Mario Tennis Aces – Adventure Mode Trailer – Nintendo Switch

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In Adventure mode, level up Mario and thwart the wicked plans of Wario, Waluigi, and the legendary racket itself. Mario Tennis™ Aces is available now!

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33 Responses

  1. Joy-Con Sean says:

    Luigi was playing fortnite and got the gauntlet…..

  2. Dragon Battler says:

    Do Luigi ride in the thanos car

  3. Banana Nya says:

    First Luigi gets turned into a demon, then gets killed by the reaper in the latest smash direct. Poor Guy

  4. Jack Mckell says:

    When are you guys gonna bring Birdo back to mario spin off titles like seriously we haven’t seen her since the Wii

  5. Girly Knight says:

    Tennis Waluigi for smash

  6. Super Luigi says:

    oh yeah! (^^)

  7. Metaluigi Dahedgehog 28 says:

    Weggy has the power now.

  8. JD 201 adventures says:

    MARIO tennis infinity war

  9. Crustacean [CrabKind] says:


  10. Star face says:

    So there's a legendary tennis racket that turned those that use it into "mummies" and possesses them. That racket has a name but what was it again? "Celio?" "Laiden?" "Cendiar?"

  11. grandmaster of nothing says:


  12. Ιτ’s οηιγ αпdгεщ says:

    The squeal of”Mario is Missing.”

  13. Penny Wise says:

    Nintendo Character Idea: Baby Waluigi,Baby Birdo,Baby Dry Bones

  14. ForestLogic says:

    PLEASE please add the ability to pick FULL LENGTH MATCHES! I want to play 6-game sets, and multi-set matches.

    Tiebreakers/2-games isn't long enough. Every game has let you select how long the matches are, so why take that out??

  15. Pika chu says:

    This voice is unfitting for luigis unfortunate fate

  16. XTRAordinaryZG says:

    Damn Nintendo has to put Luigi in bad situations…

  17. Evil Patrick says:

    So I guess you could say the legendary racket is like the Infinity Gauntlet wink wink nudge nudge*

  18. Elijah Dessources says:

    2 days left

  19. Bryce says:


  20. why the fuck did you do this chris says:

    Why can't mario save wario and waluigi?

  21. Xbox one X says:

    What bosses………


  22. Spooky Mew OwO says:

    “Luigi is in a load of trouble”

    You mean the time when the internet saw Luigi’s Wiggler?

  23. Alanna Beauplan says:

    I can't wait until the game launches 6 more days until June 22nd comes

  24. BGL PROS says:

    love your channel

  25. TetraBitGaming Fan says:

    0:32 BOI DAT HIT

  26. The Digital Box says:


  27. Sco The Noob says:

    Luigi is now Thanos… LONG LIFE FOR WEEGEE

  28. cringe_dood says:

    Luigi–I don't feel so good

  29. t b says:

    I'm maining Waluigi and Chain Chomp when this game comes out

  30. Celene Pendleton says:

    put liuig and dasiy in mario aces

  31. psýchø 0w0 says:

    Yeeeeesssss adventure mode YEEEESSSS

  32. Susan Baer says:

    The entire time I knew my brother, he only ever had one goal: To wipe out half the mushroom kingdom. If he gets all the Infinity balls, he can do it with the swing of his racket. Just like that.

  33. The Gameness of the Smartness says:

    Luigi has to find all of the infinity balls

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