Military Tunnels – THE PUZZLE + CRATES + SCIENTISTS – Rust 2018

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We made an updated version of the guide to the Military tunnels. This version also includes the card puzzles.

This is our favorite way of running through the Military tunnels.
Showing where the you can find all crates including Elite Crates and Weapon Crates.

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20 Responses

  1. Nguyễn Văn Long says:

    Nice boat Drip =)))

  2. michael schlenker says:

    Thank you for a straight forward guide! Everyone else takes 20 minutes to explain what you did in 6…

  3. Laakkyn WSP says:

    Er du Dansker?

  4. Rescinded says:

    Try this now. You won't have a good time.

  5. MythicDEZ says:

    Thank you for your help 😛

  6. TheRoflbear says:

    I wish you'd shown actual loot

  7. Kane34572 says:

    What gun is that you’re using and where do you find it

  8. Owen Wong says:

    What if you don’t have meds?

  9. bassx101 says:

    you bust a rad suit for this or what kindof gear you equip with?

  10. luckyson13 says:

    Very informative channel

  11. Joshua Lytle says:

    Best mil tuns guide!!!

  12. Icarus38 says:

    you get a like just for that boat entry.. not say that your guide was bad it was good but nice man

  13. yokaui 555 says:

    i enjoyed the rest of my day you can see the future

  14. klmklmklm says:

    Love that intro hahahaha

  15. joshua slowik says:

    this place op

  16. Julius Johansen says:

    good guide, thanks <3

  17. Octavio Perez says:

    Great guide, clear instructions, alternate options and great tips, awesome video man

  18. Flinger says:

    Good Guide. Reminds me of the old school runescape guides lol.

  19. Schaadt says:

    Very helpful video. Keep up the good work!
    Btw, 5:18 got me laughing.

  20. SwuT says:

    Very helpful tutorial! Keep it up, my dude!

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