Mike Caro’s 10 Ultimate Poker Tells

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The mad genius of poker ;D

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  1. J J says:

    Me: J / 3 hole cards = smiling. Me: pair hole cards = smiling, giddy as all fuck. Me: three of a kind = giddy as all fuck, smiling. I suck at this game, cause I think it's a social event Ahahaha, even when I lose $50 on the buy in. And when it comes 2 to 3 hours later and there is just 2 of us left, if I'm drunk I agree to split the prize, and if I am sober, I agree to split the prize, of course half the time, the last person I have to battle wants to go head-to-head… and I lose, because I'm just laughing to myself that I actually made it to second place Ahahahaha

  2. Birdland11 says:

    Great tells, but terrible acting.

  3. Beanmachine91 says:

    a deep sigh is bad acting intended to bluff you, but will it work on you who is reading this?!

  4. Beanmachine91 says:

    mike caro is a veteran of the psychic wars!

  5. Jake T says:

    I always look back at my cards its a double bluff

  6. mero40k says:

    Strong players are constantly adjusting and playing a balanced mixed strategy. These tells are pretty old school but do work against inferior unknowns.

  7. Kurtis Fraser says:

    Number 10 is actually brilliant.

  8. MrNwn007 says:


  9. Brandon Stolz says:

    For all of the beginners who watch this video and think they can now play like a professional, this is NOT the sole determinant in reading an opponent. There is not one professional alive outside of the movies who will look at somebody and base their action only off of his or her's opponent's physical tells. A real professional assesses THE WHOLE SITUATION. Tells should be a mere factor out of many when depicting whether or not your opponent has 27 or AA. Instead of looking the person over like a hawk when trying to figure out a tough decision, they'll sit back and think about the big picture. What's the board texture? How is my opponent likely to react to it based on the action I've given if he had these certain cards? What is the style my opponent plays? Is he loose? Is he tight? How has he played hands in the past? ALL of these key factors will come into their mind as they try and figure out the other player's holding. Now that's not to say tells are completely irrelevant when reading somebody. In some situations they can be very helpful. However it's not very often that you can base your entire decision off of them. It's simply not enough information. It would be like trying to pass a math exam by studying only one portion of it. This video should be a small guideline when playing a live game. Not a complete strategy guide. Always, no matter what game you're playing in, asses everything when trying to read your opponent.

  10. Byakuya Kuchiki says:

    I'm autistic. Tells are very difficult for me to understand. When I play with friends just for fun, I use my math skills a lot more, yet despite the stakes being so low, my friends are able to flat out tell me about my style of play.

  11. leafmapleca says:

    fish everywhere

  12. Dougs World says:

    I always set traps on people who try to read me.

    I act nervous when I call …. like I'm not sure if my top pair is good enough …… then when they re-raise me , I re-raise them back & show them the Full House  lol

  13. Christian Cristobal says:


  14. Scottie Agerter says:

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  15. Steve Grims says:

    Really interesting. I have written a message last week on my casino blog about 5 poker tells. I see some more interesting ones here. Acting lessons will help you in poker 🙂

  16. Ace of Spades says:

    I think I understand…everything is relfected. During poker we naturally try to emit the opposite. If your hand is weak you'll try to emit strength and if you're strong you try to emit saddness.

  17. lawnjart16 says:

    I have social anxiety order. That helps me out in poker a lot. People can't read me because I am nervous about everything and fumble with chips no matter what my hand is.

  18. Sean Ó Briain says:

    I always tidy my chips when betting, strong or weak hand… But that's because I'm seriously OCD lol.

  19. AH17293 says:

    8 people in a hand id just fold:L

  20. Vishvdeepsinh Jadeja says:

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  21. lostsoldierthree says:

    Yes, very defensive move when you do that imo. If you do it every time you are in a pot, maybe it doesn't look so bad though.

  22. Masteracci says:

    7:00 Wrong! hahaha Always kills me 🙂

  23. GhostInTheShell29 says:

    You never have to. Nearly all hands end up being heads up. With just two players left. So if your one of them, you only have to read your opponent.

    Sometimes you'll have a lot of people in a hand but that only happens when the pot is very cheap and no one is fighting for it. Common in low stakes, or home games. Not so much when there's more money involved..

  24. Eugene Dupain says:

    stacking your chips in neat piles doesn't mean you're a tight player it means you're a tidy person.

    That's like me saying, you keep your car nice and clean therefore you don't take any risks and always stick to the speed limit.

  25. Kevin Easter says:

    biggest thing: how can you read 8 other people at the same time?

  26. Phaellos says:

    What if you watch your cards 2-3 times every round and during every bet? That might fool your opponent but then the moment you quit checking them might be a 'tell' in itself

  27. Phaellos says:

    Number 5 sounds pretty right

  28. Karega says:

    Mike Caro is a serious poker intellect. Poker intellect… Where that can take you is a story in itself though.

  29. webguy943 says:

    i bluff all the time but my stack is neat. yea

  30. Kas Modiya says:


  31. PcGamingRig says:

    tom dwan puts his chips in neat little stacks and he bluffs all the fucking time. 🙂

  32. TheLuckySaGe says:

    I tend to stand up and bark like a dog when I am bluffing.

  33. Zymergy99 says:

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  34. BEAT LA says:

    1st one is bullshit especially in tournaments because every casino and card room makes you stack your chips

  35. Anthony Esh says:


  36. fliphall says:

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  37. donkrx says:

    The last thing is stupid, reaching for your chips when theyre about to bet just makes you look weak…

  38. Uchiha Madara says:

    well that wont work online

  39. Bryan Steeksma says:

    4:26 "now look at the flop" haha nice editing

  40. electrostatic1 says:

    Stare off into "middle space" and glance at your opponents.

    Phil Ivey bluffing: watch?v=JTfqfINisvs

    Phil Ivey with the nuts: watch?v=48jcJJk0FEM

  41. TheGoolious says:

    wiiiild and rambunctuous

  42. vjm3 says:

    5. So if looking away implies a strong hand, and looking at your cards/the flop implies a weak hand, where am I suppose to look!?
    Do I keep my stare-patterns constant, regardless of the flop? Do I stare at the same spot on the board each time when thinking?

  43. Redrixo says:

    too right i have no doubt that is what it is all about there is no way im watching that again

  44. pfog says:

    u need to wear some shades then. work on some breathing exercises so u don't have different breathing patterns. look at phil hellmuth. he sports sunglasses wears a jacket that obstructs his neck and puts his hands over his mouth while looking down. hears my thing though, glasses tells me that ur not confident in ur own play. but this could be reverse psych as well. i think tom dwan needs to start rocking some shades cuz i think i picked up a tell on him. hopefully some day i can test my theory.

  45. Core Combat N.I says:

    Even so, I'm probably still gonna go with Mike's opinion. His way seems to make money XD

  46. oTURLo says:

    #10 is an angle shot. dirty move

  47. Victor Popov says:

    Beautiful ty mike

  48. Jesse Hanna says:

    This is poker tell on simpleton tourists, not professionals or seasoned players. Great if you want to get one over a tourist on a retirement bender!

  49. Zymergy99 says:

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