Making American Comics Great Again with Andrew Huerta (after 30 min)

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Andrew Huerta stops by to talk about his project, Sovereign, and the attempted resurrection of Western comics. Though since he’ll be late (about 30 minutes into the stream), maybe I’ll pitch some of my own ideas…

Get the book here:

Andrew’s artstation:


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31 Responses

  1. Bigslam1993 says:

    This was more entertaining than I thought it would be. This dude got style and vision.

  2. TheMaximumTroll says:

    The MGTOW community should put together some kind of 'underground railroad' to help fathers ensnared in family court, escape to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US or Europe.

  3. KizumichiBouya says:

    He said videogames can't do unrealistic styles? Darksiders is basically a Joe Mad comic made playable!

  4. The Fatman56 says:

    OH GOD NO No this isn't happening to a Rock star game,OH MY GOD RAGING GOLDEN EAGLE PLEASE HELP ME.I just made a part 6 of red dead 2 online.A 50 min video where I made a girl character you gotta see it was absolutely horrible.The sjw's no the npc's no it just garbage please watch some of it and tell me I'm wrong.Then tell the world. Please tell them.

  5. GAME PRO24X says:

    Plz stop asking for dynasty warriors clones their gay as fuck as samey. we need more diverse hack n slash like ninja gaiden and such.

  6. TheDCVTitan says:

    "They're just Magic the Gathering and Warhammer stores now."

    Oh… well, good luck to them then.

    watches the SJW parasites digging into WotC and Games Workshop

  7. Browncoat Ebberon says:

    So my hero academia in fantasy? I could get behind that.

  8. Ragnel Einbrecht says:

    WHOO! You like the basic bitch Zakus, eh? I'm not alone! Custom Gouf and Sinanju are basically my favoruite mechs.

    For Gundams it's a four way tie between Unicorn, Epyon, Custom Sandrock and Barbatos.

  9. Vexillarius says:

    Masami Obari also made a lot of good hentai.

  10. d sar says:

    Blackpilled incels that report the thots to the IRS arenot the ones paying them money, it is the incels in denial, the idiots who say stuff like "I'm a 30 yr old virgin but I'm not an incel because I don't hate women".

  11. Riol Neo says:

    I seen game play and it's pretty good but I would still prefer Doom Eternal more.

  12. Wasteland Seven says:

    Thot's turning on INCELS is rather akin to AAA gaming turning on its customers. In the long run, this won't help them any. LOL

  13. TheDCVTitan says:

    This comic makes me think of "Ashura's Wrath".

  14. Devanor says:

    "Where's your accent from?"
    "My parents"

    In order words… YOUR MOM! (and dad, but that's not funny)

  15. Himself says:

    Raging Eagle, make review of this cuck ad on youtube: . Someone is getting desperate

  16. Gundam Serpent says:

    SJWs/NPCs are all "Emotionally Impaired"
    Seeing the Splatoon question in chat of whether or not they're kids/squids if that:
    Have they ever shown an adult in-game?

  17. Dr Judgement says:

    I had to miss it.. I'm sad. But as for comics.. Got my own ideas.. Just lack talent..

  18. That Rheeve Guy says:

    >See FF-styled Textboxes
    Now I am interested. gotta check this out.

  19. Sires Orb says:

    If you're looking for a manga artist/graphic novelists, I'm down for a new project… Free of charge.

  20. Oso says:

    The art is incredible. And I'll definitely check it out. However, the story, character and world building, is so generic and horrible, he should consider finding a writer.

  21. Joshua Keel says:

    Did you consider starting out with the historical final fight that the veterans barely win, would be high action and serve as the backstop for their history

  22. OrbitalRescueSage says:

    God, that art is fucking terrible. Fuck American comics. Learn to draw assholes.

  23. Lido Reke says:

    Raging Golden Eagle I have a friend who is making a comic book and his main protagonist is based on you.

  24. veracsthane says:

    and now you know why the manga is sowing signs of censorship.

  25. Graves Strategist says:

    I want to see a Hashtag Thaudit video it's glorious.

  26. Koeti moep says:

    Damn the timeframe of your upload RGE. I wanted to ask which Senran Kagura game youd recommend for soneone new to the series.

  27. enlightened arsonist says:

    Thot audit video when?

  28. Neko Suki says:

    Too long.

  29. jetrpg22 says:

    Sorry, but i cannot support virtue signalling liberal PC SJWs even if they are the lite version.
    I take issue with people who are SJWs but they think they aren't because they draw the line less to the left as the super crazies.

    Edit- That isn't to say the entire left are SJWs. I guess their old name would simply be preference authoritarians.

  30. Constant Chinner says:

    Very sad how women and other SJW's have infiltrated predominantly male spaces (such as video games, comics, sports etc) and have ruined them with their PC, pro female, anti male bullshit.

    MGTOW space seems to be the only safe place…for now.

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