Misery Index – Rituals of Power (official lyric video)

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Taken from the forthcoming album “Rituals of Power”. Release Date: March 8, 2019. Order here: http://smarturl.it/MiseryRituals

Video by Scott Rudd Film: http://scottdrudd.wixsite.com/srfilm

Misery Index official “Rituals of Power” merch store: https://www.indiemerch.com/miseryindex/pre-orders
Misery Index Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miseryindex
Misery Index Website: https://www.miseryindex.com
Misery Index Twitter: https://twitter.com/miseryindex
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Smell the fear, the coming decay of all, rites of spring gone rotten
High priests, lords of artifice, lead their flocks into harm’s way

Welcome all to the new inquisition, the last shriek from the tomb
Nothing left but to burn it all down, rub the salt in the open wound
Destroy, delete, rebuild, repeat, another name carved into stone
Falsify, then pretend, as we cut the cord and wait for the end

With a concrete stare – rituals of power
The dead eyes of the past – rituals of power
Up to the gates of armageddon – rituals of power
Until we’re all one with the dust – rituals of power

Still they cling to the old superstitions, the elders speak in tongues
The spit words their words and they wither and wait, as Cronus eats the young
Destroy, delete, rebuild, repeat – another name carved into stone
As they rot away, 200 years – straight to the grave

With a concrete stare – rituals of power
The dead eyes of the past – rituals of power
Up to the gates of armageddon – rituals of power
Until we’re all one with the dust – rituals of power

No ones cares who lives or dies, no empathy, no compromise
The crows descend, the children mourn, the ichor spills and the crosses burn
Like Visigoths at the gates of Rome, a great decline into a great unknown
Marble eyes, obelisks, cenotaphs, Bolsheviks
Cities burn and ashes rain, no one speaks of us again
Each and all, swept away…like grains of sand on the shore of time

Greed shrines, halls of emptiness, blight and shame rewarded
Cowardice with no consequence, thieves-as-gods exalted
Parasites, endless appetites, drag them to oblivion
Subjects fill the empty nest, mouths open…waiting for worms

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23 Responses

  1. Agent Omega says:

    Easily one of your best pieces. Can't wait for the whole album to rip my neighbourhood apart!

  2. MoshingJosh says:

    When the riff slows down during the chorus, people are going to get hurt in that pit. Haha.

  3. Aaron Affront says:

    oh I LIKE THAT

  4. H ALEX says:

    Love them. Both preview are less punchy than old stuff but I think that's gonna be great.

  5. uzernamechecksout says:

    Guess who's waking up their neighbors to the smooth sounds of Misery Index? :-))))

  6. Radosław Kucharzak says:

    Killer song.


    One of the Best Modern Metal Bands with Revocation !

  8. The Odious says:

    So many bands try to tackle this lyrical subject matter but very few do it as eloquently as Misery Index


    Sick as hell! Misery Index rules!

  10. slothy one says:

    Holy shitt, that's some of their best material.

  11. Jeremy Scout says:

    No Frills. Straight brutality.

  12. GodsColdHands says:

    huge.!! seriously crushing. i'm pumped for this album.!!

  13. DecrepitOrigin888 says:

    Fuck didnt they jus put out an album not long ago. I mus be gettin mixed up on anotter band

  14. Hafidz fine art says:


  15. Silence is where we are says:

    Holy fucks! This is good.

  16. Alex Vader says:

    The world does not deserve this band.

  17. Vladislav Sysoyev says:

    Every time I listen to Misery Index and read their lyrics I wonder how they can write such words while living in the USA. I mean all this all themes are exaclty describing russian reality with all that decline, rotting and despair.

  18. jamescarpathian says:

    Nice Melancholic Riffing blended with brutality, great stuff from Misery!

  19. Gabriel Kunay says:

    All Hail The One And Only Misery Index!!! Masterpiece!!!

  20. TheRottingElvis says:

    This is pretty fucking boring for Misery Index standards… Uninspired and disappointing

  21. Larry Martin says:

    That chorus riff though has me headbanging until I’m one with the dust

  22. Mir Wurscht says:

    Just listened to retaliate again lately. You guys changed your style a lot over the years but managed to still be awesome

  23. Frikkie 92 says:

    Very cool!

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