Ma Facebook Faces Calls to End Its Monopoly

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Mark Zuckerberg went from tech wunderkind, to the kid who can’t be trusted with a secret. Stephen Green asks Bill Whittle and Scott Ott if Facebook has become a behemoth worthy of U.S. anti-trust prosecution, or at least some kind of regulatory restraint.

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28 Responses

  1. TheCynysterMind says:

    OMG facebook is soooo full of bullshit.
    I don't think it should be broken up.
    I DO THINK they should be fined BILLIONS of dollars for breech of privacy.
    Billions more for selling that info to Foreign States
    I think that Zucker should be in prison for lying to congress
    and most importantly I think they should be held to the same descrimination standards as every other business.
    Meaning you do not get to discriminate base on RACE Religion or CREED (btw your political beliefs are part of your CREED)

  2. whiteandnerdytuba says:

    Competitors are shut down by payment processors. Visa PayPal MasterCard etc are the cartel

  3. Elaine Magliacane says:

    I NEVER had Facebook, on my phone, and I've NEVER joined twitter… I used to visit Facebook every day, I haven't deleted my page, but I visit maybe once a month these days.

  4. Mike Churchill says:

    CalGuns had 40,000 members on Facebook and the whole entire group was deleted because posts include pictures of weapons, which is against the Community Policy or whatever at Facebook.

  5. DOG FACE says:

    Facebook has unfortunately evolved into a full blown privately owned public utility not at all unlike the phone company. Would the phone company get away with saying Bill can have phone service but Scott can't because we don't like what he says. It's total bullshit!

  6. BeachBow says:

    Remove them from Title IX. Then they can be sued for their content. Threaten them with that and all this censorship just fades away.

  7. Ciowan says:

    Steve, Bill & Scott, I rarely receive notifications about this channel's videos, despite being a subscriber for years, and watching 90% of your content.

    It sucks. 🙁

  8. Ben Hanna says:

    i was discusted enough with facebook about 3 years ago that i deactivated my account to the fullest extent 1 can deactivate 1's account & the only reason i would ever ever ever reactivate it would be if i could delete it as if it never existed in the first place.

  9. V-Zix says:

    I always let the ads play on Bill’s videos.

  10. V-Zix says:

    When did Facebook become your mother? Do they go through your dresser drawers, too?

  11. TheReUploadChannel says:

    In legal terms: I would go with "Discrimination". Facebook, Twitter, should be hit with allegations of discrimination.

  12. Touay says:

    Data associated with a person should be considered their property. A constitutional amendment declaring such is required.

  13. Lassie Vision says:

    The quote from Zuckerberg reminds me of this piece in a book by Terry Pratchett:

    It was garbage, but it had been cooked by an expert. Oh, yes. You had to admire the way perfectly innocent words were mugged, ravished, stripped of all true meaning and decency, and then sent to walk the gutter… although “synergistically” had probably been a whore from the start. [Their] problems were clearly the result of some mysterious spasm in the universe and had nothing to do with greed, arrogance, and willful stupidity. Oh, the… management had made mistakes—oops, “well-intentioned judgments which, with the benefit of hindsight, might regrettably have been, in some respects, in error”—but these had mostly occurred, it appeared, while correcting “fundamental systemic errors” committed by the previous management. No one was sorry for anything, because no living creature had done anything wrong; bad things had happened by spontaneous generation in
    some weird, chilly, geometrical otherworld, and “were to be regretted.” *
    * Another b#5t4rd phrase that’d sell itself to any weasel in a tight corner.

  14. Wesley Bruce says:

    The solution to Facebook, google and YouTube's problem is easy. I need a programmer and a few days. If they really want the problem solved I can sell them the solution for a measly million dollars.

  15. chipper442 says:

    Dropped my FB, IG and Twitter accounts about 3 months ago now. It was over being "punished" by FB for a comment I made. With that, I'd had enough.
    I'm supposed to sit by and listen to how being a straight white male is the poison of society, but can't call a goat fucker, a goat fucker? Not happening.
    The only people that will be left on those platforms, will be like minded fools, an echo chamber of sorts. All set.
    I'm just waiting on the second revolution, it's coming, I just hope I'm around to participate.

  16. Jag M says:

    Google is far more evil. Destroy them both.

  17. MrJoey1570 says:


  18. jim dower says:

    Something to consider when assessing if they are monopolies is, do they collude like Standard Oil and Gulf/Texico or like the Railroad Tycoons did to fix prices and reduce competition. A company like Hawuai which makes good quality cell phones and a huge market share in Asia kinida killed Blackberry, Nokia and Erickson in Asia at least. They snuck up on established companies when the US should be producing two or three android platforms themselves. This is a sign that we are dealing with monopolies in the US and our social media giants aren't innovating. That's the big problem, like GM, Chrysler and to a lesser extent Ford; performing lackluster after destroying the innovative Tucker car company and then falling victim to Toyota, Mitsubishi and Honda shortly after. This could happen to Amazon, Apple and Microsoft just like Westinghouse, Zenith, Digital (DEC) and too many others which got fat and lazy. Here in Philippines most everything is Chinese because of tariffs put on the US after the Marcos coup yet if you buy call time on smart phones you get free facebook, youtube and an equivalent to pandora, I forget its name. You don't need to buy bandwidth or bits which are required to go online and bring up a website. Maybe Whats App also if that's its name but they are the only ones given that grace by all the phone tower carriers. So a bribe was paid and obviously the people demanded it because few people buy internet time on their phones here. It's outrageously expensive and slow. Also, my kindle somehow connects to the internet even though I can't purchase things directly from Amazon. These barriers to entry for a company like bit chut globally if youtube is sponsored promoted by all the Verizon's of other countries. Even China is now trying to entice these social media giants to enter their market because they found they can't compete outside of China and inevitably they will enter. The Silicon Valley companies also don't hire good engineers business graduates and couldn't get any from my Polytechnic back at the turn of the century. They hire from Berkeley, MIT, Cal-Tech or India which rank high in US News but aren't industry leaders. Kinda like how Harvard, Yale and Princeton scoff at Wharton, Babson or Baylor who lead the business world. A good programmer from RPI or Carnegie Mellon would write code for F-22's, Ratheon's Patriot missile or Gen. Dynamics robots, not for Alphabet, a 9-5 job at some company who shuns anybody who thinks for themselves. Also the CEO's should be IE/MBA or BS's in Business, not ex-politicians who studied law or political science at BU like this Alex Cortez congresswoman. I'm babbling, but think about Hogg, JFK and Obama going to Harvard, Bush going to Princeton and Columbia graduates at CNN and you can understand my logic here. Look at all the Ex Obama administration people at Silicon Valley and this is a sign that these companies gave up on innovation a long time ago and are focused on monopolies and destroying competition. Phewwww! I know this comes off as arrogant and I am very arrogant in real life, but this is rewarded in innovative fields rather than perceived as insulting or some kind of 'hate speech'

  19. goofyfoot2001 says:

    Facebook is the new MySpace

  20. Trevor Sedis says:

    FB donates hugely to Democrats. The latter will not punish the former.

  21. Trevor Sedis says:

    Whittle looks like a ghost with the under-lighting.

  22. Kazriko Redclaw says:

    I don't have any of those apps on my phone. I check Facebook about twice a month just to keep track of family, and I check twitter even less often than that. I do keep Diaspora and Mastodon up on my web browser though, and I run my own Mastodon server. Amazing that ads are now 10-15% of the revenue now, instead of over half.

  23. John Galtman says:

    What if a company uses its connections to kill an idea in the formative stage, is that a monopoly?

  24. Call Me Mom says:

    I tend to listen to you on Youtube anyway.

  25. selador11 says:

    Whats disturbing is the thought of the virtual wars between a narcissistic like Zuckerberg, and virtually everyone else, if regulation IS enacted. And the effect that it will have on all of us. Regardless of whether we use facebook or not. Don't put it past him to hire an army of hackers to disrupt the government and therefore all of us…

  26. MyXxx77 says:

    I'm not a fan of massive regulation as a rule but massive regulation is exactly what's needed to combat facebook and unless they explicitly state that THEY arbitrarily decide what will and what will not be allowed to be shared based on a set of criteria that includes political leaning, they should be charged with fraud. I can personally attest to the fact that their so called "community standards" are fraudulent and are often applied based solely on politics. Example – I was banned recently from sharing for sharing the news story about James Comey being denied his request for an open door hearing in congress. The article was shared from The Dailey Caller. That article contained nothing that violates their so called "community standards". What it did contain were facts that leftists didn't like. They desperately wanted Comey to get his soap box, along with the built in excuse for not telling the truth based on it being something he "couldn't disclose in public" and were offended by anyone sharing the news item that pointed out that he wasn't going to be getting it. This marked the 7th or 8th time I have been banned on Facebook for simply sharing confirmed national news items that contained FACTS that were detrimental to leftists. FACTS they didn't want to see or hear. FACTS that they didn't want anyone else to see or hear.

  27. Michael Willever says:

    Removed the app from my devices. Feel better after 4 days. Haven’t deleted my account (for whatever good that’s worth) but I’m thinking about it.

  28. Ladco77 says:

    The big issue was brought up when Zuck testified at Congress. Is Facebook a platform or a publisher? If they are a publisher, then they can edit content as they see fit, but they have to be transparent that's what they're doing and they get none of the legal protections a platform gets – i.e. they are responsible for the content they publish. If they don't want to be held accountable for the content they publish, then they're a platform and should not be allowed to edit content. Just like the phone company can't be held accountable for the conversations you have on the phone. Imagine if Ma Bell tried to limit who you could call based on their own preferences.

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