MAXING OUT The Arcade Game! 999 PLAYS CHALLENGE at Spongebob Coin Pusher Arcade Game!

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Max plays at spongebob coin pusher! Today we’re back at Spongebob Coin Pusher Arcade Medal Game maxing it out doing 999 rapidfire plays arcade game challenge? Is it worth doing rapidfire at Spongebob, we’ll let you decide. #spongebob #coinpusher #arcadegame


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35 Responses

  1. ClawD00d - Arcade Games says:

    Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video you will love when we do 1500 plays!

  2. Alan Toy says:

    i tried rapid fire while playing Spongebob at D&B. It does work when getting the corner cards. i was able to get the corner cards to fall

  3. Sarah Goff says:

    Awe I wish we had a Dave and busters.. looks like fun!

  4. gambit90lx says:

    hey stop saying my name

  5. Kaylee Gordon says:

    you would think spongebob would be the rarest card….no….gary is

  6. kidgamer36906 says:

    Hi guys

  7. Raphael Cinema says:

    13 cards for 999?

  8. ocram zalveg says:

    I'll buy that larry

  9. ocram zalveg says:

    Tilt it

  10. RazorSharp Shooter425 says:

    listen to the songplaying in the background

  11. Shadow Jake says:


  12. Logan Gobbel says:

    I'm so late watching in 2018 🙁

  13. Leavi Bell says:

    I think you can just hold it in and it will rapid fire.

  14. Logan Higgs says:


  15. Nick says:

    They spent about 340 credits if you were wondering

  16. Willgregg10 says:

    I used to be a wizard at this game, had the time down perfectly I I only missed about once every 8 tokens or so through to moving platforms

  17. Nickelodeon Promos says:

    1:41 did the machine just said the f word

  18. Bradylyfe Beats says:

    Play it at 0.5 it’s funny

  19. Ayumi Midori says:

    Br Br (0(

  20. Game Player says:

    Oh my love good

  21. Pubgs king2.0 says:

    Grammar fail. XD

  22. Jack ALLSOPP says:

    This is pretty cool

  23. Hezron 1357 says:

    you guys smashed spomgebob's face that day

  24. Crazy Mickey says:

    If you aimed you could get the set

  25. Gyan Levin says:


  26. carlos gomez says:

    Isn't it hold for rapid fire

  27. XxxAli-a istrash xx-X yes indeed says:

    It's me again member

  28. KARIケントル says:

    Is the machine screaming 'TOKENS'?

  29. Roy B says:

    spam fire = fail

  30. Darvy Style says:

    are those cards traded in for prizes or are they just… .cards?

  31. Sheldon Pack says:

    When I was working at Main Event, this was the most annoying machine I had to listen to all day.

  32. Samurai KeithOssa says:

    At 3:37 did I hear "god is dead"?

  33. Mad Max says:

    What are the cards for?

  34. ArcadeGo. com fan says:

    that weird whale sound is getting stuck in my head

  35. Samurai Slap says:

    TOTAL RIPOFF, I have been trying to get Garry for ever, and his card never drops!

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