Microsoft unleashes Ultimate Freedom on Xbox – Colteastwood 4K60

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The Xbox One console has had problems providing AAA top-rated exclusives in 2017 and most of 2018, but just as Xbox is about to bring a string of big first party games, it looks like they no longer be Exclusive to Microsoft’s platform.

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44 Responses

  1. biohills says:

    They are MICROSOFT exclusives not XBOX exclusives so why are you saying “they’re not exclusive to Xbox anymore.”? They never were exclusive directly to Xbox… many people view games for windows and xbox live as the same “platform” because they have always been in sync with each other.

  2. Michael S. says:

    So all you need is PS4 and a PC to handle everything since PC=xbox games now. Sweet….except I was moving away from WIN and into Linux Gaming…

  3. John Smith says:

    Sony still gets the great games you can only play on playstation. But hey halo am I right?

  4. iceriver sucks Big weewee says:

    I like how Xbox says their w all around entertainment system Xbox: YEET

  5. R Rajkumar says:

    Where did the Halo series disappear then…:(

  6. Jonathan Collins says:

    Any gaming platform cross is cool but we need games too. Not just your standard annual game dump. What this is, is a multiplayer madhouse. Single player please.

  7. Dark Yagami says:

    I gave my Xbox one to my cousin I'm going to get another just because I miss my friends

  8. Jusion 1 says:

    pc is g o o d

  9. Titan Slayer says:

    I have Sony TV and Xbox One.
    war begins…

  10. Chris Debnam says:

    I own a xbox and a ps4 and a switch , my pc is pretty old now so don't really use it.

  11. Tadutadutadu Loco says:

    Console should be console like it always has been . Microsoft sucks. Nintendo and Sega and yes even Sony know what they are doing. They have no exclusives and the ones they have are really shit and can’t even compare to Zelda and Mario and certainly not the last of us. The developers of Sony are 10 times better

  12. Paul Thompson says:

    Cloud gaming wont be viable for quite some time. The issue is first High Speed internet access to broader areas. And then there's the kids. A large chunk gamers are teens or lower playing at their parents house, on wifi, who only get the ISP provided router and their whole family is steaming videos at the same time, slowing their connection drastically. The dropped frames and choppy chat is gonna be horrible. There are a lot of 18-35 age gamers that don't know the little things like download v upload speed, mbps and cable v wifi. It's not sustainable right now.

  13. #Swag Confirmed says:

    Most of these comments are people saying xbox is better and have better exlusives.

  14. IDontKnowWhatToWrite says:

    Not sharing your goods with the competition especially when you have the most & the best stuff is a basic business strategy (yes it's harsh but it is business), so don't expect Sony to fall for this desperate attempt of xbox. It's just like how Apple and Samsung would never share the same OS.

  15. Feon Jun says:

    I currently own the launched Xbox One and PS4, and despite what the sales indicated, owning the Xbox is a better choice in my opinion with the backward compatibility and the ability to install and run games from the HDD for faster load time. Since Microsoft addressed the terrible idea with game sharing and internet requirement to play games, there hasn't been any issues. The PS4 have its advantages of course, but Sony seems to be arrogant at the moment since they're on top.

  16. Nine Dnine says:

    So ur a grown ass fanboy….i have both play both & dont get mad about shit because i have a life

  17. Taliss says:

    Lol ur funny

  18. Glitch_Prone says:

    I know this doesn’t fit here but I have a theory about where all the console fanboys are. Ever since Xbox play anywhere was released all the Xbox fanboys got to experience pc and all its features, and ps4 fanboys have had no service like this so they have had no reason to take the pc seriously. Hence why most of the fanboys that attack the pc currently community are ps4 users.

  19. insomniac games says:

    There is no such thing as streaming seamlessly therw will be hiccups and the servers will have problems best bet is to pick the mid teir

  20. William Ramos says:

    I don't know what people don't understand. If you play on PC guess what it's on MS platform. If you play on Xbox guess what, it's on MS platform

  21. SniperAssasinJA says:

    Sunset overdrive is so underrated

  22. Spicy Cock says:

    Listen man, if you're at Pax and I, a 2 foot 11 man came up to you and said in a "goblin with Iranian accent" voice "teach me to love", what would you do?

  23. Spicy Cock says:

    Microsoft couldn't succeed (as much as PlayStation did) with their own platform, so now they're making all every platform their own. Pretty cool idea, I think It might work!

  24. Steven kroener says:

    Mike Ybarra is full of it. Last generation when they were on top they were the ones saying no crossplay. If they were still on top nothing would have changed.

  25. Mgxrder says:

    So when will he talk about Sony’s streaming to phones since the launch of the ps4 he just talks out his ass and the ps4 has a better controller I’ve had my controller since launch and have gone through 10 controllers 2 of the elites cause the stick has a draw or the numbers stop working pc all the way why cause you have your freedom and Sony does have cross playlist not to others consols

  26. Hitting Sticks With Trees says:


  27. Mr A90n says:

    If I have a game on par why would u want a free copy for PC? I don't care about higher frames PlayStation is a much better experience overall and I'm glad PlayStation have the best exclusives. Microsoft are just desperate because they're getting destroyed

  28. B00TT3R _ says:

    Ultimate freedom: free multiplayer

  29. Jimvinsky says:

    This earns a sub!

  30. Osama Khurshid says:

    God of war sony kills damn xbox

  31. 46ScootsMuhGoots42 says:

    on the better controller note. The LB and RB buttons are absolute shit quality on the xbox one. Ive never broken a single 360 controller. I'm onto number 3 now due to that bumper being so cheaply made.

  32. Akeen Booker says:

    Finally xbox and microsoft are making a comeback after that dark period of the original xbox one

  33. agenttexx says:

    I don't have this problem. i have Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

  34. Broon's Bane says:

    tbh exclusives are a dumb business move. they are used to justify out of date tech (sony) and push units.
    everyone should play everything, not really any reason not to.

  35. punch180 says:

    Lets say i have a pc only and you have an xbox only. Halo comes out, whats the difference? I dont have to pay to play online and itll perform better. ☺ Microsoft needs to give me reasons to buy their console but there are none. I can careless about features i just wanna game. They could've made more money off me.

  36. Alexandru says:

    Cute that they preach from their high horse when they themselves refused cross-play when the Xbox 360 was popular.

  37. Clouds4Cheap says:

    Actual f***? Don't sit here and lie to people you are a Sony Fanboy for years on this channel. you diss Xbox on this channel regularly. I thought this was going to be another this video from you. you are starting to realize what we've been saying the whole time. Having XBox exclusives on PC is a good thing

  38. MadManiac 360 says:

    I honestly don't get the whole "comparing exclusives" nonsense. Is a console REALLY better in any way just cause it has more exclusives? No. As a matter of fact, what does it matter who else has access the game as long as you do. In other words: why shpuld we care if some other console gets the games I do? I just want to play my solos and have friends ready for multiplayer. I don't care what console they're on. Exclusives are just a gimmick to get you to buy a certain console and I'm not falling for THAT gimmick. Gamers would be more satisfied if we not only had cross play, but cross communications/friending as well, that way people could talk to friends across platforms, add people as friends across platforms, and then console/pc creators would have no choice but to earn their sales through performance alone. I'm glad that most sides of this gaming war are working on platform flexibility while preserving the company the games are coming from.

  39. grey fox says:

    Nah my xbox x is gathering dust

  40. Hannyabal says:

    Biggest audience is PS4, that guy is straight out lying, just check the sale numbers. PC only wins un Dota2 and lol.

  41. Blackstrider147 says:

    Exclusives and the mentality behind them are cancer and from a bygone era. This is what makes Sony stupid in my eyes, its not the consoles that bring in the money its the games. If Sony would stop being so damn pigheaded and bring thier ip's to the PC platform as PC is not and never has been a direct competitor to Sony, dont these fools realize that by doing this they only stand to make even more money by brnging thier IPs to a broader audience?! Its basic economics! The more people you can cater to buy your shit, the more the money you make! More People = More Money. Sony could make triple or quadruple the amount of money. Its plain idiotic. Who doenst want to make more money?! Sony, thats who.

  42. Emanouche says:

    "More people plays on xbox and windows combined than PS4"?… well, no sh*t Sherlock, lol. How many and how often do those PC gamers buy games from the windows store though?… yeah, that's what I thought. This statement is so disingenuous…

  43. UchihaItachi1986 says:

    This is why is I use the term "Microsoft exclusive" as opposed to "Xbox eclusive"

  44. randomguy26 says:

    Ok ok ,we can all agree that SONY's attitude sucks right? The thing you cannot deny though is that no matter how cocky they are they're marketing and strategy works ,sure i too wish i could pick up spiderman on pc and play it at 60 fps ,do i have a choice ? No ,ofcourse not. Will this stop me from going out to purchase a ps4 only to play that game ? Again the answer is no .Sony has a solid strategy when it comes to selling you a piece of hardware by not giving you any other choice ,its anti-consumer but it works anyway. Microsoft has 2 places in which you can play all they're games and the problem is the fact that one place is vastly superior to the other aka PC performance crushes xbox therefore leaving consumers with no reason to buy an xbox other then just for a console gaming experience

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