades in white. That shit made my stomach sink

  5. jakedizzle says:

    Movie was so fucking sick.

  6. Swapnil Bisht says:

    Tom Cruise is pilot

  7. Evalyne Loring says:

    Fuck wb

  8. Johnny McJohnson says:

    Pretty sure tom cruise "not being able to fly a helicopter" was put in the movie on purpose.

  9. chunkycake101 says:

    Joe tries to make out as if he is some sort of legit movie critic, yet he doesn't even know that films are almost always not shot in chronological order?

  10. The Game Guru says:

    Song name at the very end?

  11. Adrian Torres says:

    This movie was amazing in 4DX

  12. uri mascka says:

    It was all real, barely any cgi

  13. Lachy Roberts says:

    Finally saw it and I loved it. Favorite Mission Impossible. So much respect for Cruise and what he brings to this franchise.

  14. leburn98 says:

    "All the evil people wear mustaches", RUN FOR YOUR LIFE OTHER JOE.

  15. Phantomshadow224 says:

    Henry cavill (Superman): a hero who lived long enough to see himself become a villain.

  16. Michael Service says:

    On par with mi 2 , shite

  17. Wild West says:

    I liked the ill figure out part for the helicopter. They are just trying to show he is such a smart guy he can learn that quick on the fly.

  18. Wild West says:

    I agree just saw it. Its really good, and for me it went by really fast.

  19. Pika says:

    you should do a review on Alpha

  20. Biological Riley says:

    This movie is fantastic and amazing as all hell. Mad respect for Cruise and how he hacked life in order to unlock the unlimited sprint mode

  21. instantsurgery says:

    Nuclear not nucular

  22. DJGeo Kellon says:


  23. Saladin says:

    A bunch of ugly mexicans thinking that their opinion matter!

  24. Potato Bro says:

    I feel like if brahndt could’ve showed up in the end as the person who picks up Ethan at the end like Luther in ghost protocol

  25. Aixall says:

    It's cool that they filmed in new Zealand

  26. Dennis Zabolotny says:

    watched the movie, it was really disappointment of a movie… The effects were ok , but the story was not so good…

  27. Torbjørn Kristensen says:

    To the people bitching about Joe talking too much or shutting others down. I have seen all his movie reviews and spoiler discussions from when he started doing them. He was excited in the start yes, and did do some mistakes in my opinion. However he has been getting A LOT BETTER! So it is time to stop this shittalk.

  28. karankenZ says:

    Can’t believe you guys didn’t notice or critique that there was no heist in the movie

  29. Thetechgenius says:

    Mission Impossible movies are awesome. And Tom Cruise does most if not all his own stunts.

    Have you seen the latest Mummy with Tom Cruise? The plane scene when they are in free fall, that is not special effects for the most part. Most of that scene is real, Tom Cruise was inside a plane in free fall with zero gravity with cameras on him. He doesn't like to use Special effects if he really doesn't have to. That's why that scene looks so real, his moments were all natural because he was actually in free fall. Lol.

  30. travis bowes says:

    The fifth transformers was better than this

  31. Trend SonicTV says:

    i watching the review again 🙂 and NUKULAR 😛 still it's NUCLEAR

  32. Kelly Valmadre says:

    Not gonna remember the plot points? yeah alright but you will be remembering the actions scenes. Easily one of the best movies of the year surely gotta talk about execution at the end. 9/10. Fat joe on the left is an idiot

  33. Sy A says:

    Woah I thought you guys were over 30!

  34. Uncle Pauly says:

    am I the only one noticeing that after a huge beat up, getting absolutely messed up, and after a helicopter crash Tom Cruise doesn't even has a single cratch????? By the way the bathroom was EMPTY in a Disco in Paris with 5000 people !!! Sorry Cruise but this movie was trash ( Exuse my English, I'm German)

  35. Add me to A Song of ice and fire says:

    I remember every movie I watch and I watch atleast 100 movies a year.

  36. GrimDark Narrator says:

    For whoever is curious…Vanessa Kirby (who played White Widow), is neither a famous actress (yet) nor a european singer/pop celebrity, Joe. She's a young british actress who rose to prominence in the last 2 years through the big Netflix show, The Crown. Fallout is her first big Hollywood role. In fact, in an interview she said Tom Cruise picked her specifically because he liked her acting in The Crown.

  37. John Smith says:

    The broker is Max the arms dealers granddaughter. Max helps Ethan find Job (Jon voight )in MI:1 it was a cool call back

  38. John Smith says:

    Sad guy on he left spoiled who the mole was. I really like Joe and Joes reviews and this clown always hates stuff and now when he likes something he spoils it. Not cool.

  39. GrimDark Narrator says:

    Despite this movie being almost 2 and a half hours long, I never found it to drag. There was tension throughout most of the film which made it an enjoyable ride from start to finish. The White Widow, also I found to be a nice addition both because of the call-back to the very first MI movie and also because of the beautiful Vanessa Kirby who pulled a femme fatale who was both sexy and mysterious without feeling silly. If you can, and you enjoy action movies in general, you should see this one in the cinema. Definitely one of the best movies of the year. Kudos to Tom Cruise for putting so much effort to entertain the audiences.

  40. redhotchilifan98 says:

    Dude on the left is the pickiest guy ever when it comes to movies

  41. Leo says:

    The broker in this film is the daughter of another broker by the name of Max which was in Mission Impossible 1.

  42. Chris Wallace says:

    2 deaths and a shattered ankle 8/10 solid 8/10 no where near a 10, too long. 9/10…… Not to say a death means a movie should be praised. But what more do you want. In the theater you wanted a cig. Or blunt. Or take a shit. Got it @home 11/10

  43. Chris Wallace says:

    2 pilots died in the making of this movie

  44. Alex Marschall says:

    17:17 star trek door sound. Is that someone's ringtone? Cos it's my ringtone. On my phone. If i have joe's ringtone i am gonna shit bricks

  45. Rogers Collier says:

    The broker was the daughter of Max, the broker in the first movie. The line about Paradox was a call back to her

  46. jimi barker says:

    O yeah John wick three soon looking forward to seeing that

  47. jimi barker says:

    I liked this review all said their opinions got three different reasons why it is worth viewing I'm going see this film thanks for the great review guys

  48. Whiterun Guard says:

    For me the film is too short, I was really enjoying it and literally forgot the time lol

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